Jonas Brothers Wear Cologne And Brush Their Teeth!

New Popstar! interview with the Jonas Brothers.

55 Responses to “Jonas Brothers Wear Cologne And Brush Their Teeth!”

  1. (: Says:


  2. jessica jonas Says:


  3. gg Says:

    dont we all?!

  4. Livi Says:

    Pfft. I brush my teeth too ¬_¬

  5. erica! Says:

    Ha that made me laugh:) I just saw “the jonas brothers ware colonge and brush teeth” well no shit! Anyways yeahh there awsome like possums! Okay I’m gonna stop I sound like a douche!

  6. Elisa Says:

    Lmoa. “Big Rob Cologne”. ahh i love those boys. ughh i just came back from my school dance, and the minute i left the dj played burnin up! i was Noooooo!

  7. Kayla Says:

    hahaha, big rob keeps saying: big rob colonge. hahaha. and they’re all ignoring himmm. i thought that was funny. yeah…i brush my teeth too…my old toothbrush was blue!! haha, but now it’s pink…well i have a pink one…and a blue and green one. xD

  8. ahhchoolovesJB! Says:



    big rob is the shiiiittt. so is Kevin jonass<3

    nick and

  9. xoxo Says:

    yeahh i brush my teeth…with an electric one 🙂 woww shockerr right???
    i wear perfume too 🙂 dolce and gabanna ‘light blue’ its amazing ahah
    i ❤ jb

  10. Selena Hater/Miley Lover 4 Life Says:

    They brush their teeth?!

    ….Yeah right.

  11. maddie Says:

    Well no sh*t. So they breathe too??? Oh my god….

  12. Rachel Says:

    Lol umm well of course they do its shocking that they ACTUALLY brush there teeth =O

  13. blegh Says:

    this was a fricken waste of time. gosh, i swear this site is run by a bunch of jonas fans. i mean every single damn post is about jb. brushing their teeth? OMG!! this is soooo shocking! -_- pfft.

  14. lovemesomenickjonas Says:

    like the rest of the worldd! haha

  15. Angie Says:

    Aww, Nick got to meet his crush. LOL!

  16. Hannah Says:

    uh, no way. i thought famous people didn’t brush their teeth.

  17. Emilie Says:

    Oh my god,
    Who Would have thunk it!
    YES that was sarcasm.

    how dumb,
    dont we all brush our teeth and were cologne/perfume. -well some people dont.
    but who really cares.

  18. Kathya Says:

    Nick looks yummy!!

  19. lucass Says:

    i brush my teeth and were colonge can i be a Jonas brother??

  20. michie Says:

    i Love big rob!!!!
    hes hot

  21. uglybetty2 Says:

    um yeah, well i’d be worried if thay didn’t brush their teeth and wear cologne lol

  22. ORly? Says:

    Polo Black<3
    Nick Makes Me Melttttt (:

  23. heheee Says:

    wow this post has NO comments, lol.oh and this guy whoever you are::

    i brush my teeth and were colonge can i be a Jonas brother??

    that was funny

  24. oh really ?! Says:


  25. ashleylb Says:

    yellow, my favorite color.

    yellow, also looks good on him :]

  26. Jackie Says:

    they’re normal!

    i love the jonas brothers.

  27. jk Says:

    i didnt get to hear kevin wat cologne does he use??

  28. ilovejb Says:


  29. Yvonne Says:

    JK, Kevin said Yves St Laurant

  30. Vicky♥JONAS! Says:

    of course they brush their teeth!!!! PRADA! POLO! THE OTHER ONE I CANT UNDERSTAND!! love them! they’re so hot! im gettng a new tooth brush..a yellow one!

  31. hannah Says:

    wowzers! i never would have thought that they were colone and brush their teath!

