Hilary Duff Black Stretch Pants, HOT Or NOT?

Hilary Duff was spotted out and about in LA wearing black stretch pants and interesting shoes. These black pants seem to be a new fall trend. So, is it HOT or NOT?

110 Responses to “Hilary Duff Black Stretch Pants, HOT Or NOT?”

  1. Da REALFrankie Jonas Says:

    doze iz so CUH-ute!

  2. Hannah Says:

    I haven’t seen one person who can pull those off, honestly. lol.

  3. hyenowwww Says:



  4. priscilla Says:

    i have some theyre awesome

  5. SelenaPONESMILEY Says:

    cool but not a kool a DEMI!!!

  6. xxvogue Says:

    yay they are sass & bide.

  7. fsadjflk Says:

    demi always wears those.

  8. chicken Says:

    shes soooo cuteeeeee

  9. Ady Says:

    she look so cute jeje… i think HOt

  10. colleennn Says:

    i like it….at least its not all black emo like demi

  11. sunny Says:

    shes always looks good

  12. mileyponesselena Says:

    i guess there ok

  13. amelia Says:

    oo demi lovato has a pair!! they both wear it great!

  14. amelia Says:

    and if you block out her head, it totally looks like demi haha

  15. xoxoselenademijb Says:

    i loveeee thoseee converseee!!!
    where the hell do u get them!?

  16. Marisol Says:

    they look cute :]

  17. rach1991 Says:

    i think they’re cute!
    if i could pull them off i’d wear them.

  18. victoria Says:

    cute (:
    its better than demi,
    but i love demi

  19. Angela Says:

    cute :]

  20. McKayla Says:

    She pulls them off just as much as Demi does… which isn’t very much. I haven’t ssen one person who can pull them off. Hey maybe I can! Lol. Jk.

  21. Lauren Says:

    Hil can do no wrong

  22. Wooahhh,It'sKelsey! Says:

    i loove hilary duff!

  23. shaylee Says:

    She is so adorable!!! But eh, the pants/tights (whatever they are) are not my favorite… not just on her, but on anyone.

  24. Tru Says:

    I Hate seeing those on anybody…..Some can pull it off though…..Much love Hilary!

  25. heheee Says:

    um i like them and all.
    but i havnt seen one person who can pull those off.
    they look odd to me

  26. Cheyenne Says:

    Aren’t those the same shoes Selena Gomez wore in the “Cruella De Vil” music video?

  27. lalaland Says:

    Hot! i love her 🙂 shes so pretty

  28. nessaisawhore07 Says:

    co9ol i love her!

  29. iamme Says:

    unlike demi, hilary looks good in those!!!

  30. vv Says:

    i just can’t decide if this is a total disaster or if it’s cute .. the thing is they don’t look bad or good on her.

  31. Alicecullen Says:

    Hot, definitely.

  32. Jess Says:

    she always look pretty!

  33. heyyy Says:

    seriously hilary duff is like the coolest person! aha her style is awesommmeee

  34. Hilary Puff Says:

    It would’ve looked better with heals instead of those type of shoes. But other than that, they look nice on her.

  35. jo Says:

    demi pulls them off better

  36. Make Love not War Says:

    i like those pants
    i want some
    demi wears them better!

  37. alexia Says:

    Those pants are just….weird. I guess they’re not my style?? But…idk they look super od and awkward. but demi & hil are both gorgeous so doesn’t matter. haha

  38. emma Says:

    not with those shoes….

    other then that she looks very pretty as usual.

  39. weelll Says:

    does anyone know where icould get them?

  40. Rachel Says:

    i think demi works them better =P
    but they look good

  41. DemiOwnsMiley Says:

    uh ohhh,
    tryna pull a demi!
    haha jk.

  42. tiffanyy . Says:

    hot . that outfit is adorable !

