William Moseley RIGHTEOUS KILL

Prince Caspian stud William Moseley at the Righteous Kill premiere September 15 in London! +2 under.

52 Responses to “William Moseley RIGHTEOUS KILL”

  1. jb Says:


  2. Anononononon =] Says:


  3. jb Says:

    he’s hot

  4. heyyy Says:

    well hes very goodlooking!

  5. Yeah! Says:

    He’s gorgeous.

  6. =pq= Says:

    i wish i could marry him….

  7. jb fan Says:


  8. gg Says:

    ceee-ute !!!!!!!!

  9. Mirnousha12 Says:

    but the one in my heart is Nick Jonas

  10. selena Says:

    woah hes hott!!!

  11. MiSS KAREN Says:

    WTF.. he’s so cute, he’s one of the reasons why i watch narnia..

    fyi pipol, he acts off cam-like gay!

  12. MiSS KAREN Says:


  13. Reily Says:

    : ) mmm!

  14. will Says:

    mmmm mumsfilibaba!!

  15. Whitneyyyyy Says:

    WOW he is so freaking Hot! ❤

  16. Selena Hater/Miley-Demi Lover 4 Life Says:


  17. Rachel Says:

    Nice cravat.
    Jolly good.

  18. Yvonne Says:

    God he is gorgeous

  19. Melanie Says:

    ohh wow i so love him!!!


  20. Stacy Lynn Says:

    He’s cute but, is he short?

  21. i heart varsity fanclub Says:

    gracious. he is such a beautiful person
    ..and that accent.. kills me everytime.

  22. Carolina Says:


  23. Carolina Says:

    He’s TOTALLY english
    I love his accent!

  24. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    He Is Pretty Hot!

  25. Omi Says:

    he’s hott…like for reals…LOL

  26. emily Says:

    he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot he is so fine 😉

  27. thia Says:

    idk……… i prefer Skandar (Edmund) skandar looks sooooo much better!!!

  28. g Says:

    hes has kinda a bug nosee…. but other than tht hes okayy.

  29. g Says:


  30. VictoriaThomas Says:

    Nice to see someone else on here 🙂 He’s yummy

  31. lollilollipopthatbody Says:

    ooh i lo>e him

  32. sherly Says:


    WHERE’S SKANDAR?????????
    😀 i ❤ skandar keynes 😀

  33. gabrielle (: Says:

    yummy boyyyyyyy
    he is a total hottie !

  34. mileymandy Says:

    he’s gorgeousss..<3

  35. h Says:

    he is mine and no one elses !!!!!!!!! ever !!!

  36. anonymous. Says:

    he is sooooo freaking H O T!
    i wish i could meet him.
    he´s accent kills me everytime ( K )
    Y U M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M!!!
    nope. he´s not short. he´s 5´9 or 5´10.

  37. lyn Says:


  38. ahhh!!! Says:

    who is this?
    hes cute though.

  39. iamme Says:

    hee is sssooooo hott!!!!!he plays peter on chronicles of narnia

  40. b.llieh Says:


  41. Anna(: Says:

    He is so hot(:

  42. Alisa Says:

    whoah hottiee

  43. Tru Says:

    OMG!! He is so Hot!!!

  44. justme Says:


  45. LALA :) Says:

    he really looks like the guy in ‘TUCK EVERLASTING’!?

  46. DD Says:

    holy…he’s so !@&(*U&# HOT!

  47. =] Says:

    hes hot

  48. Princess Says:

    Oh my god..He is so hhhhhhhhhooooooootttttttttt……..I lllooovvveee him and his accent..
    P.S.Does he got a girlfriend?

  49. melissaaa Says:

    he is beyond gorgeous:]

  50. mary Says:

    yeaah, he’s basically the only picture i stopped for

  51. Karenina Says:

    He’s sooooooo gorgeous!
    He’s hot, sexy, and charming!
    And perfect gentleman!

  52. Lila Says:

    Does someone know,does he have a girlfriend?

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