Dakota Fanning posing in little black dress. Way more under!

99 Responses to “Dakota Fanning PERSONAL POSING PICTURES”

  1. Stacy Says:

    I’m sure she’s really nice and all but jeez. She looks like a fuckin alien in that first pic.

  2. blah. Says:


  3. Stacy Says:

    ^^^ I’m probably one of the only people mature enough not to say “FIRST.” lol.

  4. ORly? Says:

    already starting with the immaturity.

  5. me Says:

    i think shes a really good actress, uptown girls is one of my fave movies

  6. summer Says:

    go here, she has so much stuff oceanup doesnt have up yet, and she uploads ALOT!!
    she has new stuff about

    ++miley and justin “touchy feely”
    kevin singing,
    kevins lambourginie!!!!


  7. vfcFOlife Says:

    there’s nothing wrong with these pics thank god i still love her

  8. catie Says:

    she is so pretty !

  9. jackie. Says:

    don’t think she’s pretty whatsoevvverrr

  10. Lorraine Says:

    awwww.. i love her! she’s so cute.

  11. ... Says:

    it’s kind of hard to not see her as a child star

  12. Tatiana Says:

    She is so gorgeous.

  13. ccc Says:

    that’s not a black dress…that’s like a top and shorts

  14. thebonedance Says:

    Lol probably not the most flattering pictures of her XD

  15. megan Says:

    i swear she never ages
    she looks like shes 9 years old.

  16. Makii Says:



  17. Chelsea Says:

    it looks like she’s just stretching

  18. Chelsea Says:

    and it’s not a dress- it’s shorts and a tank top

  19. emma Says:

    shes so pretty
    but why are people just randomly takin pictures of her like paparazzi or something thats kinda weird

  20. Samantha Says:

    she looks like a normal girl,
    its really refreshing.

  21. amanda Says:

    I’m sure she’s really nice and all but jeez. She looks like a fuckin alien in that first pic.

    omg she does! but i love the movie man on fire that’s the best movie i like with her in it!

  22. lasjdlfksjf Says:

    that’s a tank and shorts

  23. aly Says:

    She’s a really talented actress. I love her in Man on Fire and in Uptown Girls.

  24. April Says:

    ugh I’ve never liked her. She’s insanely pretentious

  25. bubba Says:

    i think she is so hot , on the last picture i can see her panties. I would love to smell and taste her panties after a warm hot day!!!

  26. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Says:

    i think she is so hot , on the last picture i can see her panties. I would love to smell and taste her panties after a warm hot day!!!
    eww. you pervert.

    she is an amazing actress. stop hating. you don’t even know her.

  27. bubba Says:


    Ok can i taste your panties after a hot sweaty day

  28. Dawn Says:

    Scrawny,ackward and homely. A killer combination.

  29. ahhh!!! Says:

    umm shes wearing shorts you can tell

  30. katie f. Says:


    bubba- your NASTY!

  31. katieeee Says:

    I think she still looks gorgeous, even when she’s not all made up.

  32. Aleeexxxa Says:

    uhhh, that’s really awkward.

  33. I Says:

    She’s not even posing in them, except for maybe, 3. & those are just normal poses.

    The rest look like candids.

  34. I Says:

    & that’s not even a dress, yo!

  35. nessaisawhore07 Says:

    in the last pic she kinda looks like Cameron Dias when she was young! πŸ˜€

  36. Katie Says:

    I think the first one is very unflattering, but the other ones are very cute. She’s beautiful. And her friend is probably just taking those pics randomly my friends and i do that ALL the time. So chill, yall.

  37. Jadey Says:

    What is she doing???

  38. lol Says:

    haha a little slut, sorry i mean little miley in the making. xD

    she is getting ready for the play boy offer, thats what shes doing rofl.

  39. BERT Says:

    It doesn’t even look like she’s posing. One of her ‘friends’ coulda taken these and sold them, haha!

  40. Dakota lover Says:

    This girl is drop dead gorgeous.

  41. djfj Says:

    shes cute girl

  42. hello :) Says:

    um.. oceanup..
    thats not a black dress. it black shorts and a black top.

    wow. πŸ™‚

  43. Addy Says:

    She is not gorgeous at all. People have the wrong perception of her. She is unusual looking and that’s okay pretty but anyone that says she is gorgeous is crazy. I like the one where she is smiling and looking back, the sixth one. She needs more natural poses like that-now we know her smile never really is all that natural in pics for formal stuff.

  44. hello :) Says:

    and bubba, you cant see her underwear.

    those are called her shorts you pervert.

  45. Carolina Says:

    Yesterday I said she was cute I regret it she’s ugly and these pics are eww!
    She looks ugly anyway I like her a lot! πŸ™‚

  46. Lena Says:

    shes really pretty
    wow shes grown up!

  47. jessica. Says:

    she’s really pretty;
    favorite pic is the last one !
    andd that poor girl will probably grow up to be like britney spears,
    because britney was a child actress growing up way too fast. and thats how most teen/kid actors end up 😦 WHICH SUCKSSS.
    but idk, dakota is really cool and i hope she doesnt.

  48. demmmmm Says:

    this girl is such a sweetie.
    me boo (:
    if anyone says a rude thing under these pictures,

  49. ganbb Says:

    wow shes looks like a drugee
    im not saying she IS one im saying she lookss weird and high and all but shes like 12 so i know that cant be! haha anyways way to look weird dakota way to look weird~!

