Demi Lovato DON’T FORGET Oklahoma City

Demi Lovato EMOTIONAL performance of Don’t Forget Oklahoma City.

86 Responses to “Demi Lovato DON’T FORGET Oklahoma City”

  1. lauren Says:

    i love that song:)

  2. awgkjrlty Says:

    love herrr.
    but this is old so lets move on from the Burnin Up Tour.

  3. chicken Says:

    amazing as usual!<3333

  4. monica Says:

    i love that songs
    and its so sad
    you can tell it comes from the heart

  5. cheygirll Says:

    omg- amazing.

  6. julia Says:


  7. nataliee Says:

    love herr<33333

  8. Alyssalyss Says:

    I love her everytime she sings i always had goosebumps
    which is good because i can feel her emotions

  9. nataliee Says:

    omg shes crying!

  10. jsundrdog Says:

    Oklahoma City,
    My State. =D

    So Awsome.
    I Fucking Love This Song.
    I Cant Stop Listing To It
    On Her CD. She Is Amazing


  11. RADGIRLY Says:

    I love this song sooo much!<3333
    Oh my gosh, I was listenong to it
    like right now when
    before I came on oceanup

  12. DemiOwnsMiley Says:

    thats old

    but i still love herrr 🙂

  13. sarahjuana Says:

    Her songs are better than Miley’s.
    Idc if your a Miley fan, Demi and Selena PONE Miley.
    Miley is a copy-cat whore.
    And there is nothing to copy from Miley.
    She is a skany witch. Selena is better :]

    TEAM S&D<3

  14. youcreepin'? Says:

    aww dem.
    this is my fav song. the emotion in it is indescribable

  15. chicken Says:

    wow i just watched the hole thing and i almosted cried that was intense

  16. saraaaaaaaah Says:

    im getting annoyed cause i listen to this song tooooooo much 😀
    but i still just LOVE IT. she never disapoints anyone singing this song with her emotions so into it [;

    great performance

  17. molly Says:

    this is kinda old but LOVE IT. LOVE HER! ♥

  18. Demi Rocks Says:


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  19. randommm. Says:

    okay… im sorry, but this has been bothering me for some reason. if you spell PWN… it’s not like PONE. if you ask a gamer… it’s just like OWN w/ a P. haha. i know it’s a small detail, but a lot of you spell it like that and it bothers me. lol.

    but as for demi… she’s amazing as usual. =]


    I LOVE HERRR :]]

  21. lala Says:

    she’s good.

  22. bre Says:

    she was like this at my concert too

  23. michelle Says:

    awhh, this song is so sad, i love it ❤
    and demi looks so ..
    cute / sad .
    LOL, awhh ( L )

  24. KIRBS Says:

    I was there! 4th row…jeez this concert seems so long ago…it makes me cry-I didn’t want that night to end…

  25. kayla rose Says:


    its like you can see her like all sad…then get angry…then sad again…looks like she’s going to crryy

    *stands up* bravo 🙂

    hahah XD

  26. jonaslove Says:

    OMJJ !
    i love that song !
    its amazing !
    and just to put this out there in the open she is such an amazing singer !
    i love her cd ,
    its a life changer
    i absolutely love the songs two worlds collide and until your mine ,
    but the best song of all is …..
    ON THE LINE , with the jonas brothers
    liek there voices are soo haawwwwt in it (L):)
    i love those boys !
    but anyways ,
    if you havent bought demis cd yet ,
    i advise you that you do , you will love it :):)

  27. Bee Says:

    damn shes hardcore

  28. Demi Rocks Says:

    She’s so beautiful. I have the biggest crush on her 🙂

  29. ashleylb Says:

    demiiiii lovatttooo!!

    i love you! girl you are sooooo bomb!
    ughh, hopefully shes gonna be around foreverrrr. :]

  30. averie jonas Says:

    She has a soul for this she is not in for the money

  31. nikki Says:

    i was there!

