Taylor Momsen IMG MODEL SHOT New

Taylor Momsen new IMG model test shot. Slightly older ones under.

92 Responses to “Taylor Momsen IMG MODEL SHOT New”

  1. disneystars14 Says:


  2. natalieeee Says:

    she needs to get over herself. shes like what 5 years old acting like shes 59

  3. disneystars14 Says:


  4. natalieeee Says:

    ^ thatss greettt

  5. Olivia Says:

    how old is she like 30?

  6. disneystars14 Says:

    She looks DEAD! lol

  7. stef Says:

    woww really? this is TAYLOR MOMSEN.
    not miley…sorry

  8. L Says:

    taylor momsen looks like a hobo in some of these… nothing against hobos but seriously.

  9. haa. Says:

    she looks..
    yeah son.

  10. ~JoJo~ Says:

    i love the pictures
    but i hate to say this but
    shes a slut
    and she acts way to old for her age.
    people say Miley does that but Taylor on the other hand does
    people bash Miley about it and Taylor is
    younger i know Taylor doesn’t want to be a role model but hey
    at least she should respect herself

  11. haa. Says:

    taylor momsen looks like a hobo in some of these… nothing against hobos but seriously.

    she does.
    nvm. she doesnt look dark.
    she looks hobolike.

  12. L Says:

    she also looks like she’s a b**ch. like, “wtf? i’m so much cooler then you… i’m so much hotter… oh? my fans? oh they’re not important. i do gossip girl! yay gossip girl!” uhhhhh. i mean i like her but i think she is TOO involved with her character. her character and herself should be two TOTALLY different people.

  13. :)) Says:

    second and third…
    not cute.
    others are great though!

  14. sharooon Says:

    i think she looks really gorgeous and pretty(:

  15. susy Says:

    is she seriously 15?

  16. rofl Says:

    for some reason, i feel that if i met her at school she would tell me “my name’s taylor and i play jenny on gossip girl”

  17. Julie Says:

    Look a zombie!!
    oh no wait it’s Taylor momsen..

    she was beautiful now she looks half dead

  18. jessica Says:

    yes she really is 15.

  19. Beauty Says:

    she looks like she’s on drugs or drunk

  20. Christina Says:

    i think she’s fabulous and i think these pictures are great. if you see her in her normal clothes she always wears dark things so she’s just expressing herself. these are good photos of her.

  21. seeeds Says:


  22. Ashbash Says:

    i think she looks rly pretty actually

  23. cheygirll Says:

    ..i posted this on youtube months ago…

  24. heheee (RAY CLAN) Says:

    well she used to be adorable.
    now she looks like 30.
    and she does look hobolike in these pics.
    anorexic hobo like zombies.
    not hating on her.
    i have nothing against her.
    just saying

  25. KiDD. Says:


  26. ... Says:

    she looks dirty.
    and pissed off.
    and like shes thirty years old.

  27. thebonedance Says:

    She looks like she’s starving.

  28. Kayley((: Says:

    shes trying to be sexy, but its just not happening …. haha ((:

  29. aly Says:

    WELL,I think she is a good model. I don’t watch Gossip Girl so I dont know how her acting is.

  30. sarahjane Says:

    she was pretty. But she seriously looks like there is something wrong with her like she is on drugs or she has an eating disorder. And no one says anything, someone in her life needs to step up and tell her to clean it up.. isnt she like a teenager? she looks like a thirty something trying to be act like a teenager, and shes losing that battle.

  31. KIRBS Says:

    I’m flabbergasted that she is younger than me.

  32. issa Says:

    she looks awful now. way to much make up and ugly hair cut. honestly she has the same face in every picture

  33. seng. Says:

    woww really? this is TAYLOR MOMSEN.
    not miley…sorry

    why did you say ‘not miley”

    wow taylors GORGEEE(:

  34. margoo Says:

    Soo pretty
    i love the first one
    and teh second last one.
    man i wish i was a model

  35. mo. Says:

    until reading everyone else’s comments,
    i had no idea who taylor momsen was!
    (i’ve never watched gossip girl. it looks stupid and i’m really not into the scandal-drama-everybody has sex all the time shows. at least according to the commercials, anyway)
    but i’ve seen pictures of her and i’ve always thought that she was 20+ years old!
    i’m seriously shocked right now to find that she’s my age.

