Miley Cyrus STRIPPED Interview With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift interviews Miley Cyrus at STRIPPED. Another interview and fan questions under. Thx MileyCyrusFever!

26 Responses to “Miley Cyrus STRIPPED Interview With Taylor Swift”

  1. jsundrdog Says:

    Team Miley.
    I Absolute.
    Adore Her.


  2. jj Says:

    she really sounds like mickey mouse

  3. sara Says:

    love her!!!

  4. yasso Says:

    i LOve Her she’s so sweet and cute she really doesn’t deserve all the hate i get so sad when i read rude comments and hurtful comments about her =[

  5. elodie Says:

    I love Taylor and Miley they are soooo sweet

  6. ashley Says:

    i love them both! ❤

  7. Julia Says:

    Ugh. Im so sick of miley.. -_-

  8. Steph Says:

    Miley is really sweet. She answers questions honestly and from her heart. This is why I’m a fan of Miley!!!! MILEYFAN4LIFE

  9. Krystal Dawn Says:

    “Ugh. Im so sick of miley.. -_-”


    Ugh, I am so sick of you PATHETIC haters, shut the fuck up.

    I adore this video Taylor & Miley are so sweet.


  10. Ha! Says:

    Taylor Is The Sweet One (:

  11. Lexi Says:

    Team Miley

    she s the best!!*

  12. nicole Says:

    i adore taylor swift.
    and miley.

  13. ANM Says:

    These interviews show yet again why this is my favorite 15 year old in the world. A class act like no other. After all she has been through this year,
    she still manages to handle life with the knowledge and strength of someone twice her age. Great job Miley. There will never be a “Next” Miley. Only the original baby …… MiCy Nation 4EVA!!!

  14. jillian Says:



  15. jessica Says:

    Taylor is the best part of this interview. Love her. Most down to earth girl in the business. Beyond mature for an 18 year old.

  16. Andreaa Says:

    Miley is my favorite ❤
    i tottaly love her ❤
    she’s always soo sweet 🙂
    and gracious

    taylor is amaziing tooo 😀

  17. autumn whetstein Says:

    hey miley its autumn whestein and i wish i could see u in person well bye

  18. wtffff Says:

    LMAO at the person who said Miley has class. Wow. I didn’t know “class” was taking sl*tty pics of your body and posting them all over myspace.

  19. wtffff Says:

    Oh, but besides that. Ily Taylor!

  20. Tru Says:

    I Love Miley and Tayloris so sweet…awww….I like taylor now…

    Team Miley
    Team Demi
    Team Selena

  21. Kristina Says:

    awwww i love miley!
    i love what she said about music being there for you when your friends cant or no one else understands.

  22. Lucía Says:

    I love miley!!!
    she´s the best

  23. Ann Says:

    I was the girl who asked the last interview question about ben franklin lmao!!!

  24. juli Says:

    the biggest bitch ever
    i hate her
    i hope she die!!!!
    i really hope it !
    fuck miley

  25. Mariapia Says:



  26. TeamDemiAndSelena/MILEY&MANDYSUCKS Says:

    taylor is so cool
    but she did a video with MILEYS b/f Justin.

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