  50. me Says:

    She reminds me of my cousin who i HATE and isnt she like 10?

  51. D Says:

    wow shes looks like a drugee
    im not saying she IS one im saying she lookss weird and high and all but shes like 12 so i know that cant be! haha anyways way to look weird dakota way to look weird~!
    Shes like 14 and i know 12 drugees Yup its true!

  52. Wow Says:

    another miley?

  53. musicismyboyfriend Says:

    another miley?
    Nahh… doesnt look like she’s purposely posing for these like Miley does…
    Looks like she’s just chillin at home goofing off in house clothes while someone keeps flashing the camera in her face.

  54. Kathryn Says:

    She is so cute, I love her. πŸ™‚

  55. cool kid Says:

    guys she is gorgeous idk what your talking about πŸ™‚


  56. ...... Says:

    i have that necklace

  57. JBDLMCSG OWN! Says:

    she is really nice i no someone who met her and interviewed her
    they said she was reallly nice and adorable
    dont mess with dakota
    shes hardcore

  58. uhhh; Says:

    whoah.. she’s so grown-up now

  59. NES3x Says:


  60. krystiana Says:

    she looks really weird for some reason. I love her, I think she’s an amazing actress, man that’s weird…she’s the same age as me.

  61. chinzee Says:

    shes an awesome actress, but she looks high!!!!!!

  62. Clarissa Says:

    she is so grown up now.

  63. Brendan JP Says:

    LOL she’s so grown up now.

    thought she was 7 o-O

  64. Vanessa Says:

    SHE grew up..

  65. Tiarna Says:

    shes actually starting to show her age now, for ages she looked, like, 10

  66. joe Says:

    She’s pretty,not beautiful.
    Ugly girls are probably jealous.

  67. tazy Says:


  68. Mrs. Joe Jonas Says:

    She looks different! Did she seriously pose for all of those pictures?

  69. Tru Says:

    She has grown up, OMG!

  70. madisan Says:

    she looks kinda ugly…..and in the first one she does look like an alien and she has grown uP!

  71. du Says:


  72. du Says:


  73. du Says:


  74. du Says:


  75. du Says:


  76. du Says:

    im tania

  77. du Says:


  78. du Says:


  79. KRA Says:

    hey these are pictures on & off camera from her rape scene in Hounddog. SHE didn’t take these.

    the first one is on camera during the scene.
    the others are off camera, i believe.

  80. Lisa Says:

    She is just doing normal girl stuff, she is not acting slutty at all.
    She is not posing like some other actress’s that I have seen, she is normal

  81. Dakota lover Says:

    That was a unique answer, KRA. However, I doubt that these photos are from Dakota’s rape scene in Hounddog.

  82. Anon. Says:

    Atleast she doesn’t look like a skank. They’re pretty innocent for “personal pictures”.

    Anyone else notice she is always wearing that same peace sign necklace? ;]

  83. ... Says:

    shes so cuuuute!!!! and beautiful!!!! i love her dress^^

  84. Rylan Says:

    Dakota is very pretty, and so young still. It seems people forget that although she is an actress she is ALSO a HUMAN BEING. She has friends goes to school functions just like any other teen in America. Its ridiculous that she is unable to trust her close “friends” because obviously one of them leaked these photos among other for their own 5 minutes… Shes a great kid and deserves to be recognized for her accomplishments not some photos that were posted on the web.

  85. kanami Says:

    at least she’s not posing in her undies or flashing her panties

  86. jb Says:

    she is truely my fave actress and i think she looks beautiful

  87. Aurley Says:

    i am friend of Dakota and we are very good friends and she is so ool here its in my sister room

  88. Matt Says:

    Hello, I just report to WordPress.com that you are violating the law for illegally posting private and personal pics of Dakota Fanning and you are busted! They will investigate and shut you down!

    have a good day.

  89. josh Says:

    i wish i can lick her soles of her feet and suck on her toes her feet are smokin

  90. Mandy Says:

    She is a cutie….if she was a lezzie I would do her. She’ my age too..yummy

  91. lucky Says:

    these pics suck there are some pics of here where shes fucking hot but in these she looks like shes drunk i mean look at her shes either almost falling or already on the ground lol

  92. dic Says:

    Oh man I would love to cum on her. Anybody know any good fake sites of her?

  93. Zane Says:

    I think dakota fanning looks incredible. There is no one more beautiful or sexy.

  94. dic Says:

    Right on Zane, Ive jerked off to the top picture about ten times.

  95. johnnybgood Says:

    You know most of you people on here are just really critical.. Shes just another human being just like us but has a wonderful career acting. I think shes wonderful in all parts she plays and growing up to be a beautiful young woman. Shes really going places… Keep up the fantastic work….

  96. dic Says:

    Im pretending that dakota fanning is riding on top of my cock and screaming out my name with her fingernails digging into my back. eventualy she stops riding gets off, then jerks my cock till I cum all over her face.

  97. vampirelord Says:

    hey she is beautifull and awesome and probably the most talented actress ever and you sick peverted bastard who are talking bout wantin to sniff her panties and want her riding ya and shit should all shut the fuck up.

  98. yea Says:

    god she’s hot
    but i guess thats just cuz im the same age as her

    but im not thinking of all that perverted shit u guys r fucked up seriously she’s 16

  99. anna Says:

    twifull – insanejournal

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