  36. amanda Says:

    taylor is gorgeous…..even if she does look older than she is.

  37. jonasbrothersluvverrr Says:

    sheess a bitch,,,but a pretty one(: lol

  38. Anonymous Says:

    but pretty.
    im not calling her a whore because of these pics
    cause these pics are so artistic
    but her “party” pics
    just screams whore.
    kissing girls when your like 12
    for fun and beer and crap?
    get over yourself.


    I ❤ herr!

  40. Stephanie Says:

    in a magazine it said nick jonas thought she was really cute.

  41. heheee (RAY CLAN) Says:

    ^^ haha funny but random jb video

  42. heheee (RAY CLAN) Says:


    Selena Gomez is unusually camera shy as she goes through airport security and then departs from LAX with her mother and stepfather on Saturday night.

    The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place listened to her iPod while she rushed through the airport and tried to avoid photographers as much as possible.

    Selena traveled to New York for an appearance on The View, on Monday, September 29th. American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson will also be a guest on The View that day.

    ^^ pics and article

  43. youreundeniable09 Says:

    but pretty.
    im not calling her a whore because of these pics
    cause these pics are so artistic
    but her “party” pics
    just screams whore.
    kissing girls when your like 12
    for fun and beer and crap?
    get over yourself.
    these are pics i want to see! haha where are they?!?!

    i REALLY hate her new hair.

  44. selena Says:

    who is this girl?

  45. CiRCLECiRLCE;D0TD0T Says:

    very artistic. i like itt. she looks gorgeous.
    and she’s actually 15. she’s from gossip girl. does anyone on this website like stars OUTSIDE of disney? jeez.

  46. Jordynn Says:

    OMG she looks like a total Bitch in the second to last one

  47. kayy Says:

    she’s a freaken model!
    ofcourse she’ll have to appear older than she really is!
    if you haven’t noticed, teenages these days ALL pretty much act and dress much older than their age.

  48. kayy Says:

    BTW, do NOT compare her to MILEY CYRUS
    Taylor will always be taken more seriously both as an actor and model than Miley Cyrus because Taylor is NOT on a TV show that is targeted towards 10 year olds.

  49. Caroline Says:

    you guys are total bitches

    she modeling like models model, thas what they do they dont go around holding teddy bears, shes modeling cause its her carrer

    ofcours she looks like shes older than she is its the mkae up their required to

    shes gorgeous and a flawless model

  50. fantasderful Says:

    shes not a very good model

  51. Ay Ray Ray Says:

    I don’t hate her or anything, but she looks like a twenty year old coked-up baby spice from the spice girls.

    I’m fifteen and I don’t even wear that much make-up.

  52. taylor Says:

    i actually like these pictures
    alot !

  53. Marissa Says:

    “She’s like 5 years old and she’s acting like she’s 59.”

    59. I’m pretty sure people who are actually 59 years old don’t have a stereotype of how they specially act.

    Or was this your attempt at being sarcastic?

    Taylor is gorgeous, and obviously she has something that IMG likes, otherwise they wouldn’t have wasted their time signing her.

    Perhaps you should get over yourself. Hm?

  54. pro miley jonas demi anti selena Says:

    she looks like a model with a lot of addictions to drugs and such
    it looks terrible isnt she only like 15???
    ever since she got that new haircut shes been doing these weird photoshoots

  55. pro miley jonas demi anti selena Says:

    is she on drugs in the third pic

  56. ashleyyyy Says:

    STFU HATERS! if you have never met her or the rest of the gossip girl cast, you don’t know anything. she is so sweet. HER NEW LOOK IS FOR HER CHARACTER! so stop saying she looks like a crack whore. her character is undergoing a change this season.

