Taylor Swift LOVE STORY Official Music Video

Taylor Swift ‘Love Story’ music video. Who do you think it’s about?

112 Responses to “Taylor Swift LOVE STORY Official Music Video”

  1. elloo Says:


  2. elloo Says:

    and plus this song is good! woo. ya.

  3. z Says:

    what’s with the bango?

  4. riley Says:

    i love her
    i love this song
    video’s amazing
    the song doesn’t have to be about anyone.

  5. niley supporter Says:

    i -<
    niley-YAY ^_^

  6. niley supporter Says:

    i love jaylor -<

  7. niley supporter Says:

    i love jaylor there so cute!


  8. mimi Says:

    that guy is hot lol

  9. kristine Says:



    oh and nelena forever niley neverrr

  10. AriannaBabyBoo Says:

    Omqqqq ! I think its about joe Jonass<33
    There adorable together.
    The guy in the video is hawtt
    And taylor is absolutely B E A U T I F U L

  11. Frankie Says:

    Thank u. πŸ™‚ First. πŸ™‚
    Maybe is for Joe, maybe not. πŸ™‚ Cool vidoe. πŸ™‚

  12. mimi Says:


  13. Chelsea Says:

    Taylor makes country music pretty cool! I really like this song and the video too πŸ™‚

  14. hannah Says:

    maybe joe? it sounded a lot like it..
    “we’ll be dead if they find out”
    the fans would “kill” them..

    yeah if she wrote it when she was dating him, then yeah thats my opinion…

  15. DemiOwnsMiley Says:

    i absolutely adore this song πŸ™‚
    people could hate her for dating joe but seriously?
    grow up and be happy for them.

    Taylor Swift is so talanted.

  16. kristen Says:

    this song is horrible
    jaylor sucks
    jemi rocks
    niley sucks
    nelena rock
    and kanielle for kevin and danielle lol

  17. fdgdfg Says:

    Are you implying it’s about Joe with your question?
    She wrote this before she was dating Joe.

  18. Karissa Says:

    its a good songg i guess.
    its about joe;DUUHH.

  19. Chelsea Says:

    And I really like this video. It actually tells a pretty cool story and I like how they have the old theme with some of it. It’s super cool. A lot of music videos are pretty lame now, but this one definitely isn’t.

  20. Ashley Says:

    OCEANUP is STUPID! Taylor wrote this song way before she met Joe, so stop making big deals and over-exaggerating things that you aren’t completely sure about. It’s getting old.

  21. Ashley Says:

    Not every song the boy’s girlfriend’s write is AUTOMATICALLY about them

  22. Cel Says:

    this song is so cute. I ❀ Taylor. the video’s really awesome too. it’s something different.

  23. morgan Says:

    i luv this song!
    one of her best!

    highly doubt it’s about joe, but maybe they are soo cute together

  24. Salsa Says:

    It’s a cute song!!! Doesn’t mean it’s about Joe thoughhhh

  25. teachthemasses Says:

    Great stuff!

  26. beci Says:

    this song is amazing! and the guy is so freaking HOTTTT!!!!!!! omg and btw IT DOESNT HVE TO BE ABOUT JOE! GEEZ!!!!!!

  27. leily Says:

    ahhh LOVE IT!
    and its not about joe. this was written a whileeeee ago!

  28. riley Says:

    niley sucks ass.
    by the way

  29. michelle Says:

    Awh, cute song. Taylor Swfit is sooo pretty.
    & doesnt the guy in the video look like .. Joe Jonas. Like just a bit ? I thought he did, like from far not close up.
    Anyways, Jaylorr < 3
    cuuute, : )

  30. Woahh(: Says:

    Awww…I Love…This Songg(:

    But it’ss probablyy nott aboutt Joe cause theyy justt startedd datingg.

    andd this wass probablyy made wayy beforee(:

  31. maddie Says:

    I love this song so much. It’s definately one of her best. The video gave me endless chills except the only thing is Romeo and Juliet had a very bad endeing. (I read the book and saw the movie) Love ya Taylor!!

  32. Smile Says:

    I hate Taylor and this song. And it’s obvious, that I hate this video. It’s has no tematic and no beauty in it…

  33. :) Says:

    She just had a music video like, a month ago.
    This song doesn’t fit with the video. The song also reminds me too much of “Mary’s Song”.
    Eh, she’s done better.

  34. Ashley Says:

    haha, i love how everyone bashes taylor because she is dating joe. who cares? they are allowed to date! they are teens and it is only normal! grow up.

  35. Emily Says:

    i think its about the public not accepting her and joes relationship.
    lol no i think she wrote it before they got together.
    good video though

  36. Hannah Says:

    I love the video and the song. The guy in the video was cute πŸ˜‰ haha.

