Miley Cyrus’ New Man DON’T HURT ME

Miley Cyrus‘ new man Justin Gaston singing ‘Don’t Hurt Me.’ Do you think he’s a good singer? Thx Bek!

96 Responses to “Miley Cyrus’ New Man DON’T HURT ME”

  1. ALexandra Says:

    first (i think)

    don`t care bout him at all
    he is UGLY!!!!!!!!

  2. ame Says:

    dont care about him or miley but hes good and cute

  3. ag Says:

    he’s got a good voice but he NEED to practise

  4. Mrs. Nick Jonas Says:

    I dont think hes cute
    and i dont think he’s dating miley

    bu he’s actually not um ok well hes not a good singer .

    he’s prob just pimpin of miley so he can get some kinda career

  5. hannah Says:

    i’m mad that i like his voice but i kind of do

  6. hbewf Says:

    hes ok i think he might be using miley. i just dont rly like the country sound he has but he is okay.

  7. Lauren Says:

    He has a good voice but there isn’t anything original about it.

  8. Taylor Says:

    his voiceee is cute. && hess cute..sooo nice=]

  9. ANNIE Says:

    I LIKE IT !!!!!!!!!

  10. ANNIE Says:


  11. mileyfan4ever Says:

    i think he has an amaazing voicee =] n the song is great 2 ^^
    btw he’s hot!

  12. ... Says:

    I LOVE IT!
    he has an amazing avoice, the song is soo cute and.. OMG he’s hooot!!

  13. -- Says:

    He’s pretty good, but I think he could use some vocal lessons ’cause he gets pitchy at certain points

  14. Emily Says:

    I love his voice i got chills when i first listened to it!

  15. jsundrdog Says:

    I Like It.
    He Is Cute.

  16. Stefanie Says:

    well i think he is really good he vas a a nice voice and he is so hot and he has a pretty face.. so i think with practice and some vocal lessons he can really get his career going because he already got the looks and the talent

    nice choice miley

  17. Sara :) Says:

    Stop callig him “Miley’s man”.

  18. lisa Says:

    how can you not think hes gorgeousss haha

  19. Anna Says:

    I love his voice, i think hes amazingggg
    and the lyrics are really cute too!
    Besides the fact that hes superrrrrrr HOT ❀

  20. Haley Says:

    He’s really cute.
    And good at guitar.
    And has a nice voice.

    So people hating on him, get a life, get over yourself, and get off oceanup if you have nothing nice to say ‘cuz you look PATHETIC.

  21. delena Says:

    he’s HOT x] but he’s not dating miley. so stop calling him “miley’s new man”.

  22. Krystal Dawn Says:

    He’s got an amazing voice, I love it.
    He is also super fucking hot …


    HAHA …

  23. :] Says:

    His song is suckish, but he’s a good singer and guitarist. Plus he’s a babe.

  24. Madds. Says:

    Uhh okayy.

  25. ashleylb Says:

    He’s got an amazing voice, I love it.
    He is also super fucking hot …


    HAHA …

    team justin.

    HAHAHHAHAHHA. that was good.

  26. Ummm Says:

    the song sucks. hes not that good of a singer. and too old for miley. hes not too bad looking, id probably date him, but then again. i would have to lie to him and tell him hes a good singer, and then have to sit through listening o him sing to me. sooo maybe i wouldnt date him

  27. :) Says:

    perfect match for miley because they both cannot sing! ☺

  28. S. Says:


  29. Chelsea Says:

    Okay, people think that Joe Jonas has big bushy eyebrows ?
    Look at this dude’s eyebrows !

    Okay, anyways, I liked the song.

  30. kd Says:

    wow i thought that was really good.
    mileys one lucky women

  31. javix Says:

    he is so ugly and no sing good u.u nick is best!:D

  32. beci Says:

    OMFG THIS BOY IS NOT ONLY SEXY BUT HIS VOICE IS SEXY!!! o my god he wow i dont know wat to say

  33. Taylor Says:

    Dude, he can actually sing
    Kudos to Miley

  34. BERT Says:

    He’s cute & can sing, wow Miley landed a good one.

  35. Crys Says:

    Aww, I really liked it πŸ™‚

  36. Terumi Says:

    He’s got a good voice…But I dont think he’s dating Miley Because Miley said that she wouldnt date anyone over the age of 17…because “18 is just a little to old”

  37. Hayley Says:

    He is such a fag!!!!!!!!