  57. katie Says:

    i cannot believe this girl is only 15,
    i thought she was like in her late 20’s
    it’s sad that you can’t even tell someones age now a days.

  58. emmerz Says:

    she looks pretty

  59. ppp Says:

    the pictures are awesome!

  60. =]]] Says:

    shes so pretty
    cant wait to watch the new episode tonite :]

  61. mmm Says:

    well she looks older than she really is , but see looks like a model in those pictures. =) gg tonight!

  62. sheils Says:

    she looks old for her age ugh

  63. hateselena Says:

    she used to be so much prettier with her long hairrr

  64. tyjhnnyc Says:

    thats what i thought 🙂

  65. Hi there Says:

    wow she looks so much older. it’s gunna suck when shes in her 30’s and 40’s

  66. demi&MILEY!foreva Says:

    She looks like a good model…….. BUT SHE LOOKS WAYYYY TOOOO OLD FOR HER AGE

  67. janie Says:

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  68. Shawnee Says:

    WOW. You teenyboppers really don’t understand anything about true beauty. It’s all about superficial, glossy teen magazine beauty with you people. To some people, these shots are beautiful, artistic; Taylor looks radiant in every one of them.

  69. KDFJ Says:


  70. eworpwi Says:

    well, i like her better as an actress, but she is super beautiful.

  71. Kai Says:

    She is gorgeous! She is a great actress and model!

  72. xoraeeee Says:

    how old is she like 30?


  73. GG Says:

    The photography is beautiful and the shots are amazing
    but does anyone agree with me that she looks far too thin – especially her legs in the 1st and 3rd ones?

  74. Sel Says:

    shes really pretty, but yeah she is veryyy skinny. i really hope that they force her to put on weight. shes still frickin awesome though x]

  75. Rara Says:

    I think Miley acts more like a 15 year old stupid Taylor Momsen.

  76. EXPOSED Says:

    Rara Says:

    September 30, 2008 at 1:13 am
    I think Miley acts more like a 15 year old stupid Taylor Momsen


    I think Miley acts like a spoiled slutty 15 year old too.

  77. BERTY Says:

    She is so prettyyyy<3

  78. Jackie Says:

    one of those dresses looks like a trash bag.

  79. oliviaaa Says:

    wow obviously nobody on this site understands the concept of modeling.
    i think she’s verrrry photogenic and i think these pictures are beautiful and creative 🙂

  80. fro yo Says:

    she’s very pretty and seems so real.
    i also respect the fact that she’s not taking the disney route. she’ll def be taken more seriously this way. i gaurantee that when selena and miley have burned out taylor will still be around.

    and its awesome she doesn’t feel the need to play up the “innocent act” and just acts like a normal teenager.

    love her!

  81. Gossip Girl Says:

    finally a post on someone non-disney related!
    she looks gorgeous in the pics!
    even everyone’s current favorite teen actress Selena has nothing on Taylor

  82. lyn Says:

    i’m sorry but… i don’t get why she’s a model. don’t get me wrong, i think she’s pretty but her face is the same in every picture

  83. whatev Says:

    she is hella pretty.

  84. ha Says:

    She looks lyk courtney love

  85. LALA :) Says:

    she kinda looks anorexic. <<<– MY OPINION :]

  86. Cats Don't Leave Messages On Your Answering Machine Says:

    What’s she wearing?
    A trash bag?
    And ew, she looks like a little anorexic kid.
    Slutty bitch needs help.

  87. Asya Says:

    Someone has to get to the girl a sandwich

  88. me Says:

    she’s pretty and a good model. but people say she’s a bitch. and she dresses too old for her age. she makes miley look decent.

  89. M;) Says:

    why are people hating on her?
    she looks gorgeous xx

  90. Old Ave Says:


  91. deda Says:

    i think shes gorgeous
    models are supposed to look like this their not supposed to look happy their supposed to look serious

  92. retryt Says:

    idk her, but the first one makes me want to puke. shessss wayyyyyy too skinny! gorgeous tho!!

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