Varsity Fanclub Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot

Varsity Fanclub behind the scenes photo shoot. Mandy JIROUX is going to be in their new music video ‘Future Love’.

29 Responses to “Varsity Fanclub Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot”

  1. ihatecomicssans Says:

    mandy? why?

  2. ihatecomicssans Says:

    i hate it when people say “1st”

  3. ihatecomicssans Says:

    but no one is here to say it, MUHAHAHAHA!

  4. whaaa Says:

    who are they..?
    no. one. caressss.

  5. Mellissa Says:

    EEK! haha i love them!! they’re freaking amazing.
    ehh i dont really like mandy but whatever.

  6. Patriciaaa♥ Says:


    no offense.

  7. ♥JesseJonas♥ Says:

    i hate it when people say “1st”

    ihatecomicssans Says:

    September 12, 2008 at 10:10 pm
    but no one is here to say it, MUHAHAHAHA!


  8. ♥JesseJonas♥ Says:

    Mandy? [:
    IReally LikeHer! 🙂

  9. sumy Says:

    dont like mandy. 😐 but varsity fanclub is cool 🙂

  10. Rachel Says:

    Please watch and Check it out!

  11. tasha Says:

    yayyyy i love mandy so much! u haters r just jealous

  12. riselle Says:

    never heard of them…

  13. i heart varistyFC Says:

    love them!
    hehe. as if my name didn’t say enough

  14. kelseyyy Says:

    who the heck is varsity fanclub??!

  15. jessica :) Says:

    heck yes! i love them 🙂 they are amazing. all you haters get it straight you’ll know them soon!!!! VFC come back to cali!!!

  16. i heart varistyFC Says:

    i forgot how much i love being a fan when no one knows the artist.
    its so wonderful. its like i have them all to myself except not really : )

  17. vivian Says:

    VFC!!!! I care! they are so going to like beat out the Jo bros! say hello to your future loves!! 🙂
    and besides they are like way hott 😉
    thomas ❤ ❤
    bobby ❤ ❤
    david ❤ ❤ ❤

  18. kristen Says:

    OMG!!! have you seen their youtube videos!?? they are so funny and hott. 🙂 i love them!!!

  19. JBfan4life Says:

    these guys are seriously awesome
    i saw them in LA and they hugged me and were like the sweetest guys ever! and now mandi is in there video! OMG i cant believe it. I LOVE YOU VFC!

  20. tay tay Says:

    hey arent the jonas brothers so hot i like love nick to death he is such a hottie and he is like the best person for me i am so in ♥ with him I LOVE YOU NICK ♥

    love you forever

  21. tay tay Says:

    jonas brothers an forever

  22. tay tay Says:

    i love the jonas brothers (panda)

  23. tay tay Says:

    🙂 i ♥ jonas brothers you are hearing from there biggest fan rite here its true the are the best i hope to meet you jonas brothers

  24. jonasluvr ♥ Says:

    jonas brothers are so hot omg oceanUP is the best celeberty gossip

  25. jonasluvr ♥ Says:

    omg i ♥ the jonas brothers they are my idols ive always dreamed to sing with them or even just sing i ♥ those boys i wish i was living the dream like they are that would be my dream any day the gossip about him and selena should not be real cause i can see him in my future defenatly and i think we are such a good couple and it would be wonderfull if i met them i &hearts u nick ,joe and kevin

    ♥ you tkay jb luvr 4 life

  26. emily Says:

    varsity is so flippin awesome! they rule my world and they should urs too
    how many people can do it lke them.. ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    jb’s old news.. bring on the VFC

    omVFC ur dancin makes me go crazy !!!

  27. vfcFOlife Says:

    varsity fanclub rocks!!!! theyre the next jb!!!!

  28. MiSS KAREN Says:

    wow… i heard theyre the new jonas brothers!

  29. nextbestthang Says:

    I love these guys!!!…there is a cool shout out to them! and a funny vid of them…

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