The Miley And Mandy Show Special Guests

The Miley & Mandy Show. ‘My great movie.’

74 Responses to “The Miley And Mandy Show Special Guests”

  1. Katie Says:

    I normally dont like miley and mandy show but i think the dog is really cute πŸ™‚

    First to comment YEah

  2. uh Says:


  3. Lauren Says:

    Mandy needs to grow up. She’s 21 years old and acts like she’s five.

  4. Mileyfan Says:


    You= Asshole
    I love this video ! the popstar awards for Noah haha

  5. Dawnnn Says:

    ❀ MILEY ! ❀


  6. michaela Says:

    love it =)

    smiley miley brings more smiles to my face:)

  7. blah Says:

    the only thing worth watching are the dogs
    and maybe noah…she isnt annoying…yett..

  8. dm Says:

    blah, why did you watch the video if they are so annoying? Idiot.

  9. tiffles Says:

    9th post~~~ hahaha
    miley and mandy are awesome~

  10. i got my sights set on u Says:

    Well if u hang with a dog u will get fleas, so i think the lil puppy better stay away from Miley

  11. russel brand Says:

    The jonas brothers should have been the special guest and Noah is ugly

  12. melissa Says:

    i love Miley, but many just pisses me off for some reason.
    Im Mileys age ahd have friends around the same age as Mandy but i just dont think Many is a good influnce for her.
    Just my opinion.
    I LOVE MILEY, so knowone whine about my comment.

  13. melissa Says:


  14. melissa Says:


  15. cat lover(and im not talkin about a feline) Says:

    Please go back to the old OCEANUP this one sucks really bad. The popularity of this site will DEFINITLY decrease if u keep it like this!

  16. cate Says:

    Boo who gosh Melissa ur comment sux wa wa wa 8…(

  17. gat Says:

    Halle Berry has the CUTEST baby in the world!

  18. dance me if u can Says:

    Im the younges and the smallest so i put on my biggest pair of slutlettos

  19. tia Says:

    wait, ppl still care about miley cyrus?

    she isint yesterdays news yet?

    all in good time..

  20. dark nja Says:

    Someone should throw then in the garbage because they are white trash!

  21. humq me Says:

    I love Milandy Jyrus!

  22. sup Says:

    Joey Page is a really nice guy! He sent me a comment on myspace. If u dont no his music listen to his single called Who I Am its a good song and go check out his myspace!

  23. amy Says:

    wtf thats her couch!?! so that must be in her room! dude, this girl has WAY too much money and oh my god why doesnt mandy ever go home?!

  24. shelf Says:

    People say that Sorry is 4 Miley but personally I think Video Girl is about her. “worked with her should have known better, moved to L.A. got not talent, ive seen first hand and front row seat, daddy pays ur bill but u still whine, get sum class and kiss the past, they live for fame, there all insane” I mean come on!

  25. mae` Says:


  26. Marjorie Says:

    Some people are retarded and pathetic.
    You hate Miley, but you watch things on her, and seem to be more obsessed with her than people who like her.
    Sounds like some of you guys need help.

  27. shelbie jonas, sucka! Says:

    pahahahaha i thought that was hilarious!!
    (i fastforwarded through the singing. hahaha)

  28. wendy Says:

    love them ❀

  29. Jennayyz Says:

    lol they’re funny.

  30. Andreaa Says:

    i loved them πŸ™‚
    all the cyrus clan πŸ™‚
    seriously lol πŸ˜€

  31. Jade Says:

    I just love this girl *___*
    I don’t like Mandy, damn she’s 21 and has a bad charma to miley.
    Billy Ray is so funny and the song is amazing =)

    Team Miley and stop xD

  32. MANDY Says:



  33. Alexis Says:

    I used to really like Miley, but now she just really annoys me. I love her new album, but her personality is really irritating.

  34. MANDY Says:


  35. charlie Says:

    how is mandy a bad influence? all those pics came out before m&m, if anything mandy stopped them. and telling her to grow up, take ur own advice. and besides, kevin is 20, and joes 19. y arent u telling them to grow up. that sounds hypocritical, double standards, and gender discrimination. THINK FOR ONCE!!
    btw, ‘video girl’ is about kev’s ex-gf ‘zoe’. she moved to LA for kevin, wan in the year 3000 vid for 2 SECS and other stuff.

  36. charlie Says:

    * were taken before m&m

  37. yay Says:

    mandy and miley are awesome and funny and they arent afraid to be themselves on their videos, even knowing that so many ppl are gonna be saying retarded things. at least they arent fake! and why should mandy “act her age”? if she just wants to have fun…you haters always critizice them and i bet if m&m wouldnt be just random and funny you would say: omg they are SO boring and trying to be grown ups. but they just wanna have some fun and laugh – dont we ALL wanna have fun? so just shut up and go watch selena& demis vid if you dont like mileys!

  38. yay Says:

    i totally agree with charlie!!! nobody tells kevin and joe to grow up, when everbody says that mandy is stupid for acting younger, and btw why does nobody tell nick to act like a teen, he is the one trying to be grown up all the time and sometimes its kinda fake and annoying

  39. Amy Says:

    The Miley and Mandy show is awesome!:D

  40. x x x i tell it how it is x x x Says:

    “People say that Sorry is 4 Miley but personally I think Video Girl is about her. β€œworked with her should have known better, moved to L.A. got not talent, ive seen first hand and front row seat, daddy pays ur bill but u still whine, get sum class and kiss the past, they live for fame, there all insane” I mean come on!”
    they wrote that song before they met miley.
    and if you look up the original lyrics to sorry it says miley instead of baby.

    and nobody tells kevin and Joe to grow up,so why miley and mandy?
    They’re friends having fun,dont act like you act your age.

