Joey Page performed ‘Fly On The Wall’ at the AKA Lounge on September 20 in Orlando as his encore. Thx Amy J!

50 Responses to “Joey Page FLY ON THE WALL AKA LOUNGE”

  1. Yepp Says:


  2. :) Says:

    I love him.

  3. kat Says:

    only joey

  4. aubrey Says:

    hahaha. omg he’s so funny. I love him so much. =D

  5. aubrey Says:

    so something Joe would do haha

  6. tyjhnnyc Says:


  7. vcgv Says:


  8. nikki Says:

    who is this guy?

  9. Rachel Says:



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  10. Carolina Says:

    Who is him?

  11. l; Says:

    funny, but not at the same time … i’m chuckling with an eyebrow raised because this is somewhat odd.

    besides no one really knows who joey page is, i didn’t until some girl told me about him … i’m still a little iffy about what who he is. a recording artist maybe?! not like i care or anything.

  12. Alex Says:

    Yeah Joey’s a singer he has a song on radio disney. He’s hilarious!

  13. Val_JB Says:

    hahahahahaha he’s my favorite! I met him once he was the sweetest person

  14. courrrrrrrttt Says:

    JOEY PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post more please!

  15. Kara Says:

    Did he crowd surf??? thats frickin sick!

  16. ahhh!!! Says:

    ahah wow

  17. ahhh!!! Says:

    ahah wow tahts so funny

  18. HeygirlHey Says:

    He wrote me back on myspace the other day!

  19. leslo Says:

    git it boi!

  20. Stacy Lynn Says:

    I don’t think so what is he trying to do? Sorry that doesn’t fly with me.

  21. ryanrossismine :) Says:

    that is freaky,
    hell no would i ever go see him in concert.
    this shit is scary as hell.

  22. Hillary Says:

    You think a fly is scary? wow! Personally I think its hilarious

  23. mileylove Says:

    who is he?

  24. ddd Says:

    HAHAHAHHA that was amazing
    i love this song

  25. ryanrossismine :) Says:

    You think a fly is scary? wow! Personally I think its hilarious
    lol not a fly, that fly.

  26. caroline Says:

    He crowdsurfed!!!

  27. Cattyyyy Says:

    I was there!!
    haha he’s a friend..
    that was the funniest thing ever!

  28. ghjdf Says:

    dude, his name is soo famililar?
    what is he from..?

  29. ... Says:

    woahh random! lol

  30. angelique Says:

    im there. im the one with the green glowstick . . . HAHAHAHA

    i love this boy.

    i’ve met him about like 7 or 8 times. such a sweetheart.

  31. miley is my hero Says:

    wtf who is this guy???
    but funny

  32. miley is my hero Says:

    great song i looove miley
    um that was random who is this guy??
    i’ve never heard of him…. i dont think i have
    i thought he was going to sing fly on the wall b4 i watched it

  33. Kayla Says:

    This is Joey Page
    one of my good friends!
    If you want to get to know him
    add him on Myspace at
    also tell him Kayla sent you
    he replies back to your comments
    he has opened for Jonas, Bow wow
    B5, Jordan Sparks, Jordan Pruitt, Jesse Mccartney
    add me on myspace if you add him

    I promise you won’t regret it!

  34. HAHAHAHA Says:

    UHM NO.

  35. Jessica Says:

    HAHA that’s HILARIOUS!

  36. Brittany Says:

    His name sounds familiar, but I don’t know. I can’t figure it out, very funny video though!

  37. sam Says:

    i never heard of this kid til i saw this .
    omg he looks really retarded. i checked out his site and this kid is ugly no wonder why he dressed up like a fly and covered his face up .
    sorry he hasnt sold me. ugh

  38. julie Says:

    sam eww why did u send me to this. wtf who is this?

  39. JUliEtt Says:

    yeah well he is super GAY!
    and an asshole i would add.
    hate him – ditch him ocean up
    i prefer / like to see V-Factory Menudo Nlt Varsity Fanclub ; & More (:

  40. Cattyyyy Says:

    ayy dont diss Joey!
    he’s a real nice guyy

  41. mariahhh duh! Says:

    yeah well he is super GAY!
    and an asshole i would add.
    hate him – ditch him ocean up
    i prefer / like to see V-Factory Menudo Nlt Varsity Fanclub ; & More (:

    for one how do you know joey ?
    do you know one thousand percent he is a “asshole”
    if not then your gonna feel dumb – but still even if he is who cares that is your opinion he could have had a bad day or w/e you dont know the case.
    from vid’s i have seen he seems ok.
    but i agree with you i would like to see more on vfactory varsity fanclub nlt and menudo + honor society fersure!

  42. Sandrah[Team Everyone!!] Says:

    who the flip is he?

  43. JUliEtt Says:

    wow i was so wrong about this guy I’m sorry i said those bad things about him. He is super nice and very hottt, I had he mixed up with someone else.
    Sorry for the mix up.

  44. Sicknastyyy girl Says:

    Awww Joey is so funny I love him to death and he’s NOT gay. I have to laugh at the person who said that and they wanted more V-Factory Menudo Nlt Varsity Fanclub because I think it’s kind of known fact 3 0f the guys in Menudo ARE gay. Real smart statement retard.

  45. Joey's wife Says:

    OMG this is so funny,I love JOEY
    check him out:

  46. joey's wife Says:

    I knew there was 1 gay guy in Menudo but I didn’t know 3 of them were gay, is that true?

  47. kelly Says:


  48. Mrs.Jonas Says:





  49. Kelly Jonas Says:

    Joey Rocks My World

  50. Corinna Says:

    Joey Page is so amazng, and he’s the best to his fans, he does a meet & greet after every show, will respond to your comments, and is so sweet, and so nice.

    He’s really taltneted to.
    As others said, check him out at
    You wont regret it!
    Trust me!

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