  37. colleennnnn Says:

    awwww i love it!!! i love her shes soooo talenteddd

  38. eew! Says:

    Die taylor die!

  39. nicole Says:

    I don’t really like Taylor Swift. I’m not crazy about her music (it’s just alright), but her videos are always good. I know that she’s really nice, but she seems awfully vengeful to me. 😦

    And this has nothing to do with Joe. It’s just what I think. I don’t have a crush on him or anything.

  40. hannah Says:

    taylor swift makes the lamest music videos.

  41. Andreaa Says:

    she’s amazing πŸ™‚
    this song is great xD
    and i think taylor is too good for joe jonas πŸ™‚
    she’s too pretty xD

    and Miley was too good for Nick as well xD

    but hey that’s just me πŸ˜€

  42. crissteen Says:

    I really like this song =)

    I don’t see why people hate on Taylor. Jealous much? I mean, I loveeeee Joe as much as the next fangirl but gees, ya’ll messsed up.

    Is it just me or did anyone else jump in the first scene cause I thought that was Joe sitting at the tree? o_o

  43. asdfghjkl; Says:

    holy crap, at first the guy under the tree when he’s looking down, looks like joe, since the video isn’t that HQ, it looks like joe from camp rock in his black shirt, kinda scared me at firstt, lol.

  44. Nikita Says:

    I love this song!! The video is amazing!! I don’t get how people can not like Taylor Swift!! She is so amazing and I love her! Right next to the Jonas Brothers!

  45. nicole Says:

    taylor owns.

  46. Sa Says:

    more Pride and Prejudice. its pretty.

  47. Nileyjaylor Says:


  48. jules Says:

    i love this song. and the music video is amazing. the guy kind of looks like an older version of joe, but it’s definitely not about him. she probably wrote this awhile ago, like everyone else said. romeo and juliet is my favorite play by shakespeare <33

    oceanup never said anything about ‘think it’s about joe??’ they just said ‘who do you think it’s about?’ so don’t jump on their case…just because you all assume they mean it’s about joe, don’t be all “OCEANUP is STUPID! Taylor wrote this song way before she met Joe, so stop making big deals and over-exaggerating things that you aren’t completely sure about. It’s getting old.” because that’s just idiotic.

  49. lilly Says:

    lol that dude looks like joe!!!!

    and this song is gunna do really well cuz its waaayy more mainstream then her other stuff

  50. Danielle Says:

    idt its about joe cause she wrote the song before but they are a great couple!!

  51. Giemil Says:

    Jaylor doesn’t exist! Joe and Taylor are just friends. It might be about her exboyfriend cause one part says I didn’t want u to go. And DIDN’T is in the past!!!!!!!!!

  52. julia Says:

    aww this is ahhdorable.
    love this song.
    that guy in the video looks like joe though.

  53. jia Says:

    the guy loks like shane gray..!

  54. Addi Says:

    at the very beginning when they show the guy for the first time he looks like joe. lol

    but seriously if your implying this is about joe ITS NOT!!!! they weren’t even dating when she wrote this!!

    i love this song

    and is it just me or does this song sound like check yes juliet by we the kings similar lyrics too.

  55. alli Says:

    Okay. I just wanted to clear something up.
    Joe and Taylor aren’t dating!
    Don’t always believe everything you hear!

  56. amelia Says:

    omg haha i thought the guy in the beginning was joe! i mean i knew it wasnt, but it looked so much like him… like in his all black camp rock outfit!

  57. luvme! Says:

    yeah… i thought the guy in the video was joe
    i bet taylor hired him because of that!

  58. =) Says:

    I love it. She looks gorgeous and I don’t really like country, but the chorus is really catchy. Awesome.

  59. β™₯JesseJonasβ™₯ Says:

    I Lβ™₯ve Taylor..
    She’s Amazing! [:

  60. Kristinne Says:

    the guy looks like joe jonas

    i love jaylor! wwoohooo
    they are soo cute together

  61. CampGravatt123 Says:

    Jaylor for life nelena forever!! niley for never!!!!

    It is funny how the love interest in this vid looks like Joe Jonas. Im just saying. πŸ˜‰ AND i love this song im going to get it off of Lime Wire right now as a matter of fact. hahahaha jk!! ❀ taylor swift and joe jonas

  62. ariel Says:

    And how exactly do you people know that she wrote this before she met Joe???? They’ve probably know each other for a long time

  63. Crystal Says:

    damn , taylor is so talented it`s insane . she`s freaking gorgeous too . i always love her videos :]

  64. Marette Says:

    You guys are all jackasses

  65. meee Says:

    stop saying she is gorgeous cuz she is not! shes only pretty cuz she gets made up everyday. imagine we all did? then we would all look goreous.

