Suite Life on Deck star Debby Ryan official vlog: Heyy you guys! It’s Debby and this is my ONLY YouTube channel! I’m answering some questions in my very first video! Thx Gina.

25 Responses to “Debby Ryan PERSONAL VLOG”

  1. natalieee Says:

    does she think people know who she is? wtf lol

  2. hailie Says:

    video doesnt work

  3. hailie Says:

    so did everyone hear the mandy (as in jonas friend mandy) and push plays cj broke up? i heard he was a jerk though.

  4. natalieee Says:

    i didnt even kno they were together nor do i care she isn’t even famous lol push play is pretty lame.

  5. oliviaaa Says:

    aw i definitely just watched that whole thing, she seems so sweet.
    i’m glad she got the part, i think she deserves it 🙂

  6. oliviaaa Says:

    & Cj isn’t a jerk 😐 he was reaaally nice and funny when i hung out with him!

  7. Megs Says:

    Don’t you think she sounds like Selena and kinda looks like a blonde version of her?!?

  8. elodie Says:

    do think that she sounds like Selena and looks like her only that in a blonde version and more chubby but she seems very nice and sweet and Im defenatly a fan of hers now

  9. amanda Says:

    she does look like selenaa

  10. natalieee Says:

    selena is wayy cuter no offence..shes okay.

  11. DemiOwnsMiley Says:

    no offence to her, but i hate how disney is trying to make her huge
    like seriously?
    put it on pause and let things happen on their own.

  12. Chelsea Says:

    I’m tired of these Disney stars doing YouTube vlogs. If someone wants to learn more about you, they’ll search. Always being available on myspace and youtube just makes you look desperate.

  13. Britney Says:

    These disney stars are startin to get anoying. Disney is always try to boost them up to make it look like their better then they are. There are lot more aspiring actors, and singers who are so much better then these people. I think there good at what they do but not great or the best.

  14. linds Says:

    well it’s SO OBVIOUS that she just wants to follow the crowd of disney stars with their little youtube channels and invade more of the internet even though they don’t need to be there.

    she does look sorta similar to selena and both of their voices are kinda alike toooo (:

  15. BLAIR WALDORF :) Says:

    i think she should wait until she’s famous to make youtube videos.

  16. V Says:

    shes annoying.
    No one even cares who she is.

  17. kelly Says:

    she does look like selena.and she seems to be getting famous kinda quick

  18. akskhdhsfhjh Says:

    who the fuck is she??

  19. lEXiEMARiE[= Says:

    can someone tell me the link to her youtube?

  20. heheee Says:

    actually, she really does sound like selena.
    and has like the same mouth shape as selena.
    haha well idk how to explain it.
    but to me their mouths look exactly the same.
    especially when she smiles, she does the half smile thing that selena does, showing half of her front teeth.
    selena is prettier i admit.
    but she isnt ugly.
    shes sorta cute (:

  21. Raynebows: Who Will I Be? Says:

    Sorry but I hate her, ever since she replaced Maddie on the Suite Life.

  22. Lerachka Says:

    I don’t like her. She seems kinda annoying and talks with her mouth really wide like it’s unatural. But im sure shes nice and all.

  23. brennnn Says:

    i love you joe jonas !!!!

  24. vanessa Says:

    she pretends shes all fameous already!
    i dnt like her!!

  25. NeseexJonas Says:

    woow youtube video already:o
    sutie life on decks not out yet

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