High School Musical 3 Cast Le Grand Journal

High School Musical 3 promotional tour continues with the cast making an appearance on French television show Le Grand Journal. P2 under. Thx BennyAndMariam!

30 Responses to “High School Musical 3 Cast Le Grand Journal”

  1. summer Says:


  2. Katlyn Says:


  3. summer Says:

    wait, wtj are they saying ?!

  4. Blair. Says:

    no one cares. lol

  5. h0llyw00d Says:



  6. XOXO Says:

    no a lot of ppl cares about HSM anymore, i hope the don’t make a 4th bcuz with this is enough…really…

  7. summer Says:

    i only like ash 🙂

  8. =) Says:

    i cant understand anythig they r saying

  9. salllly Says:

    the cast looks amused since they prolly dont understand half of it even thoguh its being translated to them ahah

  10. Danielleeeeeeeeeee Says:

    i love it..
    eventhough i cant understand a thing their saying.
    zac is looking cuteee<3

  11. jennywasafriendofmine Says:

    Two Years later…High schoolCOLLEGE DROPOUTS musical.

  12. heheee (RAY CLAN) Says:

    how do they understand what theyre saying!
    is there like a monitor or something or do they hear it through their earpiece
    i feel bad for people in other countries that jusst like cant hear theyre real voices and and have to watch the movie in french not knowing what the hell theyre saying when theyre singing lol

  13. Jackie Says:

    there’s gonna be like a HSM50.
    the first one wasn’t even THAT great.
    disney needs to learn when to let things die.

  14. Melanie Says:

    i bet they felt out of place there! hahaha just look at their faces they are like, i cant understand shit man! lmao

    love Zac!!!

  15. m nkj, Says:


  16. kay Says:

    weird but cool.

  17. Isabel Says:

    Zac’s gay, and modesty is not his strong point. He obviously thinks he’s the shit…he’s sadly mistaken.

  18. Blair. Says:

    its been about and hour and a half.
    status: no one still cares.

  19. sally Says:


    please go there
    its my friends site!

  20. sdf Says:

    i love their expressions
    they’re like “haha what?”

  21. {PROUD Niley Supporter} Says:

    wait, wtj are they saying ?!



  22. maddie Says:

    http://hollytauntes.com LOTS OF CELEBRITY NEWS THERE! i couldt understand a thing

  23. newyorkbaby Says:

    what a fuck they are talking about ? i couldnt understand anything

  24. disneychannelstar Says:

    Hey I’m french so i am going to translate the video 4 U ’cause you seem don’t understand x)

    Man : “A small pause, a small pause… It is not going to be simple”
    Woman : “If you want to hear them, shut up”
    Man : “Is it everyday and everywhere like that *he is talking about hysteric girls* ? … Zac ?”
    *Zac answer*
    Woman : “Nonoooo don’t say that… You shouldn’t say that *if you don’t want to make girls scream*”
    Man : “Emmanuelle *it’s a french actress*, your children had surely watch HSM, there was the 1 and the 2 which were on M6 *french channel* in france with 10 million of telespectator every diffusions”
    Emmanuelle : “I tore off the catch of my television so idk if they had watch it, but i’ll ask them… But they had to watch it”
    Man : “The 3’ll leave in cinema soon, Mouloud talk us about this”
    Mouloud : “it’s simple, if you don’t know HSM… You must know it *Girls scream* it’s a great serie which begin on a DCOM where these guys learning to sing & dance in a musical comedy. The movie make a great audience, and it continue. You can resume this movie, you know, a serie about a HS don’t give envy to be a teenager… The last series were Or too crazy or to trash because they were talking about people who drugs, drunks, with problems… *he notice some of series*
    Woman : “I never seen drug in “Helene et les garçons” *french serie*”
    Mouloud : “Yes, the episode when Cricri take cam *a drug*, it is very famous!… So HSM give envy to be teenager because we’re in a HS where everything is alright, where there are very beautiful girls & handsomes boys, everybody sing & dance, jump on walls & racks. And we want to be the most cool guy in the college… We want to be in wildcat’s team”
    Man : ” You’re very youngs, you’re so famous in all the world with HSM, you all start very very young, if we start with you Corbin, when you where 2 you did ad …”
    * Corbin answers *
    Man : “Ashley at 3…”
    * Ashey answers *
    Woman : “You sing in the white house at 12…”
    * Ashley anwers *
    * Emmanuelle talk english *
    Woman : “Do you know Emanuelle Beart ? she plays with tom cruise in Mission Impossible ?”
    *Emanuelle talk*
    *Zac talk*
    Man : “Vanessa you start at 8 in Evita…”
    *Vanessa talk*
    Man : “And your boyfriend, Zac at 11, in Gipsy”
    *Zac talk*
    Man : “Let’s see the ad”
    Woman : ” I read, Zac, is it true you’re not a good dancer ?”
    *Nessa answer*
    *Zac talk*
    *Ashley talk*
    Man : “So, you had receive a lot of awards, let see the Teen choice awards… When you got the prize, look at what it happened”
    Man : “HSM 3, the october 22nd in cinema, let’s watch the ad”


    after, the man ask the cast to sing but they won’t :S

    Ps: sorry for my english ^^

    xo- marine

  25. Emma Says:

    That’s A Good Translation!!:)
    And Yes They Have A Translation So They Can Understand!!

  26. disneychannelstar Says:

    Oups sorry ! I didn’t see the second video so, let’s translate :

    Woman :” Would you, would you … *girls screaming* You know, during the ad everygirls sing, would you be sing *she is talking at the cast* ? but you : NO! *she is talking at the girls* … Can you sing, you *at the cast* 3,4 ?
    *Zac talk*
    Woman : “Sing, you *at the girls* it will help them…”
    *girls sing*
    *Cast talk*
    Zac say that he never hear a french voice before now
    Woman : “is it like you imagine ?”
    *Zac talk*
    Man : “Corbin, do you talk french?”
    Corbin “Good evening everyone ! My name is Corbin”
    Woman : “Just a word on Zac, he did the Rolling Stones’s cover, and some people say you are the person who most makes sell… Since Leo. Dicaprio, some people say you are the most famous person in the world.. Isn’t so hard to hit ?”
    *Zac talk*
    Woman : “So, you are followed by paparazzi, how do live it ?”
    *Zac answer*
    Man : “Now, “le petit journal people” ”
    *Yann barthès talk (but not about HSM)*
    Yann Barthès : “And we finished with you, HSM, we are so jealous, today the “petit journal” take up the challenge of even happier appearance than you. We know how to jump everywhere too, we are young too, we have white teeth too, proof in our offices…”
    Man : “Thanks Zac, Thx Vanessa, Thx Corbin & Ashley for come here, you could go now !”
    Mouloud : “Wait, there is an injustice here, there is a girl who does not stop crying since the beginning… *he go next to the girl* Why do you cry? don’t cry, it is just television…” *she hug the cast*
    Others girls : “AND US ???????”
    Man : “Now, the others girls are jealous …”

    FINISH !!!

  27. disneychannelstar Says:

    Thx Emma ! And yes, they have a translation ’cause they answer 3 seconds after the question xD

  28. french girl Says:

    haha love it i’m french :p

  29. gabbie Says:

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  30. haley Says:

    omg omg omg i cant wait!!!

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