High School Musical 3 CAST On La Grand Jornal

High School Musical 3 cast on La Grand Jornal. Thx ClubHSM3!

42 Responses to “High School Musical 3 CAST On La Grand Jornal”

  1. z Says:


  2. frankie.jonas.kicks.ass Says:


  3. Amanda Says:


  4. Jackie Says:


  5. amelia Says:


  6. demilovaah Says:


  7. AmyJonasLOVE Says:

    HSM (L)

  8. Pa!ge Says:


  9. reah shecklerrrr Says:

    coool (:

  10. val Says:

    it’s October 1 not 2

  11. :) Says:

    i always hate how they leave out lucas & monique

  12. youcreepin'? Says:


  13. Pa!ge Says:

    iwantitalll. want it want it, you know that i want it.
    haha — whattss chillin? i`m mad bored.

  14. LOLA Says:

    Vanessa is gorgeous!

  15. Melanie Says:


  16. Anonymous me (: Says:

    Q- Can you kiss each other please?
    I understood some parts of that interview, ishhh …
    I’m currently in french 3, so I guess french comes in handy sometimes lol.

  17. Pa!ge Says:


    and then this one…

    sorry i keep posting these. i`m kindof bored.

  18. :) Says:

    when is the relaunch happening?????

  19. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    Oh My God,
    What Happened To CORBIN?
    He Used To Be So FreakingCute! ]:
    Still LOVEHIM Though ♥
    They All Look Amazing

  20. Pa!ge Says:

    It`s getting hard to remember old oceanUP.

  21. rox Says:

    Who the hell were those WHORES?

  22. bbahahhahaha Says:

    im so sick of high school musical

  23. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    rox Says:

    October 2, 2008 at 8:07 am
    Who the hell were those WHORES?


  24. HayIsForDucks? Naw. Says:

    I think the question at 1:08 means
    What do you always have fun watching on TV
    or something like that. I have a C in french right now
    so Im not 100% sure.

  25. chanelgrl21 Says:

    can someone explain this phenomenon to me? i just don’t get it….

  26. HayIsForDucks? Naw. Says:

    The HSM cast ppl have really great chemistry
    I wish Kelsey was with them thoughhh :[[

  27. KIRBS Says:

    WTF Is with them playing that clip of those cheering fans OVER AND OVER? I wish they’d shut the hell up with that…

  28. jdiaz Says:

    when does the movie come out again?


  29. geez Says:

    wow. 2 years ago i loved these guys.

    now i am waaayyyy over HSM.

  30. heheee (RAY CLAN) Says:

    i seriously loved them.
    but now i pretty much just like the movie, and have no interest in them.
    i liked ashley the most, maybe shell gain my respect back soon, like i if she does any upcoing acting projects, othet than that, im over themmm.

  31. heheee (RAY CLAN) Says:

    i dont get this video at allllll.

  32. Vanessa Love Says:

    It’s Candice and Kelly-Kelly. They looked so pretty!

    Loved when V said zaccy! So cute!

  33. sara Says:

    hahah i understood everything
    i was born in franc eand yeah
    \ahahahah the guy and the girl
    were hliarious cause like “whats one thing that you wanted to say on tv?”
    and he sad im a big like whore but like i odnt like it
    somethin like that hahah

  34. anne-claire Says:

    HayIsForDucks? Naw. Says:

    I think the question at 1:08 means
    What do you always have fun watching on TV


    Actually it means : What did you always wanted to say on a tv show but never had the opportunity to ??
    Sorry for my english, I konw it’s pretty bad but I’m French, so ….

  35. kalyal Says:

    please go to my friends jonas brothers fan site!

  36. zizou Says:

    i speak french fluently so if you have a question i can answer it 🙂
    It’s LE GRAND JOURNAL by the way.

  37. sally Says:

    please go to my friends jonas fan site! 😉

  38. sally Says:

    oops. i didnt realize i already posted a comment here. lol. but still, please check out my friends site! 😉

  39. SM& JB` Says:

    y is keep repaetin those screming gurls?

  40. liza Says:

    hey i’m french i watched that it was amazing to see them on a french channel i love them !

  41. Marine Says:

    it was a great show !!

  42. massie Says:

    I always love Ashley Tisdale’s hair!

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