Emily Osment ONCE UPON A DREAM Music Video

Emily Osment ‘Once Upon A Dream‘ music video. Thx pinkcr4yon!

53 Responses to “Emily Osment ONCE UPON A DREAM Music Video”

  1. .... Says:

    not first!!!

  2. .... Says:

    oh and this song sucks…..no offense

  3. Crystal Says:

    damn , she sucks at singing .

  4. i heart varsity fanclub Says:

    she’s sounds good. doesn’t seem like they messed with her voice to much. a bit hilary duffish though, won’t lie. but again, once disney stars start singing i can’t take them as seriously as actors/actresses. oh well.

  5. kat Says:

    a little better than i thought, but ehh……

  6. JILL Says:

    at first it sounded like miley

  7. CAROL Says:



  8. ety Says:

    love her voice its good!

  9. mileyandjbfan Says:

    emily rocks =]

  10. ~JoJo~ Says:

    the song is ok
    but she has an awesome voice

  11. kelsey Says:

    personally i think this video is trying wayyy to hard to be similar to demi’s ‘get back’ video. emily just doesn’t do it for me 😛

  12. :) Says:

    She’s adorable, but she really can’t sing. At all.

  13. riley Says:

    i love emily.
    a lot.
    leave her alone.
    unlike miley she’s got real acting skilsss.

  14. hi Says:

    this song is kind of like hadens song lke 2 or 3 years ago

  15. emily Says:

    ew hate it!
    hate her
    hate it
    hate her
    she is stupid!

  16. anonymous Says:

    aw i like her and her voice.
    why is miley so much more famous than her?
    miley sucks at singing and acting…emily is so much better.

  17. Megan Says:

    aww she is good 🙂
    im happy for her

  18. Nancy Says:

    I like her voice in this song
    it sounds better than when she
    was singing i dont think about it
    and i dont think this is likes demi
    get back videos, a lot of videos are
    like this and the get back video
    was kinda boring, no offense

  19. Renesmee Says:

    She can’t really sing, but this was as good as a Disney video can get.

  20. mitch Says:

    This is the short version!
    there is a larger one!

  21. amii Says:

    aw shes really cute
    but her singing is not so great

  22. Kristin Says:

    wow i loved this

  23. Delaney Says:

    she doesnt even have a good voice

  24. Rachel Says:

    was this the kind of singing that disney meant when u have to sing, dance, and act for an audtition? wow… the whole world might as well be on disney then.


  25. Ha! Says:


  26. hyenowwww Says:

    I cant take disney stars very seriously.

  27. JONASPONES Says:

    i love it


    emily is cool in my book!

  28. hyenowwww Says:

    a little better than i thought, but ehh……


  29. Maddy Says:

    OMG she really shouldn’t be singing! Its not that bad but why does every disney star have to sing? Cough Cough Selena.

  30. kayla Says:


  31. Isabella Says:

    Ehh, it’s not that bad but she defiantly doesn’t have the best voice. The “dancing” or whatever it was, was a bit awkward… I really think she should stick to acting. She looks pretty here!

  32. samantha Says:

    umm she kinda has a bad voice and the song is boring and so is the video
    this is a failure…..

  33. Isabella Says:

    she has a good voice.
    i like it.

  34. Soon to be Mrs. Jonas Says:

    My ears threw up. Her voice is horrible and wtf? Is she trying to dance as hard as Demi or JB in disney pop song???
    Horrible, simply horrible.

  35. Maddie Says:

    her voice sucks.

  36. BreezyBabe Says:

    she cant sing. why does disney always try to make everyone sing. its really annoying

  37. Steph Says:

    The song was okay. She is not meant to be a singer though. Remember people, she’s an actress! Of course, she’s not gonna sound soooo Amazing.

  38. TRUTH Says:

    I don’t know what some of you are talking about. She sounds soooooo much more professional, polished and just way better than Miley. Yeah, she’s not amazing, but she’s not crap either *cough Miley cough*

  39. LexiLovesJonas Says:

    she’s a great actress,but i dnt really care for her singing..
    sorry =/

  40. Lisey Says:

    She’s amazing.
    Fuck off, haters.

  41. GOSSIP NEWS!! Says:

    http://hollywoodlife.wordpress.com/ hey everybody check out another version of “Ocean Up” just made today, so not a lot is on but we’ll put up more everyday!! enjoyy xox

  42. Gaby Says:

    stop hating!
    i really love her voice, it kinda sounded like hilary duff
    and i love the song

  43. Ling Says:

    her voice is soft but its kinda better then miley

  44. emily Says:

    eh, this is better than her other songs in my opinion.
    it is annoying that 90% of disney stars sing, but if they’re are good, i’m fine with that.
    the stage reminded me of the jonas brother’s ‘buring up’ music video/hilary duff/demi lovato’s ‘get back.’
    but yeah, i think this is better than ‘i don’t think about it’ and ‘if i didn’t have you’
    go emily! ❤

  45. ♥JesseJonas♥ Says:

    She Is So..Not Fake [:

  46. JONASx Says:

    Kiinda boring:|:)

  47. ashley Says:

    aw i love it [:
    you guys, she may have started this before
    demi started her music video. just because demis
    came out first doesnt mean emilys wasnt first. im just
    saying she did great you guys need to STOP comparing [:

  48. sanah Says:

    It wasn’t that bad. But I really don’t like when Disney stars cover classic and original disney songs. like don’t mess up the classics. This song was probably one of my favourites, but it only sounds good when it’s sung in the actual classic disney movie.
    It’s annoying, they just ruin the pretty and like old timey voices. It was okay with Demi singing That’s How You Know cause it wasn’t from a classic but it’s stupid when they sing from old time disney movies. Ugh. It’s irritating.
    Dude, I could be on Disney! If singing like THAT is all it takes. I’m not saying Emily did bad, but she wasn’t that great, it was okay i guess, but she should just stick to acting.. like honestly. EVERY disney star sings now! Errgh!
    I guess you don’t need a singing talent anymore… there’s mixing boards to help you!

  49. mary Says:

    i was just in disney world, and they played this song when the sleeping beauty float went by! it sounded SOOO much better. i don’t know why this song sounds so bad…maybe youtube quality or something?

  50. Your Mom Says:


    She’s cute, but.


    Emily stick to acting, plz ‘n thx.

  51. laura Says:

    i think she sings very good much better than the other disney girls,, ♥♥♥.

  52. brianna Says:

    do they give singing jobs to just ne 1 now of days?

  53. juliendenoyer Says:

    She’s not bad…but still needs work!!!

    Check out: http://mylifeiscrap.com

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