Joe Jonas Fooling Around With Big Rob

40 Responses to “Joe Jonas Fooling Around With Big Rob”

  1. anonymous Says:

    How come “Joe Jonas fooling around with Big Rob” is the title to an announcement about moving to your old host?

  2. Mileyfan8 Says:

    huh? whats happening with this site?!

  3. b.llieh Says:

    hahahahaaa cant you see it..all fits in…hahaha
    ook noo…i dont know neither the reason of the titlee..
    aahm i cant see any photooo?

  4. Jonas Brothers #1 Fan Says:

    wut the funny?!?! why is the title Joe Jonas fooling around with Big Rob for something about the site? LOVE U NICK! LOVE U JB!!!!!!!!

  5. averie Says:

    4th Love Them

  6. aa Says:

    Hhaaa whatthefuck @ title?

  7. xoxo Says:

    love them but i dont get the post..

  8. joe luv Says:


  9. kaaay Says:

    Woah, they are aging horrrrribly.
    They’re getting more fug everyday.

  10. joe luv Says:

    joe wears that shirt a lot lol.
    or maybe it’s all from the same day.
    luv hiimm..

  11. gaaah Says:

    what does it mean when it says host?

    please oceanup hurrry! i always rely on my celebrity updates hereeee!

  12. julia Says:

    i don’t get it butttt i’m glad the site is back up :]

    js<3333333 (hehe)

  13. chantall Says:


  14. mrsjoejonas26 Says:

    what the fuck is going on with this site

  15. joe luv Says:

    I love the site. I hope they don’t get shut down or anything..
    I’d be devastated. It’s like the BESTTT site for Disney people gossip.

  16. niick=( L ) Says:

    he wasnt fooling around
    oceanup come back i want o gossip
    im sad:(

  17. Mrs.Nicholas Jonas Says:

    LOL he was all trying to push big rob down

    once again TRYING!

  18. sam Says:

    haha joe looks like a kid… so cute.

  19. Carolyn Says:

    Haha, I love JB. Their adorable. TEAM JONAS!

  20. KIRBS Says:

    LOL wish I was that little girl at 0:10…

  21. averie Says:

    I Love it : )

  22. danz Says:

    joe oh joe. he’s such a kid and i love him for that.
    kevin has the most adorable laugh and it’s very contagious. haha.
    i love them both. plus nickj and the bonus jonas.

    ps. big rob is awesome.

  23. yasso Says:


  24. Yvonne Says:

    Kevin is gorgeous like always

  25. TuTi Says:

    LOLl jonas!
    i just want oceanUP comeback =(!

  26. nelly boo!! Says:

    lal!joe drink watere sooooooooooooooo sexi!!!!! :*

  27. Samantha Says:

    where’s nick?

  28. loveJBB~~~ Says:

    :03= big rob:i’ll fuck you up!


  29. amanda Says:

    were is nivk??

  30. hailea Says:

    love them to death.

  31. leland Says:

    love them!

    but wtf with the title?

  32. breee Says:

    omg noo

  33. BAM Says:

    I like the new Oceanup layout! And Joe and Big Rob were fooling around for 2 seconds of 33. lmao! wow! But I still love you Oceanup!

  34. A girl Says:

    i hate the new site layout i like the old one where you don’t have to have an email address! i mean come on!

  35. A girl Says:

    i also liked it when it was…idunno…more BLUE? emphasis on the OCEANup?!

  36. megan Says:

    Woah, they are aging horrrrribly.
    Theyโ€™re getting more fug everyday.
    correction, kevin is aging horribly. joe and nick are still hotties and always will be, i thinkk

  37. Yvonne Says:

    Megan, what a bitch you are to single Kevin out like that. Kevin is VERY hot. The way you stated that comment was intentionally cruel to Kevin. Fuck off!

  38. :] Says:

    hmm welll this was pointless & a waste of 33 seconds.

  39. Clarissa AKA Mrs.nickjonas Says:

    I Love Them

  40. Clarissa AKA Mrs.nickjonas Says:

    I LOve Them & Joe is soo funny

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