  43. anna Says:

    the shoes are Ash Virgin Hi Tops

  44. peaceluvholly Says:


  45. bb Says:

    anything she wears is super hot! id **** in a heart-beat

  46. fdghtrnhb Says:

    doesnt demi lovato have those pants
    i love them=]]

  47. mojo Says:

    HOT! But show me a butt shot to be sure.

  48. sammm Says:

    love it!

  49. MileyCyrusASAP Admin Says:


  50. kelly Says:

    they are actually not pants…
    they are called liquid leggings…
    but ya… i love them!!!
    i want some…
    but i prob couldnt pull them off

  51. KATY Says:

    Ewwww….not the pants, Hilary!
    She hasn’t done anything in sooo long! Why is she getting any attention?! All she does is get dressed up and walk around LA so the paparazzi can take her picture!


  52. ahhh!!! Says:

    hilary can pull off anything.
    she look gorgeous.

  53. alittlebitlonger Says:

    demi always wears those


    ya and her legs look like their about to bust a seam in the pants
    …just stating a fact at least hilary can pull them off

  54. thebonedance Says:

    ya and her legs look like their about to bust a seam in the pants
    …just stating a fact at least hilary can pull them off


    Hahaha. Personally I don’t like those pants on either of them. I’d like them better OFF of them XD

  55. Jonasfan Says:

    I think she looks great in them. I like them they’re really cool and they are starting to come in fashion.
    Selena Gomez- wore them at the DC games afterparty thing but a diff colour and looser
    Demi Lovato- DC games performance, “Don’t Forget” Abulm Photoshoot and other times
    Vanessa Hudgens- Her concert tours but i think they’re a bit shorter
    And now Hilary which can totally pull them off coz she has such a great sense of style.
    “80’s is Back!”

  56. Jonasfan Says:


  57. aaaaaaaaaa Says:

    SUPER HOT!!!!!!!!!

  58. Ada Says:

    I LOVE those pants or “liquid tights”!
    I like it on Demi too & her as well
    I think Vanessa Hudgens wears them sometimes on her performances but I love it on Demi & Hilary
    They totally pull it off:)

  59. yaya Says:

    i hate those pants but i am sooooo loving those shoes. i want a pair.

  60. Katie Says:

    I LOVE Her!!!!!!! She CanTotally Pull Those Pants Of And I Want Them Shoes!!!!!!!!! I Love Them!!!!

  61. aubrey Says:

    i think it’s pretty cute. the shoes are iffy. but i like it =]

  62. nikki Says:

    LOVE the pants!
    now i definitely want some!

  63. Joelle Says:

    I love it its sooo hott i defnititely need some like thaat and the shoes are rockin too !

  64. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    ILoveThem, She Looks Hot
    Seriously So Cute!

  65. Rachel Says:



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  66. ressica&jilee Says:

    i actually got some at Target yesterday with my friend..

    they are pretty comfy

  67. d..... Says:

    demi wears the same shoes and pants copier alert

  68. flavia Says:

    those are like the biggest thing at my school
    and those shoes were really popular last year


  69. oliviaaa Says:

    oooh she looks cute in them 😀

  70. jdiaz Says:

    i’m gonna say hot. but i’m not entirely sure.


  71. ughaa Says:

    GAhh i lovee the shoes & the pants.
    i have a pair.
    — of the pants i wannt the shoeees =D

  72. bexx -- iREPFASHiON Says:

    these pants are fantabulous!
    hilary is a great fashionista she wears them great!
    while demi looks a little chunky in them.
    but its okay the 80’s definatly is back.


  73. bexx -- iREPFASHiON Says:

    &&&&&&&&&&&&&& the shoes are the shxtt.

  74. xoraeeee Says:


  75. Andrea Says:

    LOVE EM!

  76. WWWW Says:


  77. ryanrossismine :) Says:

    aww she’s soo cute!!
    dude, people should just admit that they are all pretty,
    demi selena miley hilary.

    her outfit is adorable, & i actually love her shoes.

