Leighton Meester LADY IN YELLOW

Leighton Meester looking lovely in canary yellow at New York Fashion Week.

29 Responses to “Leighton Meester LADY IN YELLOW”

  1. ladylove Says:


  2. Andoe Says:


  3. ladylove Says:

    she looks pretty just the bra kinda ruins it did any one else no she was born in a jail ?

  4. andoe Says:

    Yeah, it’s too short.

  5. andoe Says:

    i meant low

  6. c. Says:

    gorgeeeous. love meesterrrr : )

  7. Pinko Says:

    I heard she sings now too.
    Although I haven’t heard it yet.
    I will give her the benefit of the doubt because she could be good.
    She looks beautiful as always.

  8. ... Says:

    she looks pretty just the bra kinda ruins it did any one else no she was born in a jail ?

    & i think shes gorgeous

  9. sal Says:

    Go to perezhilton .com and you can hear her singing bette davis eyes. shes not bad ..and another song..i don’t think shes that pretty i really don’t think anyone on that show is! haha and that blonde chick is the worst just a thought..don’t freak i know others think the same.

  10. Sheryl Says:

    Yeah lol her bra is kinda showing.
    what was she thinking??

  11. payadesign Says:

    nice man

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  12. alexa Says:

    wow; you can see her bra.

    she’s pretty though.

  13. Brookelle Says:

    My Goodness, I Think She Looks Pretty In This Picture, That Dress Is Too Low On The Top.

  14. dontdolikeido Says:

    Good blog. A nice way to “do time” in this lost planet.



  15. iefn Says:

    love the dress !

  16. girishmenon Says:

    Very Nice..

  17. karina Says:

    eh i dont really like it. her bra is showing.

  18. Sodapop Says:

    she looks pretty just the bra kinda ruins it did any one else no she was born in a jail ?

    & i think shes gorgeous

    Not in a jail, her mother was in jail but when she was about to have Leighton the jail ppl or whoever took her to a ‘home’ or whatever it’s called to have Leighton!

    She’s leaning foward a little, and the cams above her slightly, so that’s why you can see the bra, not like you can see it when she stands!

  19. that one girl Says:

    cover up your chest Leighton.=p
    overall she looks really pretty tho

  20. Delaney Says:

    love her but u can see her bra

  21. maaal Says:

    looooves her ♥

  22. paige Says:

    k i think we all get that her bra is showing
    so stop saying it…god
    i think she looks stunning as always

  23. Taylor Says:

    I love her she is soooo pretty

  24. raaae. Says:

    omg leighton is the pretttttiest girl ever! i love her and i love gossip girl ❤

  25. musicismybf Says:

    Funny how ppl talked about Jojo’s boobs sagging and now this…..

    Anyway, Leighton’s a beautiful young lady [[no homo]] & I cant wait for Gossip Girl next week!!!!!

  26. Tru Says:

    She looks beautiful, Love her and the whole GG crew….

  27. breezy Says:

    is it just me or does it look like she lost 50 pounds?

  28. lyn Says:

    leighton looks amazing as always!

  29. ♥JesseJonas♥ Says:

    She Looks Really ♥Pretty♥

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