Joe Jonas shopped til he dropped at Christian Audigier‘s store on Melrose Ave in LA on Wednesday. Check out Joe-Jonas for more photos.


  1. Joy Says:

    his expression looks kinda weird…

  2. ashly Says:


  3. Joy Says:

    oh and i like his shoes 😀

  4. ashly Says:

    =[ oops

  5. deni Says:


  6. sup Says:

    hes hott

  7. - Says:

    i love joe but it looks like he has Michael Jackson cheeks. =|

  8. sally Says:

    7th! lol…….

  9. mariana Says:

    jaja love him(V)

  10. sally Says:

    i mean 8th,, but now 9th…

  11. sally Says:

    or 10th, but now 13th

  12. sally Says:

    i guess 12

  13. sally Says:

    where is everyone????? lol

  14. sally Says:

    do my friend a favor and visit

  15. Prep chick Says:

    omg just jared put this up first and with way more pictures

  16. lalaland Says:

    hott shoes 😉

  17. hot and cold Says:

    wow? so this is considered a story. he shopped. at a store. just like everyone else?
    it isn’t that big of a deal

  18. JoJo Says:

    he looks so weird

  19. Megan K Says:

    love them though.

  20. Elisa Says:

    i love joe but it looks like he has Michael Jackson cheeks. =|
    haha poor Joe!

  21. ALexandra Says:


  22. jsundrdog Says:

    Joey Jonas.
    My Favorite Person.
    EVER. 😀

    He Is So.
    Joe Jonas

  23. Anonymous me (: Says:

    Lol, the people in the picture weren’t
    even ready to pose yet, well at least
    Joe didn’t lol. Guess the photographer
    took the picture too early 😛

  24. still team ocean up... Says:

    even though oceanUP is majorly slacking, i still love themmm,<33

  25. yooo!!!! Says:

    im 26th or 65th!
    haha big whoop

  26. Charmaine Says:

    omg i love him. he’s such a great guy. i love how in touch he is with his fashion sense. but haha christian looks like a crazed girl fan next to joe.. lolz.

  27. Candy Says:

    Looks like he just woke up or something like that! xDD
    Anyways i love it! He’s always HOT!

  28. Jenna Says:

    My two favorite people in the world. Designer and boy band-er(:
    They look great, and it would be SUCH an honor to meet Christian Audiger!
    Christian does seem like a crazed fan! Lmbo(;

  29. (: Says:

    ahahaa, joe wasnt ready for thisss(:

  30. Bee tee dubs Says:

    Fucking love ed hardyyyy shit.

  31. Julia Says:

    ^^^ Stop bitching..
    I LOVE that they put this stuff up.

  32. wtf Says:

    for a minute i thought joe was getting ugly but he’s starting to get that cuteness back

  33. Josh Says:

    FIRST!! YAY!!

  34. Julia Says:

    [meant towards the people who keep bitching about oceanup]

  35. Kira Says:

    Anyone want pie?

  36. Jon Says:

    I DO

  37. maddie Says: LOTS OF NEWS THERE i like joe’s shoes too their hot

  38. Yeah Says:

    Joes been looking gay/pedophile-ish lately.

  39. Dickhead Says:

    I want pie!!!!! ROFL

  40. * Says:

    Sorry You Guys But Joe Looks KINDA Gay In This Picture =)

  41. Kakarot Says:

    My PIE
    My PIE!!!! MINE!

    Joe looks weird in the pic

  42. Joy Says:

    i like the shiny jacket 😛

  43. football 21 Says:

    Joe looks gay for some reeason

    oh and


  44. Demenet Says:


    I’LL EAT IT!

  45. karenlover at english Says:

    Screw the pie, I want some chocolate cake and I want to kiss my crush Kelsey Maloney.

  46. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Says:

    I can’t believe Miley Cyrus would undress nude in order to gain Nick’s attention. I can’t see the pics though, she’s underage 😦

  47. DD Says:

    stupid thing to blog about. poor guy can’t even shop now.



  49. hallie Says:

    umm why is the same person posting like 5,000 times under different names? cant you tell that your icon smiley never changes so we know its you?

    people can be so dense sometimes…

  50. hallie Says:

    I can’t believe Miley Cyrus would undress nude in order to gain Nick’s attention. I can’t see the pics though, she’s underage
    PS thats disgusting that you are even wanting to see those pictures if they exist…

  51. caitlyn Says:

    DANGGG! he looks fine!