  66. linds Says:

    taylor is so pretty! i love her dresses. they’re so cute. also love this song. i can’t stop listening to it!

    joe and taylor = cuteeeeee.

  67. linds Says:

    “stop saying she is gorgeous cuz she is not! shes only pretty cuz she gets made up everyday. imagine we all did? then we would all look goreous.”

    someones jealous. πŸ™‚

  68. JenKnowsBest Says:

    Everyone chill! It couldn’t be about Joe Jonas becuse she obviously wrote this song a while ago before they were even dating. I think Taylor Swift is adorable and I love all her songs! And btw, stop blaming OceanUp! They never implied that it was about Joe, so it’s not the site’s fault! They just asked ‘Who do you think it’s about?’ It’s your fault for misreading and jumping to conclusions. I think Jaylor’s kind of cute πŸ™‚

  69. meee Says:

    β€œstop saying she is gorgeous cuz she is not! shes only pretty cuz she gets made up everyday. imagine we all did? then we would all look goreous.”

    someones jealous.


    haha jealous i dont look like a rat? please. im actually very satisfied witht he way i look and i dont even have to pack the make up πŸ™‚ so jealous? haha nope.

  70. amandaa Says:


  71. mihermanaesbaja Says:

    scarlett letter???

  72. bahahaha. Says:

    love this song.
    love this video.
    love taylor.

    i wanna see ol joseph in her next video…
    now that would be the SHIT.

  73. xoxo Says:

    she looked soo pretty.
    and holy shitt. i thought that guy was joe at first haha.
    this song is prob not about joe though.



  75. jonasbrothers are studmuffins Says:

    uh i dont think its about joe and the song is kinda boring. jemi forever

  76. Jennifer Says:

    it’s justin gaston from nashville star! he’s so cute!

  77. lyss Says:

    i loove this song. and i think it is about joe. when i first saw the guy sitting underneath the tree, i thought of joe.
    maybe the song is about him..

  78. Danielle Says:

    you know she probably wrote this song like
    wayy before she even met joe
    think about it
    she writes her songs about guys just like JB writes their songs
    about girls that impact their life
    its an amazing song
    and just because it may not be about joe doesnt mean you dont have to like it!

    but yes the guy does remind me of joe!

  79. ceci Says:

    its a good song thats funny that they guy looked like joe well not the face but he had the hair and he wa wearing a black shirt like in camp rock,lol.but it doesn’t have 2 be about anyone though

  80. Rachel Says:

    Please check it out and Comment!!!!

  81. Rachel Says:

  82. Lexnexus Says:

    My friend is one of the dancers !! I love it!

  83. Anna Says:

    Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cutest Video EVER!!!!
    LOVE Taylor!!!
    XOXO from Brazil!

  84. Ashlee Says:

    That guy in her video is Justin Gaston!! hes so hottt!!!!!

  85. brittany Says:

    so is it only me or does the guy in the video remind you like exactly of joe when he was in camp rock? like when the guy is sitting by the tree, whatever hes wearing and his hair just reminds me of joe.
    and i dont like it.

  86. stephanie Says:

    i love her
    i love this song
    video’s amazing
    the song doesn’t have to be about anyone.


    100% agree. πŸ™‚

  87. stephanie Says:

    kk random, but how do i get a picture in that thing over here ——>

  88. m Says:

    I love this song and taylor swift:) I also I could wewar pretty dresses like that (the whole old fashioned way)

  89. wtf Says:

    it couldnt be joe listen to the words!!! it says we were young when i first saw you… and we all know they didnt know each other when they were young

  90. arm Says:

    i love her and the song is great !
    Jaylor for ever !!! =)

  91. katheerine Says:

    i dont think its about joe, but the guy in the beggining did look ALOT like him. i really thought it was him for a second, he has the hair, and the eyebrows and the black shirt. i thought it was really good. and i like joe and taylor 2gether so it would b cute if it was about him, but it doesnt fit, like the timing and everything

  92. cindy Says:

    for joe hellloo she’s so luckky dammit i wanna be at her placee but 4 the 3th one, NICK JONASS my lover is so cute (taylor and joseph we,ll be great 2gether) welll I LUV YA NICKK p.s he’s birthday his soon september 16 so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY it was mine 2dayyyyyyyyyyy (september 12) he sang me happy b’day go see it on you tube guy( so adorable )IM SORRY nick is already mine hahah joking lol maybe im not hahahaa

  93. Brooke Says:

    this song has got to be about Joe!! are u kidding me! that guy looks almost just like him! and the “we were young when i first saw you” that doesn mean like 2 or something 18 is young too! and Joe and Taylor have known each other for over 2 years people. so if it is about him oh well.
    just be happy that he is happy and so is she!

    everyone is saying she’s ugly because you’re jealous!

