Jonas Brothers Demi Lovato NORTH CAROLINA

Popstar! video of the Jonas Brothers meet and greet and Demi and JB in concert in Charlotte, North Carolina during the Burning Up Tour!

28 Responses to “Jonas Brothers Demi Lovato NORTH CAROLINA”

  1. d Says:

    ilove dem

  2. yo Says:

    saw this months ago

  3. DemiOwnsMiley Says:

    love demiii 🙂

  4. Uhirehjifdsr Says:

    OBX is the shitttt

  5. i'm me :) Says:

    this is old. gosh oceanup is annoying,

  6. Yeahh Says:

    popstar is like a stalking magazine. Yet they still make up false shit. Nice.

  7. blair Says:

    ugh im miss them and i cant wait till next year lol ughhhhhh

  8. DemiOwnsMiley Says:

    what the heck,
    this was posted on youtube today
    sure i saw this a couple hours ago too
    but oceanup can’t post the second it comes out
    when they dont eve know


  9. emmerzz Says:

    this is old. gosh oceanup is annoying,
    im subscribe to popstar on youtube and they just put up the acual video yea the concert old but they just uploaded it so oceanup isnt technically late lol

  10. Tru Says:

    I wish I new about here concert i would have freaking went I stay co freaking close to charlotte…

  11. fhjs Says:

    haha at the meet n greet the chick in the yellow dress was akward.

  12. omgoshhhh Says:

    bahha i love how the girl in the video like forgot to take a picture with the jbs?


  13. mary Says:

    haha woooww i see myself i look very “hyped up” haha

  14. mileyfan8 Says:

    i love jonas! 😀 demis great too.

    i love miley ♥

  15. z Says:

    the jonas brothers are awesome♥♥♥♥ 🙂 demi too!! and eveyone else ALMOST

  16. emily Says:


  17. oliviaaa Says:

    ah i was at that concert too xD
    ahahahah that’s sweet that popstar was there!
    i think that was the night i was in lawn 😛 but at the concert the next night i was right by where they were but a little closer 😀 eee i miss it

  18. ILOVEJB Says:

    i wanna meet them so bad :[
    i loveeeeeee them, jb & demi!
    demi’s new cd that came out today is amazinggggggggggg by the way! :]

  19. broooookeeee. Says:

    i don’t want to watch it,
    i’ll probably cry.
    that was the best concert of my lifeee.

    7/29/08, neverforget. ((:

  20. ame Says:

    yay! demis album is # 1 on itunes come on fans get the album is sooo cool and her voice is amazing and theres also a jonas duet i only got one copy oh well

  21. heheee Says:

    lol this isnt old, popstar added it today.
    and i feel bad for the people that spent like 400 dollars on front row tickets and they were wtill far away from the stage with a gate and guards in front of them.
    poor people. lol

  22. bluu Says:


  23. Rachel Says:



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  24. Carolina Says:

    Old times 😦
    I miss the concerts !
    I miss jonas brothers I don’t feel them here 😦
    Anyway I love them!

  25. Carolina Says:

    Yeah the jonas concert in buffalo was the BEST night of my life and my 4th jb’s concert in life.

  26. lauren Says:

    I WAS @ THAT CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    man i wana meet them

  27. becca Says:

    I was there
    you could see me at the bus signing!
    best seats, best boys, best night

  28. callie Says:

    shes an okay singer.

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