Taylor Momsen HOBO CHIC

Taylor Momsen hobo chic on GG set. Looks like she’s running away!

39 Responses to “Taylor Momsen HOBO CHIC”

  1. janie Says:

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  2. Sammie Says:


  3. r Says:

    EWWWWWW she looks so damn ugly what is wrong with her and what the heck is she doing u physco girl

  4. :D Says:

    omg i LOVE her jacket, does anyone know where i can get one like that???

  5. LEAHHH Says:

    WHAT IN THE WORLD IS SHE WEARING??? she look like a freaking nun

  6. nessaisawhore07 Says:

    dont like it, i like the boots though but the rest sucks! man rich ppl dont know how to dress!!!!!

  7. HeavenJonas Says:

    Eh, I think Taylor looks wayyyyy too old to be 15. I’ve seen her other pictures and I was like, “No way is she 15.”
    She puts on too much make-up…
    I have to say that she really is pretty though.
    I love her hair and everything. Just, reduce the dark make-up.
    P.S. The outfit she’s wearing here… looks… Weird. :]

    xx. HeavenJonas.

  8. nessaisawhore07 Says:

    yay my icon!!!

  9. :P Says:

    she’s alright!

    ps: this got nothing to do with this: but the wizards of waverly place episode graphic novel is online on disney XD! videos! under what’s hot! the full episode before it airs! it is actually pretty good and interesting!


  10. Carolina Says:

    I hate her
    Miley and her are the only celebs I hate because I am always possitive with them
    but these two agggh I can’t stand them

  11. sally Says:


  12. Natx3' Says:

    Shes not running away. Well Jenny Humphrey is moving to Waverly Acedemy thats how the it girl books start! So now their going to have a show based on “The IT Girl” books! Ah im so excited I have all the books and am waiting for the 7th one to come out next month! The only part that bothers me is that Taylor does not fit the description of Jenney Humphrey at all. The book describes Jenny as a short big boobed brunette with curly hair. Which Taylor is the opposite of.

  13. btw Says:

    how is hobo chic
    who is this chick?

  14. miranda ;] Says:

    she is so gorgeous!
    i don’t know what al of you are talking about!
    she definitely doesn’t look 15, though

  15. sally Says:

    shes 15? wow. i thought she was in her 20s.

  16. Tori Says:

    Looks like a modern day Sound Of Music. How do you solve a problem like Maria, or in this case Taylor? Someone get the poor girl a stylist!

  17. WOOT Says:

    likee seriously
    who is she?



  19. =]]] Says:

    watt in the world is she wearing?????

  20. mmm Says:

    its speciel and i like her sweater.

    omg i ´cant belive shes -93 like me!!

  21. Sel Says:

    guys, i think shes filming gossip girl. which means that she probably didn’t pick out that outfit. and i think she looks wicked ;D

  22. Nikki Says:

    she’s FILMING gossip girl, she’s ACTING. Duh retards

  23. alittlebitlonger Says:

    she’s FILMING gossip girl, she’s ACTING. Duh retards

    Uhh actually she was on her way to set
    and who says retard anymore

  24. cheygirll Says:

    why do you guys judge her on what she wears?
    im pretty sure not EVERYTHING in your closet is cute.
    & if you say she wears to much makeup- then your also saying demi lovato does too.

    mind your own business, stop judging her.

    she’s friggen adorable.

  25. Wooahhh,It'sKelsey! Says:

    she’s super pretty but when i found out she was 15 i was lyke wtf!?
    she looks 23.

  26. platinum byotch Says:

    ok like she must bleach her hair, because in the begining of Gossip Girl her hair was a darker shade of light blonde, then it was a light blonde when the strike ended, now its platinum blonde. But anyways Taylor is a sexy bitch and I love her to death, she looks so amazingly hot in this picture. Love the Sweater.

  27. Rara Says:

    Don’t like herr…ever since I found out she was only 15 and dressed like that!! Eww

  28. hello (: Says:

    i absolutely LOVE her outfit. it’s cute. 🙂

  29. Jackie Says:

    hmm… she looks better than she has in past pictures.

  30. heheee (RAY CLAN) Says:

    lol did you guys even read the article?
    “Taylor Momsen hobo chic on GG set.”
    ON the set.
    she was FILMING.
    im not a fan of her cuz i dont watch gossip girl.
    but yeah.
    && i agree she does not look 15.

  31. Aleeexxxa Says:

    she’s like, insanely cool.

  32. Jewels Says:

    this is bull! You guys ruin the future episodes!!!!! You guys suck!!!!!

  33. lyn Says:

    ummm…no. that outfit is horrendous

  34. whatev Says:

    she made that outfit work, like damnnn,
    now there’s a fashionista right there.

  35. Unknown Says:

    she DOES look like a hobo.

  36. asdasd Says:

    weird, but idk, she looks cool,…xD

  37. Miley Fan For Lifee!! Says:

    she’s like, insanely cool.

    Whats so cool about her?
    Shes ugly, and fake and she goes to my school and shes such a slut aand she has no friends.

  38. Lalaland Says:

    the sweater jacket this looks kinda big, but i like how her arm is like tight… you know

  39. BoO ThAt FReAk Says:

    She actually looks like a hobo

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