Connor Paolo And Max Ehrich POSE AT HAVEN

Gossip Girl star Connor Paolo posed with new boyfriend actor Max Ehrich at the grand opening of Haven nightclub on Wednesday in New York City. +1!

89 Responses to “Connor Paolo And Max Ehrich POSE AT HAVEN”

  1. youcreepin'? Says:


  2. Isa Says:

    wait is he gay in real life or just on the show?
    whatever..i love him! i<3gossip girl

  3. Terri Says:


  4. youcreepin'? Says:

    and i loooove connor paolo
    gossip girl ❤

  5. bree. Says:

    aweee (: so cute

  6. disneystars14 Says:

  7. chicken Says:

    wtf thats his new boyfriend hes gay for real!?

  8. sarahh Says:

    wow hot guys are always gayy :[

  9. 0.0 Says:

    hes gay in real life =| ?

  10. katie Says:

    i loooove gossip girl!

    and no he isn’t gay in real life!!!
    just in the show.

  11. sss Says:


  12. sss Says:

    andss hes NOT gay btw,..

  13. Megan K Says:

    who the hell…?

  14. Tatiana Says:

    Lol Conner is wearing lipstick and Max is wearing blush.

  15. mileyfanforever8 Says:


  16. Krista Says:

    They have really nice smiles.

  17. z Says:

    cute!! 😀

  18. alexa Says:

    omg!!!! max AHHHHHH you’re on oceanup!!!!

    they are not going out max is 100% straight stop making up rumors!!!!

    ahhhh i’m so happy for you max you’re gonna be 0h s0 fam0uzszsz hahaha i love you!!

  19. Allie Says:

    no this is wrong!!!
    i know for sure.

  20. kat Says:

    gossip girl is the worst show ever to appear on tv.


  21. meg Says:

    first of all i think your whole “mark out/slash” things are pretty gay.

    stop being si freaking judgemental.
    Even if he were gay, why do you feel the need to say it?
    Just because someone plays a gay character doesnt mean shit.

  22. amanda Says:

    wow hot guys are always gayy :[

    i totally agree!

  23. mrs. nick jonas Says:

    he’s gay in the show, but idk about real life

  24. gerry Says:

    hello, just becuase he is gay in the show doesnt mean he is in real life.

  25. Ada Says:

    Haha, he’s really hott:)
    I don’t think he’s gay in real life though..
    Idk, could be wrong.

  26. Selena and Jonas Brothers Hater/Miley Lover 4 Life Says:

    that’s weird………..

  27. lovely Says:

    hes in gossip girl? i dont think i recognize him and ive seen the show at least 10 times. huh thaTS weird stufff.oohwell ill watch him this monday! haaha

  28. Delaney Says:

    wait so is he really gay??

  29. sami Says:

    alexa!!!! and misha and whoever know him

    im thinking of you

    ahhhh, and btw theyre not gay

  30. Yo yo ya i said it TWICE!♥♥♥ Says:

    “new boyfriend” crossed out =/

  31. BERTY Says:

    Why does it say ‘new boyfriend’ but crossed out? I think that’s like a messup, cause sometimes it is on other posts too, and it doesn’t make sense or something?! haha!

  32. sh Says:

    sami c?

  33. max ehrich fan 1 Says:

    i know everything about max ehrich and hes 100% not gay!! rumor is hes dating sarah hyland! this is crazy and its absurd!!!

  34. kat Says:


  35. Selena Gomez. Says:

    i’d tap that

  36. Allie Says:


  37. Cassie Says:

    Max definately is not gay, i used to go to school with him for years..

  38. jtyler Says:

    Connor isnt gay in real life. my friends go to school with jenny and him and he apparently has a girlfriend of a long time
    my friends also know max ehrich, and he too is straight
    i think oceanup is jus being judgemental and making assumptions


  39. Tru Says:

    Dang, I can’t stand when sexy sexy guys are alwayz gay….That hurts alot….Did I mention they are Hot!

  40. kacey Says:

    i go to school with both of them and neither of them are gay..connor has a girlfriend and max well you know hes hu with a bunch of people

  41. Doodieball Says:

    max isn’t gay and neither is connor. connor has a girlfriend and max is defintley not gay.

