Cody Linley WANTS Julianne Hough

Cody Linley talks to BOP! about what he likes about Dancing with the Stars partner Julianne Hough. They get ‘slap happy’.

18 Responses to “Cody Linley WANTS Julianne Hough”

  1. Lil Wayne Says:


  2. SELENA Says:


  3. Valya Says:


  4. Maria Says:

    fourth! haha who cares there cute<3 this will be odd seeing them dancing together, hm sexy dancing much,?

  5. Jenna Says:


  6. Mrs Jonas Says:

    I’m definitely gonna vote for Cody!

  7. natalie! Says:

    julianne hough is amazing. she is such a good dancer and singer
    i hope they win it!

  8. Tantawan Says:

    They would look cute together!

  9. Maria Says:

    Okay, while im the first few people, I must say- STOP DISSING PEOPLE ON OCEANUP. MOST OF THE PEOPLE on this website are beautiful, and hamson. AND YOU GUYS DISS THEM! you guys are probeley ugly fatasses. dont diss someone when their obviously better than you. loose weight,

  10. Anonymous me (: Says:

    Aw, they’re very cute together (: and I’m NOT talking couple wise.
    I’m just saying the way they interact and talk and okay, they look cute together lol. ‘Banana Burp Breath’? Err … Okay then lol. Can’t wait for the night of DWTS on Monday night! I’ll vote for them (:

    and …
    ‘Lil Wayne’ is it?
    Whoever you are, just stop.
    Stop posing, stop commenting crap, and just stop.
    ‘sluttttt’? How, what? I don’t even care. I bet you didn’t even watch the video clip.

  11. McKayla Says:

    they are cute together..

  12. ff Says:

    i want lance bass to win, N’SYNC 4ever

  13. NeseexJonas Says:

    isnt she like 40:o

  14. :] Says:


  15. i heart varsity fanclub Says:

    haha aww yay. im so excited to see it

  16. heather Says:

    aaww i love julianne!! she is sooo sweet i met her and she actually took the time to have a conversation with me. it was awesome! i am totally voting for her and cody!

  17. tia Says:

    cody linley is such a cheesy freak

  18. Mackenzie Says:

    awwwww I love julianne, banana burp breath hahah

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