Aly & AJ Celebrate Dad’s Birthday At Shooting Range

Aly & AJ Michalka vlog: At the shooting range for our dad’s birthday. Check out the guns we got to shoot! Pretty crazy stuff although we shoot like pros! Thx Nelly!

15 Responses to “Aly & AJ Celebrate Dad’s Birthday At Shooting Range”

  1. nikki Says:

    that looks .. interesting (?)

  2. Rachel Says:



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  3. maddie Says: LOTS OF NEW NEWS SO GOODD! aly&aj are awesom

  4. Lollaz [[Loves Jonas]] Says:


  5. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    Aly&Aj ROCK

  6. i heart varistyFC Says:

    i’m not gonna lie, i have kind of always wanted to do that

  7. amberr Says:

    i’m not gonna lie, i have kind of always wanted to do that

    so have i.

  8. ryanrossismine :) Says:

    i’ve always wanted to that too.

    they’re pretty good at shooting a gun too! (:

  9. TeamM&S&D&M Says:

    gotta love them!

  10. mary Says:

    WH0A i think i love them even more now
    i had no idea they were that hardcore!!!

    and theyre so good too!!!!! i always do that with my brothers and its soooo fun they mustve been doing taht for a while

  11. Sanna Says:

    yaaay 😀
    it’s really fun, but i suck at it. lol

    LOVE aly&aj

  12. xoraeeee Says:

    Omg PLEASE just give up already…WASHED UP!!!

  13. Jenna Says:

    I’ve been to a shooting range before. It’s tons of fun(:
    They look beautiful as usual! ♥

  14. poppy Says:

    woah! they got balls!

  15. Quyen Says:

    haha, did you see that? Aly got a bullseye and AJ was so close! Lol!
    Aly looks so professional holding a gun…XD

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