  42. ben Says:

    wow this is a joke

    max is not gay he is my best friend

    i go to school with both of them

    they both have sexy girlfriends

  43. chantanella Says:

    damn girl

    those boys are sexilicious

    i just wanna spread some creme on them and lick it off

    they would go straight for my sexy ass

  44. laquanishia Says:

    if these boys be gay

    then jesus be out to get all us sexy girls

  45. concrecia Says:

    aint that the sex pot from sneaker night

    mmmhhhmmm he can wear my sneakers all day long

    as for the other one…let that homo BURN IN HELL!

  46. bestfriend Says:

    hi um max is my best friend.
    And i can PROMISE you he is not gay at all.
    he is with someone right now . and this is stupid.
    rumors are apsolutly redic.
    and this is COMPLETLY untrue.

  47. Love Says:

    he say’s the is not gay.

  48. shellyna Says:

    i dont believe that max is his bf!!!
    i ❤ connor sooo..

  49. Stacy Lynn Says:

    I don’t think they are gay PLEASE tell me they aren’t

  50. Cami Says:

    Holy crap, is he really gay?

  51. ashleigh Says:

    HE ISNT GAY!!!!!!!!!!


  52. this is silly Says:

    alright this is so ridiculous…max is one of my best friends, and he has been for YEARS….he is the furthest thing from gay…people just get jealous and therefor want to make shit up…

    …obviously a photographer is going to take a picture of 2 cute up and coming boys and say they’re gay..uhmm duhhh its a STORY people….

    the way i see it, this means they’re on their way to the top so congratulations babe<3

  53. ashlee Says:

    super hot im in l o v e!!!

  54. trueee Says:

    seriously, this is sooo dumb. max is not gay at ALLLL.
    this is just rediculous.

  55. ...really though? Says:

    these are two of my dearest friends.
    they’re both NOT gay.
    get over it.

  56. nicole Says:

    kid on the right is HOT.

  57. Lucy Says:

    Max Ehrich is definitely gay, but I doubt Connor would date him. He’s a real POS.

  58. Brooke Says:

    Max Ehrich is definitely gay, but I doubt Connor would date him. He’s a real POS
    I personally know Eric and he is NOT gay so get over it.

  59. Lucy Says:

    That’s good for you Brooke, but clearly you don’t know him that well. I grew up with him BEFORE he transferred schools and still know him very well. He enjoys the romantic company of GUYS over girls. I don’t see what the big deal is. I guess he’s scared it’ll hurt his little career so he is trying to keep it under wraps Clay Aiken style. He probably shouldn’t keep denying it though because I know there’s photos of him getting cozy with guys out there and those will surface if he ever becomes anything.

  60. jenny Says:

    I agree with Brooke. who the hell are you lucy? haha I go to school with max eric and trust me.. he likes girls. that is bull. hes hotttt

  61. jenny Says:

    plus him and taylor momsen(gossip girl) are hooking up

  62. Lucy Says:

    I understand that in your little high school he does a good job of making himself SEEM straight bc he hooks up with Taylor and Sarah and whoever else, but he’s gay. Straight up, gay. His own brother confirmed he was gay during the summer! Unfortunately, not everything that seems is. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck then it’s a duck. Straight guys don’t sometimes also hook up with other guys. End of story!

  63. jenny Says:

    haha that is histerical lucy because his brother would never in the world say nor think that. and if you knew him before he trasnferred how would you know about taylor and sarah. why are you out to get max? he is so sweet. and not gay. even if he was why are u posting this even though hes 10000000% not.

  64. emmie Says:

    adlfkjasdlfk i saw him yesterday on teh subway!!!!
    so hottttt

  65. Brooke Says:

    Yeah lucy shut the fuck up, if you grew up with him you wouldnt be talking shit about him, or try say he has photos like that, get a life you wish you knew him like we do in our school now, so go get a life, i bet your actually a guy drooling over him wishing he was gay!

  66. Lucy Says:

    If I didn’t grow up with him then I wouldn’t know every thing about him. Sooo obviously I grew up with him. Since you did not grow up there you have no idea what we know here and what kinds of photos we have. So you can fight about what he has let you know since you recently met him but we know his past.

  67. samantha Says:

    your a liar lucy

  68. Brooke Says:

    Um Lucy,
    i didnt just recently meet him, so dont put words into my mouth kay?
    Why would you want to be a bitch and say you have bad pictures of him. if your his “friend” that you say to be, obviously not cause friends don’t say that shit. Max is an awesome person, so dont go talking shit. kay thanks.

