Jennifer Stone spills her most embarrassing moment to Popstar!

11 Responses to “Jennifer Stone’s MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT”

  1. MichelleJ Says:

    I just LOVE HER

  2. asdf Says:

    hahaha omg i would totally do the same thing.
    love her, she’s awesome.

  3. Megan Says:

    oh jeez!

  4. Sandy Says:

    Aw love her she is too adorable.

  5. z Says:

    that would totally happen to me

  6. Clair Says:


    Sounds like something I’d do.

  7. McKayla Says:

    Ouch, I’ve never done that before but I have tripped up the stairs… I think she’s an amazing actress.

  8. lololol Says:

    lmfao i loveee her shes sucha a cutie. thats something that would happen to me.

  9. ♥JesseJonas♥ Says:

    IReally LikeHer♥
    She’s Pretty! [:

  10. Tru Says:

    Lol!!! Love her!!!

  11. WOWOWOW Says:

    She’s so funny ! I love this girl 😀

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