Taylor Momsen Rides The Subway

Video of Gossip Girl starsTaylor Momsen and Connor Paolo riding the Subway with High School Musical 3 dancer Max Ehrich. Pictures with TayMom under. Max said he’s not gay and Connor does have a girlfriend.

27 Responses to “Taylor Momsen Rides The Subway”

  1. Barbie Says:

    She’s so pretty

  2. pro miley jonas demi anti selena Says:

    omg im second
    im uslualy last

    ok dont yell at me
    anyway i love gossip girl


    i luveee her!

  4. heheee (RAY CLAN) Says:

    when did this get posted??
    lol im confusedddddd.

  5. heheee (RAY CLAN) Says:

    lol what was the point of that video?

  6. KiDD. Says:

    i love gossip girl she is so pretty

  7. sel Says:

    lol.. “there’s taylor;; but she has to be good cause she’s on a show”

  8. Home-Skillet-Biscuit Says:

    Wow this is a lame post

  9. LALA Says:

    ” There’s taylor but she has to be good cause she’s on a show ” HAHA that’s funny and true. well kinda. she doesn’t really have to be good cause only teens and stuff like her so they get that she’ll kiss boys and stuff. but little kids and parents look down on that so thats why miley and them must be good ahah

  10. KDDKF Says:


  11. jtyler Says:

    This is my friend’s personal video off of facebook
    im finding out if she knows about this

  12. jennifer Says:

    this looks so old

  13. Rara Says:

    Don’t like herrr

  14. BAHHMMM Says:

    these r old cuz she looks alot more normal but shes changed soo much

  15. Gossip Says:

    OMG I know max erich!!! hes sooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes with taylor momsen!?!?

  16. Sam Says:

    Max Ehrich is definitely gay. I went to came with him for years and I am 100% positive he is gay. He thinks it will hurt his new ‘career’ so he wants to keep it under wraps. He’s only 16 though. He has had girlfriends, but he’s also had relationships with guys that were top secret. One of them was my friend.

  17. Shara Says:

    I know Max too and he is gay. Is it supposed to be a secret?

  18. samantha Says:

    ahhh max in another article. so proud of him. sam and shara. hah. obviously u do not know max ehrich. i grow up with him and go to his camp and am sooooo close with him. you little bitchy girls are just starting rumors that are beyond untrue. max ehrich has a girlfriend and is the opposite of gay. he has never had any sort of contact or anything with a guy. that is gross that you are starting these rumors. go get a life. you are just jealous because he is hot and does not like you. get over yourselves.

  19. Sam Says:

    I’m a guy. Not a girl. Max likes me. He doesn’t have any problems with me. I am not jealous. I didn’t know it was supposed to be a secret. If you went to camp with us then you know he’s gay.

  20. samantha Says:

    mhm okay. im sure. want to lie some more?

  21. Darren Says:

    every website i read about him says he’s gay. guess he is.

  22. jamie Says:

    theres only one article about him and connor that is obviously not true. he is dating taylor. i know for a fact.

  23. Edwin Says:

    Well I don’t personally know max ehrich but frm google i know he has a cousin called shara. This Samantha girl here sounds (sorry) a bit of a bitch. Frankly I don’t believe you when you sed you go on his camp. Why are you getting defensive? Even if you did know him, he grew up and left you in the dirt and these other people seem to have accepted tht and make a more viable case. This Sam fellow clearly went on the camp and was hanging around with Max and you clearly didn’t then as Sam didn’t even know you existed. Sorry Samantha but let it go. Either way, he wouldn’t get with you.

  24. Who is the idiot above me? Says:

    Man, are you serious? Nothing you said makes sense. There is nothing wrong with being gay. I hope he will come out of the closet and support gay marriage and gay rights.

  25. Adrienne Says:

    Max Ehrich is definitely gay. People will put on false covers for any body.

  26. anon Says:

    so funny…everyone who knows him knows he gay…obviously its bound to get out? why does he insist on staying the closet? seen him sticking his tongue down many a guys throat at parties in LA. the kids gayer than christmas.

  27. paul iacono Says:

    hes a bi little bitch who sleeps with girls cause hes scared to come out everyone knows hes gay. he also sleeps with directors thinking it will make it famous sad sad little boy. i know cause i blew him.

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