‘Reah‘ sent in pictures from Gossip Girl New York City shootings on September 17 and 18. She said, ‘My sister Michelle and cousin Mai waited outside the trailers of Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, and Leighton Meester.

Penn and Blake left early so they weren’t able to take pictures with them. My sister said that Taylor Momsen just kept walking pass her fans and she told people that she had to change so they weren’t able to take a picture with her either!’

50 Responses to “Gossip Girl SHOOTING BEHIND THE SCENES”

  1. darcy Says:


  2. NeseexJonas Says:


  3. blegh Says:

    i don’t get how anyone thinks chace is hot. please i can think of alotta hotter gusy than him. he looks like zefron. -_-

  4. (: Says:

    wow i hate taylor momsen

  5. Randi Says:

    Taylor…she’s kinda rude though.

  6. Jordynn Says:

    OMG Leighton Looks so Pretty!
    And Sorry Blegh, But Chace isn’t Ugly!

  7. blah Says:

    Leighton looks so pretty <33

  8. jackie. Says:

    dude leighton is so gorgeous.
    taylor seems like a b*tch

    chace & ed look amazingas welll (:

  9. S. Says:

    leighton is so sweet!

  10. DemiOwnsMiley Says:

    Taylor just seems like a bitch to me.

    Leighton is gorgeousss
    and Chase and Ed seem so nice šŸ™‚

  11. g Says:

    i never really heard of taylor momsen. shes different looking. lke weird diff looking. idk what it is.

  12. blahhhh Says:

    Taylor isnt rude! they only have limited time to get changed and are super busy so they can’t takes pictures. if you meet her when she isnt busy she is really nice and takes time to take pictures. by the way, chace is the most stunning man on earth. i don’t care what all you obsessive jonas fans say. it’s just my opinion.

  13. Tru Says:

    I Love this Show so Much……

  14. joan s. jonas Says:

    you are so beautiful chace, i would pick you over JB any day.

    love you boo.

  15. Lena Says:

    aww leighton, ed, and chase are so sweet!


  16. Jackie Says:

    i love gossip girl!!
    it’s my favorite show!
    i used to really like taylor.
    but now she just seems…
    ugh, i don’t know!

  17. melaniearchuleta Says:

    i love leighton
    she’s so sweet even though her character is a total bitch but the funny thing is that blair is my favorite character. she and chuck have such a funny relationship.

  18. ashleyy Says:

    taylor really isnt a bitch. she is sweet. but when you catch her at a time when she is onset and really busy she doesn’t have time and she is really focused.

  19. angeline Says:

    ed looks drunk lol
    taylor seems kinda bitchy & aww i wish penn nd blake was there


  20. babykay Says:

    omg leighton is so pretty.
    chace=my future husband

  21. Jessica Says:

    Leighton looks gorgeous…but when does she not?

    And Chace is the farthest thing from ugly…if you think he is, you have bad taste.

  22. TAYlor Says:

    oummm leighton is thee most beautiful girl on the planent! i lovee her skin

  23. BERT Says:

    Leighten is gorgeous. And Ed and Chace are HOTTTT

  24. jbfangirl7 Says:

    Chace is so hott!! You gotta be crazy if you think he’s ugly.

  25. gg girl! Says:

    taylor is really nice she just wants to change her image a little!
    and they only have a limited time to change so sometimes they cant take pictures

  26. Isabella Says:

    ed is sooo cute! there i just something about him…he is like a dorky cute…
    i love his british accent<3

    and chace is freaking HOT

  27. jk Says:

    omg! im creepin in one of those pics lol..
    yea Taylor Momsen passed right by us and me and my friend called out her name like 3 times and she didn’t even wave … BUT Penn Badgley and Blake were REALLY nice i love them! and Chace and Ed Westwick were nice with the pics they took time and took pics with most ppl.

  28. france Says:

    NOOOO i wish i lived in new york so i can meet them =[
    i’ve met ed and blake but didnt get my pic

  29. A Says:

    is Leighton Meester not SO sweet?? my friend and i met her when they filmed GG at my school… she was so nice.

  30. MARYY Says:

    i know chace’s cousin

  31. sarahjuana Says:

    Gossip Girl is the show of the moment<33

  32. rbass Says:

    gossip girl is my life<3


  33. ikdiklsd Says:

    i love edwestwick!
    whoot chace crawford!
    BLUCK CHAIR! i love them
    leightons very pretty!!!
    they have such great chemistry!
    they need to be a couple in real life!!!
    im sorry but blake and penn have no chemistry
    they are so boring.

  34. K Says:

    i’ve read somewhere that taylor momsen is a bitch in real life.

  35. caitlyn Says:

    dang leighton looks goregous! šŸ˜€

  36. S. Says:

    Leighton is gorgeousss!
    taylor kinda seems like a bitch.

  37. claudia Says:

    Penn and Blake as dan and serena are eally boring. Taylor seems like she’s a bit spoilt brattish! A bit of a bitch! :s
    Leighton seems really nice & she is a brilliant actress!! šŸ™‚
    ed is lovely!! šŸ™‚ Ilh!
    Chace is the most georgeous person on the planet! :):):):);):)

  38. chey Says:

    Ed is amazing.
    i love him.

    Leighton is beautiful as usual.

    &the others?


  39. claudia Says:

    omg omg omg omg omg omg! so cuteeee<333333 the chace picture
    ed westwick tooo<3333

    that is mean of taylor
    and leighton is very pretty

  40. reahhhhhh Says:

    i love gossip girl<3

  41. d Says:

    hate taylor
    leighton looks so different but pretty

  42. Beeee! Says:

    taylor is horendous
    leighton is adorable
    and chace, its like sex is walking towards me.

  43. Delaney Says:


  44. ryanrossismine :) Says:

    man i love this show,
    and chace is so hott!
    who like’s chace and blair together?

    i do.
    anyone else?

  45. Sam Says:

    yesss jenny and nate scenes.Im so happy but anyways leighton is sooooo gorgeous its not even funny haha

  46. Blair. Says:

    byyyy the way!
    i live in ny. and this girl i know goes to the neighboring school that taylor momsen goes to so theyre all friends. and shes supposively a total bitch.

  47. rbabycakes Says:

    i agree! chace and blair should be paired up šŸ™‚
    but it doesnt matter now, she looks cute with marcus/james anyways ā¤

  48. rbabycakes Says:

    BTW, GOSSIP GIRL TONIGHT šŸ™‚ i cant waittt!

  49. southhillpark Says:

    If you want up-to-the-minute Gossip Girl updates and analysis, check out brittanyandcooper.com, then click on Blog.

  50. moosefcuk Says:

    ahhh mannnn, ed westwick is soooo sexyyy! and leighton meester is so beautiful! i would have LOVED to be backstage on that set!
    what a luckY girl!

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