  38. Allissa Says:


  39. taryn Says:

    he’s seems like a cocky dick
    and this song sucks.
    but his voice is actually good!

  40. Love Says:

    He’s pretty good but i think the song is boring

  41. kat Says:

    wow,, Hes just using miley to boost his career.

  42. tia Says:

    omfg who the hell does this douche thing he is?!?!? he is a NOBODY!

  43. Rebecca Says:

    Hes cute and he has a great voice!

  44. emma Says:

    guys i dont think hes using miley
    he was a singer before… then he met miley it seems like anyone miley hangs around you say “they are just using her” not all people are like that

  45. lola Says:

    hes a nobody thats why he wants miley

  46. kat Says:

    yes, and whos to say he isnt using her? why would he suddenly make a youtube video once hes dating her

  47. Ellyne Says:

    Wow that was an amazing song, I want to put it on my Ipod, Hes soo adorable and has a great voice!! good job miley!!

  48. DemiOwnsMiley Says:

    i knew he was using her.

  49. ahhchoolovesJB! Says:

    These days, Gaston stars as Taylor Swift’s Romeo in her new video for the single “Love Story.” The two also met on Nashville Star and, “became good friends,” Osborne adds.

    Miley may want to take note: According to Osborne, Gaston has “had a ‘crush’ on Taylor Swift for quite a while.”

    thats why he looked so familiar! lol

    the last part! hahaaa

  50. Marise Says:

    That guy Justin is definitely using Miley to try and further his
    career. Miley has got to be able to see through that. He’s 20 and
    a grown man & she is only 15.

  51. Marise Says:

    …..and no he is not that good of a singer, I’ve heard better!!

  52. tor Says:

    who care about the singing, he deserves a thumbs up for being so yummylicious .. aha ..

  53. Daniella Says:

    If Miley doesn’t see that this guy is using her she is blind. He might
    have been a singer before but he wasn’t well known. He is trying to get his ‘face’ out there for more recognition and by being seen to be so called ‘dating’ Miley will ensure that.

  54. April Says:

    DUDEs .. he was on Nashville Star. and apparently nobody thought he could sing cause he didnt last long. he is a model. and he plays ROMEO in taylors swift new video LOVE STORY.. so im sure hes just being seen with miley to get his career of the ground. now i cant watch this to see if he sounds good or not but.. he cant last in music by just being cute im sorry.. but i dont remember if he could sing or not

  55. jessica jonas Says:

    he is cute and he is a ok singer

  56. jessica jonas Says:

    i agree with daniella,poor miley

  57. Jonas Fan! Says:

    he reminds me of the character ashton kutcher played in cheaper by the dozen.
    hes a model and he isn’t hot, and he can’t sing for crap!
    I like Miley and i have no clue why shes dating this..freak. btw isn’t their relationship illegal?

  58. Hannah Says:

    To Jonas Fan: it isn’t illegal for them to date. It’s illegal for them to have sex because that would be considered rape on behalf of Justin.

  59. katie Says:

    FAMEWHORE! ew! its pretty clear is gunna start basking in his 15 minutes of fame.

    BTW! this song is one of the most deathly boring songs I have ever had the miss fortune of listening to. I thought I was going to have to shoot myself in the head.

  60. katie Says:

    go comment it on youtube! ppl are telling him hes just a famewhore and stuff. its so freakin funny

  61. beci Says:

    u ppl must be fucking deak to think that that is not one of the sexiest country voices u hve ever heard! and not only that hes one of the sexiest country stars ive ever seen! give him time and he’ll be huge

  62. ella Says:

    this dude is so pathetic. its pretty clear hes just capitalising on mileys fame to try and further his own non existen career.

  63. sitashia Says:

    yoo nigaaa

  64. charlotte Says:

    this song is really boring. and this guy is pathetic. dating a 15 year old just to promote himself is really really trashy. then again so is miley.

  65. Damn Says:

    omj miley has good taste in guys 1st nick now him πŸ™‚

  66. isabella Says:

    hes good but he gets to high pichy at certain points but hes hot

  67. Jenny Says:

    People are saying that he’s a great singer…… If he wasn’t a good
    looking guy would he be such a great singer…. I don’t think so!!

