Leighton Meester HITS UP THE VIEW

Leighton Meester intervew on The View.

13 Responses to “Leighton Meester HITS UP THE VIEW”

  1. ety Says:

    so cool

  2. ety Says:

    omg i first for the FIRST TIME!!!! sooo cool im sorry guys i know this is dumb sorry but i just wanted to be first

  3. he Says:


  4. xoxoxo Says:

    i dont even know who that is.
    sorry, i dont watch much tv.

  5. Miki Says:

    5th yeay. love her acting and she’s pretty, 😛

  6. Cassie Says:

    Shes really pretty ❤

  7. DemiOwnsMiley Says:

    ahhh i love her 🙂

  8. BERT Says:

    I love her, she’s so gorgeousss.

  9. A Says:

    I love her!!
    Queen B. forever

  10. ella Says:

    i hate elisabeth hasselbeck

  11. Tru Says:

    I Love Leighton Meester….Plus she is so Pretty….Much Love!

  12. natalieee Says:

    love her shes soo pretty but the show is not the good boring

  13. fdgg Says:

    only 12 comments>?
    loooooooooveeeeeee leighton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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