Jonas Brothers Demi Lovato IN LONDON LOVE!

Jonas Brothers and Burning Up counterpart Demi Lovato hit up BBC Radio with Demi Lovato! More under.

41 Responses to “Jonas Brothers Demi Lovato IN LONDON LOVE!”

  1. missfunny717 " on stardoll " Says:


  2. tecnoogirl Says:


  3. tecnoogirl Says:

    hey im chatting with my self its werid i never been first

  4. holly Says:

    i love them!!

  5. tecnoogirl Says:

    im missfunny717 but i changed the nickname

  6. tecnoogirl Says:

    i love JB

  7. Chloeee Says:

    YAY they’re here! FINALLY!

    I live in england btw. So yeah, im exciiiiteddd!

  8. aprilena Says:

    that is so cool i wish i could go there but its too far so anyways love your music thier so cool.

  9. Janna Says:

    thats so cool.
    i cant wait til they do their world tour!
    even though i live in America.
    they just keep getting bigger&biggerr.
    & i most definatly cant wait til
    they tour to The United States again!

  10. Yvonne Says:

    Kevin is so cute

  11. ) Says:


  12. Melanie Says:

    ughhh boring!

    man ocean up needs some good stories!!

  13. Andreaa Says:

    i love herr she’s amazing 😀
    jonas eh dont care for them lol xD

  14. Vic Says:

    Haha i’m going to their concert in england eventhough i live in denmark. 😀
    i won it with MTV and i’m soooo happy 😀

  15. Sazzers Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARBO ! 🙂 oh, and ily 😀

  16. Sazzers Says:

    and i wish i was in london.

  17. dum Says:

    Do the people in England actually care about Demi?

  18. Jesssicaaa Says:

    the end.

  19. ame Says:

    Awww too much Miley posts!

  20. shelf Says:

    The Jonas Brothers need to proof read the CDVU that came with their album. I was reading the lyrics to Sorry and then all of a sudden it changes to Shelf. I was like WTF? They didnt proof read this shit. So if anyone has the lyrics to Sorry post them please

  21. elodie Says:

    Awsome I love them

  22. Ashley Says:

    i love them.
    and Demi.
    I cant wait for her cd!

  23. .................. Says:

    how do i make a smiley face

  24. werty Says:

    i miss the old oceanup

  25. mexican deporter Says:

    srry , just wanted to see if this name would work considering the first guy was banned

  26. . Says:


  27. . Says:


  28. Makii Says:

    I listened to this live, hahah !
    8:40am !
    God, what I do for these boys…
    =]=]=]*~~ Loved the Interview though !

  29. Makii Says:

    Do the people in England actually care about Demi?


    Yes. More when we watch Camp Rock next Fridayy.

  30. jsundrdog Says:

    Demi =D
    Shes Pretty Awsome.


  31. xoxo Says:

    Awww too much Miley posts!
    i know. i dont mind if there are posts but like almost every single one is about her. -sigh- o well.

  32. Gmail Says:


  33. ......... Says:

    this ocean u sucksssssssssssss

  34. raaae. Says:

    the JONAS BROTHERS are amazing

  35. calia. Says:

    ahhhhh !
    they’re so fucking amazinggg.

  36. taylor Says:

    i dont like this new site! i mean i know its only temp. but i really hope they go back to listing the pictures instead of having to click on them

  37. taylor Says:

    i really but this site improves! i know this is temp but i want the new one to have th pix listed again instead of havig to click on them. i dont like it this way. but i DO love the JB!!!

  38. ♥JesseJonas♥ Says:

    Kενιn:Tнε Cυтε Rσмαnтιc Onε ♥
    Jσε: Tнε Cυтε Fυnnч Onε ♥
    Nιcк: Tнε Cυтε Sεnѕιтινε Onε ♥
    LoveThem & Always Will! [:

  39. vote4meee Says:

    hawt bros

  40. ami y nat Says:

    joe estas echo un cañon encuanto kevin no te pongas el pelo rizado porque estas feisimo y nick tu me recuerdas a un niño pequeño jiji
    bueno todos sois guapisimos menos kevin que con el pelo rizado eres un trol bueno joe soy tu fan preferido,nick tu un pelin menos y kevin tu un poco menos que nick.


  41. DemiFan Says:

    Yes people in england care about demi
    im from england
    and i LOVEEEE demi 😀

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