  68. aimee Says:

    he freakin sux. listen with ur eyes shut. hes not good at all. and hes a stupid fame loving idiot.

  69. LIN Says:

    you suck ass

  70. Sarah Says:

    no no. he’s pretty good. more of a real voice than your whiney jonas brothers. and he’s not ugly, but he’s not THAT cute either. Nick Jonas is cuter. but this guy kind of reminds me of Chace Crawford. he’s pretty good, but it’s sad thats he’s using Miley to try and get bigger. he can do it himself. (:

  71. Kim! Says:


    That song is ADORABLE and He is AMAZING!
    i LOVE his voice!

  72. V Says:

    he’s deff not ugly!
    good voice too

  73. Alyssa Says:

    I am so pleasantly surprised!
    I think he has such a beautiful voice, and I definitely wasn’t expecting that.
    I think he’s gorgeous and seems like a pretty sweet boy. But, who’s to know, I guess?
    He needs a little work on his high notes, but other than that, wow πŸ™‚
    I really don’t know what the deal is with him and Miley. If they are dating, he’s a bit old, but we’ll see. And if they’re just friends, that’s totally cool. It seems like they’d definitely have a fun time hanging out!

  74. WHAT EVER Says:


  75. Rebecca Says:

    What age are you like 20?….and you’re chasing 15 year olds……
    Seriously that’s a bit strange!!

  76. adl;skfj Says:

    20 year olds shouldn’t be dating 15 year olds thats just gross…

    i think momma tish and daddy billy ray
    should not be introducing her to someone that old

    thats just wrong…

    but he is good
    and i am a miley fan
    dont think im a hater
    i just dont like it (if she is dating him)

  77. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Says:

    Whatever about don’t hurt me…don’t hurt Miley…she’s only 15 u

  78. maria Says:

    and really hott! hahah

    but wayyyy to old for miley.. thats like illeagle for thm to be dating haha

  79. Rae Says:

    omg he has huge eybrows!!
    Ew shes 15 & he look like he’s around 25 thats just wrong how could her parents allow that??

  80. lalal Says:

    you guys he was on that one show nashville star or whatever with her dad.
    thats how they know eachtoehr.
    and hes 20, NOT 25.
    and i know that theres rumors taht they’re dating, but cody linley said him and miley like eachotehr.
    so maybe hes just friends with there family, and they aren’t DATING.
    maybe they are, who cares?
    when you’re married, peopel are about 10 years apart sometimes, and more.
    so why should it matter now?i just don’t get that.
    i mean i think 10 years old and 15 going outs weird but when your like 15 i think its chill.

    but 15 and 20s a little too old.15 and 18s fine i think

    hm depends i guess

  81. Neseex Says:

    hes ok:

  82. natalie! Says:

    he’s 20? he sounds like a 40 year old when he sings, but it’s hot!

  83. katie Says:

    he probley sings this to miley @ night.
    hahahaha xD

  84. cheska Says:


  85. ashleigh Says:

    aaawwww i like this song.

  86. sarahjuana Says:

    ick this is stupid.

  87. dudeane Says:

    oh my gosh, why is miley with this dork ? is she blind ?

  88. Frankie Says:

    Don’t like him. πŸ™‚
    Miley is more sweeter than him. πŸ˜€

  89. SabrinaJonas Says:

    I think that he is dating miley to get attention isn’t it crazy that he wants to be a singer and hes dating a awesome girl who never has cameras taken off of her! i think that hes doing it for the popularity

  90. xoxoandreixoxo Says:


    he has the LOOKS ..
    but his VOICE SUCKS!!

  91. L Says:

    wow. his voice is AMAZING!!! when i heard it for the first like second i went into shock. its REALLY good!!! and the song is really good too!!! if he ever released an album i would for SURE buy it!!!!!!

  92. hallie Says:

    that looks like ashley simpson’s old apartment when she did the reality show a while back… random observation i know.

    and he is actually a pretty good singer, very nice acousticly.

  93. Allissa Says:


  94. Carson Says:

    well i can see him being a big country star
    its pretty good jsut not my type of music
    and its not official that him and miley are dating
    idk what to think

  95. Milez Says:

    Please can someone tell me the lyric of this song? Thanks so much* kisses!

  96. rock chick Says:

    miley n nick were da perfect couple they should get back together….. .

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