  32. I love Nick's Butt Says:

    i hate this song
    and look at her face! she was about to cry!
    haha, i love the guy that is making her feel bad cause he doesnt remember that bitch 🙂

  33. Jackie Says:

    i love her!!
    this song rocks!
    it’s much better live then the album version!

  34. futrmrsjoejonas Says:

    she emotional all the time she sings this
    she cried in msg also

  35. kim Says:

    i love her ❤
    and i love this song.
    it’s one of my favorites ’cause i can REALLY relate to it.
    and all the emotion she puts into it ..
    you can tell this song is really from the heart
    ughh i love this song and her <333

  36. Love Says:

    I think she was like this at all of the concerts cause she was like it at the one I went to

  37. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:


  38. rach1991 Says:

    straight f/ the heart.
    it gives me chills.
    bravooo demi!!

  39. heheee Says:

    im getting annoyed cause i listen to this song tooooooo much
    but i still just LOVE IT. she never disapoints anyone singing this song with her emotions so into it [;

    great performance


    lol same.
    this was my altime fav of hers (but actually the 2nd one i heard when the burnin up tour just startes, the first one i heard and was interested in was get back, but im getting annoyed with get back now)
    so yeah.
    this was my fave.
    and i listened and loved it and blah blah blah.
    and now im starting to get annoyed. i lvoe it, but im getting annoyed. its a love/hate relationship lol i cant explain it.

    so ive moved on the the next fav on her album, but im pretty soon im gonna start getting annoyed in a month or so.

  40. heheee Says:

    lol, i seriously remember watching this EXACT VIDEO on youtube like a month or two months ago.
    funny how it made it on oceanup.

    and at 1:58 she looks seriously pissed.

  41. Kelly Says:



  42. =) Says:

    Dis song makes me feel sad…. =( But i love it!!!

  43. heheee Says:

    the LUCAS brothers?

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    “They play three brothers in a band. But in the show, they are the ‘Lucas’ brothers and ‘JONAS’ refers to the name of the street they live on,” the source added.

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    “It’s going to be a funny show and it’s going to be a great cast,” Joe said. “I’m really excited.”

  44. Rachel Says:

    shes amazing
    love her and that song

  45. Sarah Says:

    i saw her during the Burnin Up tour, she has an incredible voice and is amazing to see live !

    this song has to be one of my favorite’s.
    it comes from the heart and thats what i love the most.


  46. brittanyyy Says:

    she is emotional everytime she performs this
    ive seen her live 4 times and she is always like this, but i love her and this song!

  47. demi is my life Says:

    man i envy her so much.
    she is so perfect.
    She sings AMAZING
    She acts VERY WELL 🙂

    She is my idol. hero. love her!

  48. Tatiana Says:

    The first time a saw a vid of her performing this song on youtube is when i really started to like her.
    xo demi!

  49. caitlyn Says:

    omg!! this song is so sad! gosh shes a great performer! she gets so into it! 😀

  50. aaaaaaaaaa Says:

    so wannabeish

  51. i heart varsity fanclub Says:

    aaww. i love this song on the album, but its so much better live
    i think thats a compliment though. i mean how many times to
    artists make great cds and then you hear them live and they suck.
    so for a song to be better live, i think just proves demi’s talent

  52. callie barmore Says:

    i’m from louisiana and drove to oklahomacity and dallas this summer to see the jonasbrothers and i was at this concert sitting in section 2 row b on nicks side and yes demi was amazing especially the jonasbrothers.

  53. callie Says:

    thanks demi for touching my hand that night

  54. Katey Says:

    I love Demi!
    She is so awesome.
    Her album is amazing.
    Rock on Demi. 😀

  55. soulie Says:

    i think don’t forget is one of my least fav songs to listen to on her album. I think she sings it better live. i dont’ HATE the song itself. I just don’t appeal to the recorded version. I’m comparing her studio version to video’s of her singing it like this and she sings it better live hands down.