  78. Giovanna Says:

    absolutely cute clothes

    shoes are nicely different
    purse is gorgeous
    sunglasses are lovely
    pants are adorable

  79. lindsay Says:

    she’s so pretty and skinny, i like those pants too:)

  80. ILOVEJB Says:

    those pants look more like leathery than stretchy

  81. lauren Says:

    they look good on her but i would never wear them

  82. b.llieh Says:

    woow look at those shoees they’re soo cool

  83. Terri Says:

    i love it…they would look amazing on someone with long legs…i think i just had an idea lol

  84. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    KATY Says:

    September 24, 2008 at 10:25 am
    Ewwww….not the pants, Hilary!
    She hasn’t done anything in sooo long! Why is she getting any attention?! All she does is get dressed up and walk around LA so the paparazzi can take her picture!


    Oh My God Bitch You’re LAME
    Hilary Looks HOT
    LoveThe Shoes&The Liquid Tights! <33

  85. DD Says:

    i want some pants like that! rihanna pulls them off nicely.

    i say…HOT.

  86. mariah Says:

    I like them.
    And i like them with Hilary’s shirt.
    It’s pretty kool.

    Most of the people i’ve met who dont like it just don’t like that kind of style

  87. CLICK HERE :) Says:

    I know this is kinda random, but I was listening to Hilary’s old CD the other day and she really is genuinely talented.

  88. Miki Says:


  89. xLmaoox Says:

    lmaoo .. uhmm shes sexy !! =]

  90. bruna Says:

    I can’t use this heheh
    but she? she can! so, hot! (:

  91. Feist Says:

    Hilary can pull THOSE off because she’s got nice, small legs .
    However , Demi Lovato is a COMPLETELY different story .

  92. wow. Says:

    i LOVE the liquid leggings, you have to have a nice body to pull them off.

  93. hilaryduffluva Says:

    i defintely think they are soo cuteee:) i would wear em. hilary always has good style:)

  94. x x x i tell it how it is x x x Says:

    She makes it work.
    Like gosh its gorgeous on her body
    [no homo ]

  95. samantha Says:

    i like the pants just not with those shoes.
    she should of gotton some really
    cool colored shoes,
    maybe some bright pink or yellow stilettos.
    that would of been hot. or even flats.

  96. :) Says:

    hot. i have them, but you gotta wear the right shoes to pull them off.

  97. Delilah! Says:

    I have a pair of these ecsact ash shoes and I just love them!! Bought them about a year ago and they are so trendy and comfortable!
    I think you can buy them in Urban outfitters..
    And wow the leggins look amaizing on her, I’m gonna buy a pair of these leggings tomorrow!!! 😀

  98. jonaslover Says:

    SO HOT !!!!

  99. ashley jonas Says:

    wtj is your problem. their both really pretty and i love demi.
    shes probably prettier than you ugly biznatch.

    anyways i love her outfit i think its looks cute.

    weer can i get them

  100. Delaney Says:


  101. Brittany Says:

    I would wear them, they are just a little too tight on her.

  102. Rara Says:

    Who cares??

    But love the pants!! I want somee!

  103. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    x x x i tell it how it is x x x Says:

    September 25, 2008 at 4:00 am
    She makes it work.
    Like gosh its gorgeous on her body
    [no homo ]

  104. Tallia Says:

    Her pants are most likely from Urban Outfitters.
    Probably the best place to shop…in the world!
    Anyways, her shoes are the same as the one’s Miranda Cosgrove wore in her ‘Stay My Baby’ music video. Those are from Urban Outfitters too. 😀
    The exact brand is Silence and Noise.
    I’m an Urban Outfitters addict, so….that’s how I know.

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  106. jamie Says:

    she looks pretty :]

  107. hayley Says:

    love her.

  108. latinbabe Says:

    shes da hotttest!
    love her!

  109. hilaryfan Says:

    oh wow!! SHE’S SOOOO HOT in them! i love those shoes. demi looks like an emo, but hilary wears them excellent and she looks cute and sexy.*
    luv her

  110. MAI Says:

    A DEFINITE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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