Since people got mad about the other Nick Jonas lookalike, here is a  closer one. What do you think? +3 under, and one next to Nick himself! So how many people know him?

108 Responses to “Nick Jonas LOOKALIKE FOR REAL?”

  1. Koala Says:

    1? and he doesnt rly look like them that much

  2. mileywood Says:

    cool i guess

  3. sam Says:

    doesnt look like him

  4. Nick P. Says:

    creepy likeness except for 1 thing HE HAS FACIAL HAIR! The real one can’t even grow leg hair.

  5. Anne Says:

    He looks like nick in the picture with the white shirt but not in the pic with the green

  6. sfsb Says:

    um ya this dude is ugly

  7. gthsgh Says:


  8. averie jonas Says:

    Curly hair that bout it his eyes and nose and hesd shaape no i im nick jonas wife so i can pick nick from a look alike

  9. Selena Rocks! Says:

    ewwwwwwwww he’s freakin ugly. he does not look like nick anymore. He grew out his face. he gets thumbs down

  10. kristen Says:

    a little bit.
    like, he could be mistaken for nick deffinately by first glance.
    but the second glance would clearly show that he wasnt nick(:

  11. MJ Says:

    he’s so ugly
    for real
    he doesnt look like sexy nick jonas XD

  12. dsfsdf Says:


  13. jsodif Says:

    he looks just as fug as the real one x]

  14. kassy Says:

    hahah thats max.
    i think he does only with the hair.

  15. Nick P. Says:

    I know this guy he’s on youtube he calls himself NickJLookALike he’s pretty cool he can’t sing though.

  16. olivia d Says:

    his hair looks too curly lolol

  17. Sam Says:

    be realistic girls, this looks a lot like him.

  18. jsundrdog Says:

    I Can kinda See It.

  19. ri Says:

    maybe in 15 years?

  20. ame Says:

    he does come on girls i know u love nick but this guy aint ugly if he is than nick is too haha

  21. asdfjkl; Says:

    if you all cant see even a resemblance, yall need to get your eyes checked.
    he might not be as “hott” in your books, but yall just sayin “oh theres only one nick jonas”… well duh theres only one. he just looks like him

  22. teamwhoever Says:

    ew this person looks like a 40 year old pervert.

  23. Dianna Says:

    MAX! He’s adorable.

  24. Mandy Says:

    Sam Says:
    September 13, 2008 at 4:46 am

    be realistic girls, this looks a lot like him.

    be realistic, it does looks like him.

    its not because you guys think Nick Jonas is a supreme God that you can’t admit it, seriously.
    Ugh… Nick is not a God so you can say this guy looks like him, it won’t hurt your obsessive feelings.

  25. hyenowwww Says:


    he’s alot older.

    just the hair.

  26. The Olsens Says:

    Nick looks way better.That lookalike does not even look like nick!!!!Freaky

  27. youreundeniable Says:

    all these girls who are saying he’s ugly and looks nothing like him need reality checks.

    the guy may not be Nick’s twin but there is definitely a resemblance. Especially when you can’t see his eyes.

    And I actually think he’s kinda cute…

  28. AMANDAAAA Says:

    nick j<3

  29. Delaney Says:

    he has the hair right
    and h e kinda looks like him actually alot like him hot

  30. katelyn Says:

    he kinda looks liek him the nose is a bit different
    but the hair for sure

  31. aleita20 Says:

    what a JOKE!
    he like Nick J??
    yeah right! only in your dreams!
    haha thats funny
    nice pick!

  32. SABRINA Says:

    he got big balls.

  33. Lexi Says:

    I dont think they look anything a like.
    maybe from a quick glance.
    but other than that.
    Hell Naw;

  34. caitlyn Says:

    he looks way older than no one wud believe him anyway

  35. E. Says:

    god, seriously, there are so many people who has curly darkbrown hair, and most of them do wear sunglasses when the sun is shining

  36. Chelsea Says:

    Yeah I think they look more alike than that last schmo you put up here.

  37. kayla Says:

    HAHAH is that maxx?!
    love that kid.

  38. Mrs.NickJonas Says:

    i know my man and that doesn’t look like him! it’s only the curly hair and the color!!!!