  52. bmw Says:

    Shup up Miley’s hot and I wanna bang her. Besides, I love her so much! HMMMMMMMMM COME ON BB

  53. Yo yo ya i said it TWICE!♥♥♥ Says:

    OMG get a life!!
    why are you posting comments with deifferent names??
    We can tell your the SAME person because your icons doesnt change!!!!
    and everyone has a specific icon! retard!

  54. chicken little Says:

    Selena Gomez is hotter BMW, she’s nicer and has big boobs 😛
    BTW I banged your mom hallie. She had a small pussy though.

  55. Yo yo ya i said it TWICE!♥♥♥ Says:


  56. Chuckster Says:

    Who the fuck says OMG, it sounds so retarted. Sounds like a snotty teenage girl
    Joanna: OMG look my nail broke
    Juana: OMG now what
    Joanna: OMFG I don’t know, its like the end of the worldddddddd…

    spoiled brats.

  57. sara Says:

    not bad!!cuz i actually dont lyk joe jonas a lot:(

  58. erica Says:

    wow we have a stalker on oceanup now

  59. Anna Says:

    nice Joe 🙂

  60. Joker Says:

    i’ll stop, i was just having fun

    and dont go saying

    OMG if thats your idea of fun, get a life
    ROFL ur weird

    Snotty teens
    BTW, im 16 but im really mature for my age.

  61. Random Says:

    Hey guys
    If you know Lauren Cyrus (She’s not Mileys sister)
    noone knows if her last name is REALLY cyrus. But she was a site model
    on myspace and she was really pretty and cute and at the age of 16. But there were SO MANY posers out there pretending to be her, it was just TOO MANY. She isn’t famous or anything just a regular girl that would put pics on the internet for sites to use them. But then she quit because of posers,hackers and rumors. I guess she made a fame out of her pictures ; only it was fame without the cameras and paparazzi’s. People just naturally liked her and i feel sorry she gave up because of posers.

  62. fattass Says:

    The Jonas brothers are ok, hopefully they dont turn out like lindsey lohan FUCK YOU LL

  63. Aleeexxxa Says:

    oh goddd,
    he’s beautiful (:

  64. xoxoselenademijb Says:

    Christian Audigier’s clothing is like amazingg but soo expensive 😛
    love joee

  65. imcreepin Says:


    anyways whats with joes shoes. come on babe lets not take the road that kevin has decided to venture on with his MAN HEELS. gosh i love kevin sooo much but i hatee his heels. and thefact that they never match what he’s wearing. i love ya and all joe but the shoes gotta go.


  66. xoraeeee Says:

    Joe looks how he looked a few years ago with the face he’s making in this picture =]

  67. Vicky♥JONAS! Says:

    ♥ HIM! ♥ his shoes!

  68. JBFANA Says:


  69. heheee Says:

    lol go to
    they have jb on their homepage.
    and nick is looking quite fine if i do say so myself

    im boredddd.

  70. Delaney Says:

    I love love love ed hardy

  71. Ashley Says:

    Okay I am a HUGE fan of the Jonas Brothers but I really hate what they have become. They were never DESIGNER or FASHION guys and they have seriously changed so much. I miss the three amazing boys from New Jersey who didn’t care about the clothes or the way they looked. I honestly miss those boys… I still ❤ them though I just wish the fame didn’t get to them as much as it has. Those who who are old fans saw how they used to be and how much they have changed. Don’t deny it.

  72. kristinne Says:

    I DON’T GET IT!!!!!!
    they millionnaire, they get whatever they want, they have tons of clothes
    and yet they need to buy more???
    i understand that style changes but do you honestly need to buy a 900$ pair of pants or a 10 000$ gown that you’ll only wear once?! gosh
    Why can’t they gice some money to dying infants in africa and asia

  73. heheee Says:

    Apparently Entertainment Weekly isn’t feeling Demi Lovato’s CD very much. The site rated the CD with a “C”

    “The Camp Rock star Demi Lovato’s debut album might be an indication that today’s crop of rocker girls taking their inspiration from Ashlee Simpson rather than, say, Janis Joplin. To be fair, Don’t Forget pens with 
a pair of serviceable, guitar-driven ditties (”La La Land” and lead single ”Get Back”), but ”On the Line” (a song featuring the Jonas Brothers on which both parties apparently mistake vocal strain for passion) and ”Believe in Me” (which has platitudes that might as well have been penned by Dora the Explorer) make Simpson’s ”Pieces of Me” sound like ”Piece of My Heart.” 

    lol wow.

