New High School Musical 3 Promo

High School Musical 3: Senior Year hits US theaters October 24.

13 Responses to “New High School Musical 3 Promo”

  1. kay Says:




    Love this movie

    even though i haven’t seen it

    but i think it’ll be better than camp rock

    only because the actors were bad.


    amazing, i was second.. yeah!

  4. MileyCyrusASAP Admin Says:

    why are there 3 comments? there are like 150 in the other posts.

  5. Rachel Says:

    it looks over the top but i want to see it =DD

  6. nessaisawhore07 Says:

    ill watch it, but i have seen this video like 7583758935845680425 times! enough already!!!!

  7. Luv2luvjonas Says:

    please visit my friends site

  8. jessica jonas Says:

    this aired on channel 1 news on my homeroom and everyone watched the screen and after it finished everyone was quiet and im like “Akward!” lol im watching it in theaters on my b-day,halloween,with my close friend i known since 3 years old,she loves zac efron,im just watching i tcuz it seems cool and the songs are great and catchy and Ashley Tiz is in it 🙂
    i cant wait

  9. chloe Says:

    ashley tisdale is a piece of shit

    zac efron is a gay piece of shit

    vanessa hudgens is a skanky piece of shit

    corbin bleu is a stupid piece of shit

    monique coleman is an old piece of shit

    lucas graebeel is a…wait….who???

  10. me Says:

    cool i wanna see it

  11. samantha Says:

    cant wait!

  12. asl;ksldddd Says:

    uhm. hi.

  13. Trisha Says:

    Dudes, High School Musical is getting has-been. and IDK if this will be better than Camp Rock. But I say Camp Rock is still going to be better than this piece of junk!!

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