  41. nicole Says:

    noah is cute.

    they own/

  42. :] Says:

    miley’s such a slut and mandy
    is evens worse!

  43. ... Says:

    woooow. i hate miley, shes annoyinggg.

  44. reseam Says:

    Loved the video!! And that song Billy Ray does is amazing!!!!

  45. ... Says:

    u can see noahs bum!!!! (cheeks) hhaha


  46. DEB Says:

    So cute.
    I freakin love the Cyrus’.

  47. ... Says:

    haha!!! love themm!!!! and itss soooo sooo funny cuz u can seee NOAHS ASSSHOLLE!!!

  48. ... Says:



    noahs showing her tinny tushhyyy ass!!!!

    andd its sooo funny wen she keeps waving her handss!!! i mean her ass jiggles lmaooo hhaha

  49. ... Says:

    eating gold and nuggets taste bumm!!! WHOS TRIED GOLD AND NUGGETS!!

  50. ... Says:

    noahssss assssssyyy isss smelllyy!!!! SHE JIGGLES IT ALL DAY AND NIGHT!!

  51. CHA CHA CHA. Says:

    Okay. Miley Haters, why the fuck do you watch the video and waste you fucking time commenting. If you don’t like her, okay MOVE ON. Do something, else and stop wasting you life on hating other people.

    Team Miley.

  52. ... Says:

    HAHAH!!!! i lovee mileyyyy but i hate noah i mean shess gonna be a porn star wen she grows up! shes already showing herrr asss offf!!! DAMN GIRL I WANT A PIECE OF THAT! DAMN BOY NOTHINGS WORTH THE JIGGLE ON THAT! hahaha

  53. ... Says:

    team mileyy!!

    p.s. noahs ass stinks of shuit

  54. ... Says:

    for the pple who dont no what shuit means, its means shit! pple in turky say it like that

    peace out!!!


  55. ewww Says:

    these girls are so annoying and i didnt even watch it all i couldnt
    just plain dumb

  56. xoraeeee Says:

    It’s funny how everyone’s using Miley’s fame to get themselves famous…actually, Miley used her dad’s fame to help her (not in a bad way though)

  57. Lana Says:

    That song was remotely good….
    Might have to download it….
    NO WAY I’m going to support her family.
    Although on of my friends has said I’m similar to her….

    But a little funny story.

    Yesterday we were making stories out of newspaper clippings and I found an ad for milk in it and it was Billy Ray! I laughed SO hard and I tore it out of the magazine and kept it. It’s on my wall right next to my collection of concert tickets and poster of My Chemical Romance.

  58. garner Says:

    thats like demi and selena’s vlog where they bring out demi’s little sister as a special guest.

    maybe they should get their own ideas once in a while

  59. emily Says:

    omj love it!
    my puppy lacey looks exactly like there little white puppy, mine is a cocka-poo.
    cocker spaniel and poodle.

  60. .... Says:

    I agree with Garner. And these two are so anoying. It’s pathetic.

  61. g Says:

    i agree with … who agredd with garner. and miley look really pissed off in the begining. lol

  62. raaae. Says:

    aw, noah looks adorable!
    miley and mandy foreverrrrrrrrrr!

  63. raaae. Says:

    btw, noah is so much cuter than demi lovato’s YOUNGER sister

  64. CampGravatt123 Says:

    The jonas brothers should have been the special guest and Noah is ugly.

    I AGREE!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE JOE JONAS!!!!!! ❀ ❀ ❀ ASnd miley and mandy are sluts. Mandy is like 21!!!!! SHE NEEDS TO GROW UP!! SHE IS HANGING OUT WITH A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD!!! WHAT A LOSER!! DOES SHE NOT HAVE FRIENDS HER OWN AGE?

  65. CampGravatt123 Says:

    PLUS, WHO WOULD NAME A GIRL NOAH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  66. CampGravatt123 Says:


  67. rach1991 Says:

    i hate mandy.
    she’s not a very good influence.
    and the everyone is always on her case part…
    sounds like whining.

    GROW UP! thats how photogs get paid!!

  68. Elizabethhh Says:

    Thats Hanna Beth’s dog, its not even theyres.

  69. k Says:

    i dont like noah. she just annoys me.

  70. Delaney Says:


  71. allie Says:

    the only good thing about this cideo was billy ray.

  72. WOWOWOW Says:

    Noah is like my little sister. They’re the like born the same year but my sisters turning 8 on nick jonas’ birthday but anyway they like wear the same type of outfits, of course noah’s is nicer since she’s richer. I don’t know I think I can totally related in terms of brother sister relationships i have a 14 year old brother too and i’m mileys age so yeah

  73. chekws zskhevy Says:

    xsaiz tfuhqk ypilrmojf ujlpgze vyjosnmk aihgclb levm

  74. Selena Gomez. Says:

    Hey, Miley,
    I know you kinda hate me but ah…I like you but not like like but I want you to be my friend instead of being my enemy…so, i hope you forgive my apologise…
    and you kinda seems like thinking about me taking you past boyfriend, Nick, but i think he think you are kinda cute..
    Speaking of cute Noah looks cute there….
    heheh, bye….

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