  94. Amy:) Says:

    Aww, I love this video:))
    And I know the guy in this video that everyone is saying is so hottt:) haha–Justin Gaston..I don’t know him, know him, but I’ve met him before and all. his ex-girlfriend is the sister of my best frienddd:)

  95. fsgrsg Says:

    LOVE IT! she is gorgeous & so talented! This is going to be a huge hit! i love Taylor!

  96. Brookelle Says:

    I hate the fact of how she just stole Joe away.
    Now, I hate her.


    I still love Joe Jonas like 100000% more then her.

  97. ash Says:

    as much as i hate her.
    i can’t she is just to feaking cute.
    i love all her songs.

    but she is a stalker.
    all her songs are pretty much in the context of my life.
    now she has my man.
    oh well

    but i doubt this song is about him. she wrote all her songs on her new cd before they started dating. or were even close friends.

    what ever. i like this song.

  98. hannah Says:

    do you guys realize that she probably wrote this song a long time ago.
    and then the music video was a while back too, when they made it.
    so you never know.
    she ddi have other boyfriends.
    shes pretty.

  99. clem Says:

    wow taylor looks so beautiful here, exactly like a classic fairytale princess
    this song is so amazing, and now it has the perfect video to match!
    plus that guy is sooo hot! Taylor, if you get joe can I at least have him? please??

  100. iesha Says:

    wow. i REALLY LOVE THIS SONGGGG aw i don’t listen to country but she has like a mixture or country and pop and i love it. πŸ™‚

    oh and i like it even better cause she has 18th century type stuff.. or is it 19th?… W/E lol

  101. Niloofar Says:

    I’m sure it’s not about Joe, But I do hope that Taylor and Joe marry! That would be the cutest couple ever! I love both of them so much, and I love taylor’s new song. It’s amazing! I bet it will be no 1 in first week! Love her!

  102. kelsey Says:

    I’m not a huge fan of this song… 😦 All her other songs are really catchy and fun, but this one isn’t catchy at all.

    And people need to stop saying it’s about Joe… she wrote this song wayy before they were dating! duhh.

  103. katiee Says:

    I love Taylor!!! I think she’s an awesome role model, she’s gorgeous, and she’s so nice and funny! I think the song could have probably applied to a bunch of people she liked in the past or present and she could have even wrote it about a bunch of guys…like combining them into one love story. If it’s about Joe, then thats cool. But if it’s not, I feel bad for both Joe and Taylor that everyone automatically assumes its about him!

    (and yes i like jaylor and nelena…but nikatie would be so much better haha)

  104. pppppppppp Says:

    it is about joe jonas so obious at the beginning in the tree it look so much as joe in camp rock

  105. mimi Says:

    I totaly agree with the another mimi!!
    thats pathetic!!!
    love ya joe!!
    Im waiting for you here in brazil!!!!!!

  106. kayla Says:

    aw :]
    the guy in the video is a joe look-a-like at the beginning.
    that’s adorableee.

  107. meg Says:

    i know that guy =]

  108. Lee Says:

    You retards getting on here and saying Taylor is stupid and not talented and crap I have 2 things to say, first of all….. Do you know anything about music? Obviously not if you are saying she has no talent. She’s written more songs in 18 years than most people could write in 3 life times. Not only does she write amazing lyrics, but when she writes a song she hears every single instrument in her head. All the banjo riffs, the fiddle hooks….. everything. That is just amazing. Trust me I’m a second year music major, that she does all that is nothing short of incredible. And second of all, if you hate her so much why in the heck are you looking up her music videos. “I really hate this let me go out of my way so I can look it up and watch it!” Ding ding ding, we have a retard πŸ˜€ TAYLOR SWIFT ROCKS MY FACE OFF!!!!

  109. whocares Says:


  110. sdsdfsfsdfs Says:

    eww all of her songs are boring

  111. camm Says:

    does anyone else think that guy looked a little like joe?

    and the song is probably not about him, considering it was written a long time ago…

  112. taylor addict Says:

    Taylor Swift reveals her inspiration for her hit song “Love Story” (and no! It’s not Joe Jonas!)

    “I was into a guy who wasn’t the popular choice for me to date. My friends didn’t like him and it put me in a tough position. One of my favorite lines in the song is, ‘This love is difficult, but it’s real.’ That’s one of the first lines I came up with for this song. The whole thing reminded me of Romeo and Juliet, and how they weren’t allowed to be together.”


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