  74. mariana Says:

    i ve got a question, PLEASE ANSWER ME :::d
    i live in mexico and i want to know if iin the us people is racist with latin and mezxican people, do you say,,,, wow there is a latin girl, or ewww there is a latin girl?? please answer me, i just want to kknow waht you think about us in there….:D

  75. Tru Says:

    Joe looks nice….They man makes nice clothes if I think he is who I think he is…..

  76. Bea Says:

    aw, so bringing back the old looks?
    they used to wear ed hardy ALL the time
    back in 06 🙂

  77. Selena and Jonas Brothers Hater/Miley Lover 4 Life Says:

    fugly shoes!!!

  78. Yvonne Says:

    Really, it should have been Kevin that shops with a designer. He knows all thier names and is the clothes horse of the family

  79. mileyfan Says:

    joe is hot (: just like nick and kevin.

  80. nikki Says:

    ah! he’s perfect!

  81. overly how to brown in the sun Says:

    wow? so this is considered a story. he shopped. at a store. just like everyone else?
    it isn’t that big of a deal

    I couldnt agree with u more! As much as i luv the jobros especially Joe y is this news? Who cares?

  82. gfdgfd Says:

    Selena Gomez is hotter BMW, she’s nicer and has big boobs
    BTW I banged your mom hallie. She had a small pussy though.
    fuck you. selenas pretty but im sorry. shes freaking flat.
    and miley too. mostly everyone on disney.

  83. gfdgfd Says:

    he wasnt shopping for ed hardy.
    he was shopping at the christian audigier store.
    ed hardy is a different store.
    but christian audigier owns it too. lol

  84. Jackie Says:

    joe is awesome! =]

  85. molly Says:

    for people who say/hate that the Jonas Brothers have changed, can you honestly say that YOU didn’t change in the past 3 years? that you still have the same fashion? that you still have the same hairstyle? that your music taste is completely the same? that you haven’t matured at all?

    does it EVEN MATTER that he wants to dress more classy than he used to?
    um not really!

  86. Demi Rocks Says:



    Message from owner:

    What is the CS Global Sisterhood?

    It’s a sisterhood sorority that has members from all over the world. Anyone can join and Jonas Brothers fans are even more welcome. I’m Catrina and I created the sisterhood to bring Jonas loving fans from all over the world together. The sisterhood has grown immensely with girls from Kuwait, Ireland, Australia and many other countries and I just want more people to be able to experience it. These girls have really become sisters to me and I am so happy that I have them all in my lives. Usually in clubs like this the main source stays out of the loop but I am always around. I will never ignore anyone.

    I know what it’s like to be a young girl and have all those adolescence problems. Although I am only nineteen I have been through a lot in my life and instead of hiding it I want to share with people so they know that they are not the only ones going through this. I want to dedicate myself to helping others, especially young girls going through their teen years. I’m like the big sister you’ve always wanted and I will never judge you. It’s awesome though because you get to talk about what you like best and you are constantly updated on all news concerning Demi, Selena, Miley, JONAS BROTHERS and you get to talk about anything you have on your mind.

    Over 200 girls have already joined and they love it!

    Like I said all are welcomed to join.

    How to join

    Email me at with the following:

    Full Name

    Birthday (Month/Day/Year)

    Email address

    I love you all and thank you so much for your interest.



  87. Mrs joe jonas Says:

    I ❤ him he’s so cute

  88. Mrs. Joe Jonas Says:

    Joe is totaly mine. We are gonna get married, we are ment to be!

  89. JBFANA Says:

    wow hes hot

  90. Yvonne Says:


  91. ashlee Says:

    lol not if i get kevin 1st!!! jk i think he’s sooooo hot

  92. bob Says:

    ok “Mrs. Joe Jonas” dream on. joe probably doesnt want someone whos totally obsessed with him.. he probably doesnt want to marry someone who will cry everytime they see him.. just saying.

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