    C’MON PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  39. Jade Says:

    I don’t know, maybe a little bit, but nick remains nick!

  40. ashleyy Says:

    he looks like him. admit it. you obsessive nick fans only think of looks first, so this should be no problem. anyways, if the jonas brothers weren’t cute, but sounded exactly the same, would you still love them? someone please answer that for me. seriously all you jonas fans, think about that for a minute. if they looked completely ugly and like creepers would you still listen to them and wait hours for concert tickets? i already think i know the answer. and so do you. admit it.

  41. Alexandra Says:

    Thiere was a guy who looked a lot liek nick at the jonas concert on west palm

  42. wejiodsfjgireodfjvio Says:

    wtf. you people are friggin weird.

  43. n/a Says:

    alittle bit. but personally i’m sick of these “look-a-likes” pretending to be jb! seriously its funny at first and then it just gets sad cause nowallthe girls are gonna be all over him cause they wanna date a nickj look alike.

  44. dsfa;sldfkajsd;lk2 Says:


  45. JoBros#1Fan Says:

    nick. this guy is ugly. ur my little rock star. i love u.

  46. amii Says:

    blehh…just cause he has curly hair doesn’t mean he looks like nick!

  47. heuyyyyyy Says:

    maxxxxxxx! I know him! What creepers do u stalk ppl like this?

  48. Katie Says:

    That’s his counsin.

  49. Briana Says:

    DAMN!!!!! why do yall keep posting these freakin nick jonas look alikes its the real thing that matters not the wanna bes

  50. andrea Says:

    it could def. be nick in a couple of years

  51. kelsey Says:

    this is soooo funnnny.
    i know this kid hes my best friends friend and people look him up on facebook, friend him, and then write on his wall OMG OMG YOURE NICK JONAS! OMG IM GONNA STALK YOU!

  52. ashli Says:

    he looks absolutly nothing like nick jonas, ewwwwwwww

  53. lauren Says:

    omg you people are rediculous
    he dosent look exactly like nick, but NOBODY DOES !
    so stop saying you are sick of the look alikes its not their fault they kind of resemble nick jonas.

    but i think the other one looked more like nick

  54. Max Says:

    haha uhh thats me… does anyone know who put these pictures up haha. its someone whos friends with me on facebook but i dk

  55. alex Says:

    who is he? his name is max?
    lmao cause i think i know where that photo in the green shirt was taken…
    it looks just like the pool area outside this hotel in california, same chairs and stuff

  56. Tiffani Says:

    I think he looks alot like nick! esp in the pic with the green shirt.

    and all of you girls not to get over it. The kid looks like nick! Most of you are pathetic acting like nick is the most beautiful thing on the earth.

  57. Mrs. Joe Jonas Says:

    I don’t think that he looks like Nick.

  58. braziliangirl Says:


  59. Nick J aw Says:

    he doesn’t look anything like nick. THIS guy looks like Nick.

  60. Caroline Says:

    he looks like nick, but no one in the world will evr b as beautiful as the true nick jonas =]

  61. susan Says:

    omg !!

    you have too see thiiss

    is the HSM OF MEXICO the guys are really really cutee and the songss realyy good

  62. EW Says:

    ew! not even close!

  63. sm Says:

    haha maxxx!
    he looks like him

  64. brianna Says:

    omg !!

    you have too see thiiss

    is the HSM OF MEXICO the guys are really really cutee and the songss realyy good

  65. Mariah Says:

    NO this guy really looks like Nick Jonas

    not exact
    but i would confuse them from a distance

  66. christina Says:

    omg !!

    you have too see thiiss

    is the HSM OF MEXICO the guys are really really cutee and the songss realyy good
    mexico do a great job

  67. TEENA Says:


  68. Erika Says:

    all i could say is that he does not look like him!
    i mean nick has a long nose and his nose is like flat at the bottom part…
    and nick is not growing mustache…
    thats all i could say!!!

  69. anonymous Says:

    he looks like a mixture of nick and kyle xy. seriously lol.