    NO DUH! there teath are perfectly white and probably smeel good, their still human doing stuff we still do. like everything else they need hygene

  32. raee. Says:

    i love the jonas brothers<3

  33. xoraeeee Says:

    Well I’d certainly HOPE they did…lol

  34. BERT Says:

    For all you people freaking out saying ‘well duhhhh they brush their teeth’ Uhm I think OceanUP was like being kinda sarcastic and joking by putting that as the caption. Cause it was in the vodeo. So chill out. You are the ones who saw the title and STILL clicked it sooo uhm yahh, think before you (in this case) type.

  35. Bradennn Jonas Says:

    Wow. They brush their teeth!? Who knew!? Wow and they wear cologne!? What teenage boy doesn’t!?

  36. BERT Says:


  37. niley supporter Says:

    wow lthey do the same excat thing like every other teenage boy.
    but i guess its different because its the jonas brothers right?


  38. Rara Says:

    Wow, good for them, they brush their teeth like every other normal person in the world 🙂

  39. g Says:

    ohhhh man!! i brush my teeth toooo!! i lke cologne, but i wear perfum!!!! ohh man!! me and the jonas brothers got stuff in common!! i cant believe this!! me and joe are a match made in heaven!! 🙂

  40. Tamra Says:


  41. g Says:


  42. Says:

    hahhahha i can’t believe kevin. b/c of that video when joe and nick were like “kevin doesn’t brush his teeth..”. lmao.

  43. g Says:

    lmao. when i saw lke the top when it said the jonas brothers brush their teeth i was lke well hopefully they doo!! doesnt everyone!! and im glad joe, tht you dont use nicks tooth brush!! my little boy is becoming a man!!

  44. JONAS BROTHERS. :) Says:

    uh, no way. i thought famous people didn’t brush their teeth
    hhahaha ! i know, right.

  45. i'm me :) Says:

    all i saw was the headline,
    you guys do realize that they’re normal people right?

  46. anonymous Says:

    omg since jb brush’s their teeth im going to and wear some perfume while doing it!!!

  47. Carolina Says:

    Of course they brushe their teeths!
    I can’t wait for Demi’s new album!!!
    I’ m addicted to Get Back.
    I looooooove them!

  48. Says:

    omg since jb brush’s their teeth im going to and wear some perfume while doing it!!!

    i REALLY hope your being sarcastic…

    if not. go get some help, seriously.

  49. Yvonne Says:

    I’m loathe to say this, but at this rate, the next topic will be JB Takes A Dump

  50. claire Says:

    omg we have so much in common.. i totally brush my teeth. iam just like to jo bros whoooo!

  51. claire Says:

    can they just do one long video…. popstar has like 50 videos of the same video just make one that is 5 min long! and amen yvone:

    I’m loathe to say this, but at this rate, the next topic will be JB Takes A Dump

  52. NeseexJonas Says:

    YE^ agreed i hate when the videos are cute up so much>.<

  53. rachel Says:

    i brush me teeth.

  54. Totally Tamberka Says:

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  55. Brit Jonas Says:

    See..i thought celeberties paid for someone to brush their teeth for them. EXCEPT the JOnas Brothers!! They are amazing!! My toothbrush is pink-ified! Woo!!!
    i love you nicholas jerry jonas~joseph adam jonas~paul kevin jonas II!! ily! and i love you cody!! you just dont know it yet.. wow this is long..well im boredd n e way so ill just keep on typing and typing. anyways, i went to a JB concert! it was AMAZING! i got sofee shorts that r pink with JONAS on the buttox! haha. i am JB #1 fan and noone can replace that. i also like the naked brothers band..theyre cutee. expecially nat and david.(woo) and this just keeps on getting longer and llonger. BTW i loves this vid. GO BIG ROB AND FRANKIE! nick j is sooo off the chain! and he is a studmuffin. no hatter comments! they s.u.c.k. GO JB AND NBB!!!

    ilove nj,jj,kj,NBB(to many to,CODY,and last but CERTIANLY not least frankie and big rob

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