Hayden Panettiere RED LIPS, HOT Or NOT?

Bright red lipped Hayden Panettiere was out gallivanting in LA earlier this week in her signature tight white tank top and an interesting belt. +1! HOT or NOT?

38 Responses to “Hayden Panettiere RED LIPS, HOT Or NOT?”

  1. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:


  2. Debby!* Says:

    I don’t like with red lips!and i don’t like her LOL

  3. yeah. Says:

    she has like a weird body.
    like a gymnast one or something hahaha

  4. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    I Had To Do It..It’s Just So Exciting! (First) Tehehehh!
    I Love HAYDEN!
    She’s Awesome [:

  5. ladyfuckinlove Says:

    shes gorgeus an shes not an attention whore like miley i lovew hayden team hayden bitches

  6. damn Says:

    lol at the first pic

  7. madeline Says:

    yeah she look gorgeous 🙂


    i love the jonas brothers 😀

  8. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    yeah. Says:

    October 2, 2008 at 10:48 pm
    she has like a weird body.
    like a gymnast one or something hahaha

    WTF Are You Talking About?!
    She Has A Healthy Body

  9. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    i love the jonas brothers
    Random Lol

  10. Sel Says:

    shes really pretty

  11. zizou Says:

    i have the same body, and some tell me it’s wierd: it’s healthy, and she doesn’t look like all the anorexic girls on magazine covers !!!

  12. Rachelle Says:

    i have to say… not
    but i still love her.

  13. wtf was the thinking? Says:

    shes usually SOOOOOOOO stunningly gorjuzz! but she looks like trailer trash here.

    guess shes taking tips from miley cyrus

  14. Em Says:

    That is a gross outfit and the red lips don’t help it!!

  15. ashleylb Says:

    gah, shes gorgeous.

    & with milo ventimiglia.

    shes luckkkyy.
    love her.

  16. bubba Says:

    i luv the wife beater shirt. damn i love the way she sucks on the straw make johnson rise.

  17. Person(lovesselena&demi&JB&david&dylan&cole) Says:

    Lol nice picture..
    LOve Hayden she looks good

  18. sally Says:

    please go to my friends jonas fan site

  19. chicken Says:


  20. b! Says:

    maybe hot..
    but not the hair and the clothes!

  21. stephh Says:


  22. Jackie Says:

    she looks better without red lips.

  23. madeline Says:

    why does everyone have to bring miley into it.. miley is gorgeous too and this page isn’t even about her so why bring her up !!

  24. jdiaz Says:

    a little toooo red


  25. Yomomma Says:

    i love the jonas brothers


    no one gives a shit! you jonas fans are fucking annoying now go to a jonas site i mean GOSH

  26. jessica. Says:

    not bad.
    i dont mind..
    its just the first picture makes her look weird, and shes not..
    ( the way she has her straw in her mouth )

    and her pants are too big at the bottom,
    for me..

  27. name Says:

    She’s wearing tthat lipstick more & more. hehe

  28. therealmrsjonas Says:

    she will NEVER look like trailer trash! hayden has sophisticated features.

  29. lena Says:

    i love herr
    stunning, & sophistcated

  30. SM& JB` Says:


  31. lalaland Says:

    her outfit makes her look fat n short

  32. jojo Says:

    it is hot … i like red lipstick the red one , i put it. it is soooooo hot

  33. heyhi Says:

    hot. looooks really goood

  34. yoyo Says:

    whats the source for these pics? anything higher resolution?

  35. Koko;D Says:

    NOT! She is sooooooo much pretier than that.

  36. kinkos Says:

    Damn, No matter what
    She will always look hot

  37. do.hulaa Says:


  38. meee Says:

    better without.

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