  56. nileyforever Says:

    i love her.
    i hated her at first with her annoying smile, but i’ve gotten over it & now i love her<3
    shame i cant say the same thing about that dog face selena gomez :L

    it seems like her album is about one guy cause all the lyrics in the album connect….she keeps saying stuff like “cheating, i wont forget about us (besides this song), on the line (she says that in 2 or 3 songs)”
    but who knows…

  57. joyce Says:

    because their fat duh and she thinks the black makes them skinnier—-

    —wtf? her legs arent fat AT ALL. shes like, what? maybe a size 2. shes tiny. and she looks great. if your going to hate her for something, atleast make it a logical reason


    uhh have you seen he legs their huge just compare them to selena and miley – you’ll see

  58. Katlyn Says:

    Hahaha the chick who filmed this was right in front of me! I can hear myself screaming! lol! She was amazing!

  59. Talullah Says:

    I love this song when she sings it live, the one on her CD sucks.
    I know that its weird but she sounds so much better live than she does in a recording studio.

  60. shelbie Says:

    i was there!! me & my friends were crying too :((

  61. alexa Says:


    That was the best night of my life. My best friend CheyAnne went with me. We were in the front section; but we didn’t get to meet anyone or anything. We signed the bus, though. 🙂

  62. alexa Says:

    shes like, what? maybe a size 2.
    no, i’d say size 5 or so. she’s like, perfect though.

  63. :) Says:

    It amazes me that people feel more sorry for an emotional girl singing about a breakup than an emotional person singing about abuse or death.

    She gets the most pity I’ve ever seen.

  64. Erica. Says:

    i love her.

    she’s srsly the most amazing singer ever,
    so much emotion.

  65. demmmmm Says:

    that demi girl always sounds like that when she sings don’t forget.
    this one is nothing special, guys.
    but WOW, she really is amazing though.
    hahaha peace (:

  66. Brookelle Says:


  67. hannah Says:

    she’s amazing

  68. LuLu Says:

    WOW I’d never seen someone singing like so into the song with such a sad face o.o

  69. watup Says:

    this song is so amazing bc its so real.
    it doesnt have much to it but the words are sooo powerful

    i can relate to this song sooooooooo much its crazy

  70. kaylaheartsyou. Says:


    woah, she didn’t even smile,
    that shows it’s very emotional for her.

  71. DD Says:

    wow…her voice is amazing! and this song sounds really good! gotta check out the album version.

    god, i want her to break away from disney. i want to see her tough side.

  72. Mireena Says:

    She’s all sweaty, but she’s still beautiful. sdklglskdgh. I love her so much!

  73. krljbnlksetnylrtkjhrd Says:

    seeing her upset and emotional makes me wanna cry!
    i love her. shes amazing.

  74. Cami Says:

    Love her.

  75. sunny Says:


  76. Christina Says:

    She always gets that emotional while singing. I’ve seen her twice and she’s done the same thing both times. She really gets into and i think thats what makes her a great artist and a great performer.

  77. CLICK HERE :) Says:

    This song makes me tear up

  78. chey Says:

    i was there:]]

  79. Jonasluver Says:

    awwww shes such a cutie! something rlly bad mustve happened to her for writing that song.
    shes awesome!!!!!luv that song:D

  80. callie Says:


  81. Ashley Says:

    OMG!! I was so there! I was sitting there watching her cry and i screamed We love you Demi! It was an amazing concert!

  82. mileymandy Says:

    she makes the ugliest fucking faces, i swear..

  83. wow Says:

    no she doesnt she is beatiful and i’ve never heard miley sing this good or with this much soul

  84. Alyson Says:

    she’s amazing

  85. ashlee Says:

    i like her some of my friends think she just a jonas brother in girl form but idk shes diffrnt

  86. The real Mrs. Joe Jonas Says:

    Omj, she is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
    I ♥ that songgg

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