  70. Sarah Says:

    damn i can’t even see the picture
    it won’t show

  71. nickand joejonasluvr ♥ Says:

    nope not even close to wat them bnoys llook like stop trying so hard your not worth it

  72. Nikki Says:

    He’s the fem version of Nick J. This kid looks like a little girl!!

  73. lame Says:

    EW. H3LL NO.

  74. Maddy Says:

    The one in the green looks alot like nick.
    Not exactly but quite a bit alike.

  75. ashley Says:

    he has youtube vids.

    idk what though.

    he doesnt reallllyy look like nick. but hes cute.

  76. lovngjonasnky Says:

    from a distance maybe someone could get them confused. By the way,
    just exactly who is this guy and where did he surface from all of a sudden??

  77. yoyo Says:

    a little but he tries too hard….

  78. mrsnickjonas16 Says:

    People may think he looks like Nick Jonas, but Nick Jonas is WAY HOTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. lasjdlfksjf Says:

    except that kid is way cuter

  80. you Says:

    it`s not him i can tell by the lips

  81. Crystal Says:

    that looks NOTHING like nick .

  82. tiffany Says:

    … a little bit
    but he looks too old and ugly for nick~

  83. bkah. Says:

    id date him.

  84. Elizabeth Says:

    if you look quickly, it looks like nick. but definately not nick.

  85. hannah Says:

    they look a lot a like, but the lookalike has some stubble

  86. me Says:

    isnt that his cousin ?

  87. Nick Says:

    NO way there all too old HE LOOKS LIKE HIM THE MOST AND HIS NAME IS NICK but his last name is mascardo

  88. Natx3' Says:

    hahahaha yeah i agree with the post above me! ^
    i added him a while ago and it looks a lot like nick jonas and then have the same first name! how ironic?!

  89. Roschelle Says:

    I haven’t seen Max in forever.

  90. carolynn Says:

    his hair is photoshopped. he’s a nick wanabe!

  91. Jesse Says:

    um.. noo.! lol.. first of all his nose is shaped DIFF. then nicks and his facial features are NOTHING alike.. maybe just like the hair .. lyk 85 %

  92. BoO ThAt FReAk Says:

    Maybe an older version of him but not the same

  93. Fuck miley Says:

    ha is that a joke? so fake!

  94. GOSSIP NEWS!! Says: hey everybody check out another version of “Ocean Up” just made today, so not a lot is on but we’ll put up more everyday!! enjoyy xox

  95. annalisa Says:

    this guy kinda looks like a fake person like a maniquen

  96. Alisha Says:

    haha thats max I Love him he is so funny

  97. Kirsten Says:

    Theirs Only One Nick J.
    This Guy Doesn’t Look Like Him.

  98. sian--giraffes baby Says:

    this is so shocking
    it looks NOTHING like him. apart from the hair {and that is just a tad}
    nick is wayy hotter…lyk joe! woop
    the jonas brothers literally the hottest ppl on earth!

  99. kelsey Says:

    i know him 🙂

  100. ashley Says:

    uh no…..that does not look like him

  101. max's friend Says:

    okay seriously, who ever is sending in pictures of max and compleltly stalking him stop! hes so creeped out and you all are like OH MAX HAHA I LOVE HIM. YOU DONT KNOW HIM. you prob like messaged him on facebook and was like OMJJJJJ U Look L!K3 NICK J! like wow, get your own friends. seriously stop pretending you know him and stop sending in pictures its fcuking weird.

  102. wHatEver Says:

    duHH,, 0h please

    whatta p0se….

  103. Kasey ! Says:

    MAX!… hes really nice my sister took a picture with him last summer at a JB concert in philly

  104. katie Says:

    ok the kid in this picture goes to my school his name is max and hes only a sophmore, so hes 15 not any older than nick

  105. Sydney Says:

    Oh my god! he goes to my school! my friends have been to his house before. they are friends with him on facebook and those pictures are from his page!!!!!!!!!! they look EXACTLY alike!

  106. Jessica Fairweather Says:

    People dont judge but seriously he does look ugly hahahahah LOL!!!!

  107. missie mee Says:

    i mean nick j is HOTER but he does look like him a bit.i wouldent say no to him though!!!

  108. Joe Says:

    Check out this video !!!
    He looks like Nick Jonas :

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