  69. Lucy Says:

    I never said I was his friend. I said I’ve known him for many many years and he has been with guys in a romantic way. I also said he was a POS, so therefore I don’t think he is a great person. There are photos of him out there that I will have my friend scan and post on the internet of him during his freshman year at my high school with a guy. KAY?

  70. sarahhyland Says:

    that is the biggest piece of bullshit i have ever heard in my life. you lucy girl, need to get a fuckin life.

  71. mileyfan Says:

    amen sister!

  72. maxehrich Says:

    this is hilarious. sarah’s right… that’s all bullshit. im not gay and she would know that… personally. if u get what i mean ; )

  73. mileyfan Says:

    wait are you really max ehrich???

  74. Andrew Says:

    Totally not gay. Just like Lance and Claye.

  75. Lucy Says:

    No maxehrich we do not know what you mean. Are you saying that you and Sarah have sex? I bet Disney would think that was GREEEEEEEATTTTTT!!!!!

  76. Lilli Says:

    o please lucy. that’s probably some weirdo kid pretending to be max ehrich and sarah hyland. if you noticed the times they posted, it was 4 minutes after each other. so just get over yourself and stop trying to ruin reputations. its really sad.

  77. aliceinwonderlandlover Says:

    I met Max today…. Yes he is hot , and no he is not gay but he is a douche. Yes it is true a real ASS-HOLE yes he is soooo caught up in him in HSM3 that he thinks he is da shit wow NEWS FLASH ZAC WANA BE ur annoying ! so pack u bags and get out the fuck of nyc .

  78. aliceinwonderlandlover Says:

    btw Connor is da shit that much is true!

  79. blah blah blah Says:

    “Lucy” you literally have no life…your standpoint is that you “grew up with max, but youre not freinds with him” Um ok…why do you know all this stuff about him if youre not friends with him…OMG WOW YOU ARE SO COOL!!!!!
    How about this, I do know him from home and i am friends with him, BEST FRIENDS with him, so how about you actually know what you’re talking about and get a life other than posting stupid shit on a random website…

  80. blah blah blah Says:

    for all we know, youre probably some loser that he wouldn’t hook up with in high school and now you’re saying he’s gay to make yourself feel better…sorry not gonna work youre still a freak

  81. samantha Says:

    aliceinwonderland…..he is not an asshole-at all

    and he isn’t conceited or self-centered…GET OVER IT PEOPLE

  82. disneylove Says:

    omfg this blog is so old and annoying. these two young actors are not gay! just stop fighting about it. if anyone looks at pictures from this event connor paolo was there with alice kremeleberg and max erich was there with sarah hyland. so just stop already! i happen to know people who are extremely close with both of them and they are supposidely really nice and down to earth people. so end it! thanks

  83. please just stop Says:

    You guys seriously. I’ve been going to camp with Max for a few years and i’ve known him for a while. He is not gay, and i think its low of you to go around assuming. Now i understand why Vanessa and Zac keep their private life to themselves. Its their life and it shouldn’t be any of your business whether or not he is or isn’t. It is none of your concern. Max is an amazingly sweet guy. Yeah sometimes he can come off as an asshole, but can’t we all? We have our good days and bad days-thats life. Leave him alone and just let him be a normal kid, please. Hes friggen 17 years old, let him live his life without having to deal with this shit okay.

    Ben, Sarah, thanks for sticking with me and helping spread the truth.

  84. Chang Says:

    I met Max in Los Angeles last week. He was wearing really tight jeans but that doesnt mean he is gay. His fashion sense is a little feminine though. Anyway he wasnt very nice. He was kind of stuck up and not really friendly. Seems like he has an ego already which is lame. If you can read this Max Ehrich get an attitude check!!!!!!

  85. benjamin Says:

    wait up, everyone. gay is not synonymous of shit or unnormal… he can be an amazing and awesome gay. why not? whatever, being a gay,i know when i see one gay guy and i don’t thinks he’s gay… he seems very straight to me.


  86. benjamin Says:

    wait up, everyone. gay is not synonymous of shit or unnormal… he can be an amazing and awesome gay. why not? whatever, being a gay,i know when i see one gay guy and i don’t think he’s gay… he seems very straight to me.


  87. Eric Says:

    it seems like some people are saying he is gay and a douche separately. most of the times when you read things like that they wind up true so i believe it.

  88. holly Says:

    boy…friend. emphasis on the friend i believe! i saw max on ugly betty he is soooo cute and oober talented. two upcoming stars!

  89. ???????????? Says:

    Lol hes not gayyyy

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