Mackenzie Rosman BUSTS OUT At Lucy’s Wedding

Mackenzie Rosman looking haggard wore an interesting ensemble to 7th Heaven costar Beverley Mitchell Aka Lucy Camden‘s wedding rehearsal in Italy. She used to be so cute..

39 Responses to “Mackenzie Rosman BUSTS OUT At Lucy’s Wedding”

  1. (: Says:

    aww she was so cute. haha

    i miss that show<3

  2. damn Says:

    She’s still pretty.
    Stop bad mouthing people and fix your site!

  3. (L) Says:

    She was soo cute as a little kid 🙂

  4. Pa!ge Says:

    what “damn” said.
    they keep talking trash, fix your damn sight oceanUP.

  5. jdiaz Says:

    she looks the same……just…..older.

  6. Sandra Says:

    wow that’s really funny.
    i think she looks like a NORMAL person!

  7. Pa!ge Says:

    changed much^ jeeze.

  8. cheygirll Says:

    what “damn” said.
    they keep talking trash, fix your damn sight oceanUP.


    i also agree with you & ‘damn’
    lol she is still gorgeous.

  9. yeah. Says:

    packin on them poundssssss.

  10. Jenna Says:

    is she pregnant???

  11. Dangaaa Says:

    wow she grew up!

  12. blah Says:

    wtf.. she’s still pretty
    sorry she’s not 10 pounds.

  13. michelle Says:

    she is pretty!
    i’m not a fan of the dress & piggytails and that bag……

  14. BERTY Says:

    She’s still pretty, OceanUP just posted a bad picture. Not everyone looks graceful when they are getting out of a car and blinking.

  15. Person(lovesselena&demi&JB&david&dylan&cole) Says:

    She grew up!!
    she looks the same but muchh older lolol

  16. =aklfjd;as Says:

    I agree with “Damn”!

    Mackenzie is still cute! I love the show 7th Heaven! It’s one of my favorites!

  17. sally Says:

    please go to my friends jonas fan site

  18. blaahah Says:




  19. :) Says:

    how old is she now?

  20. Reina (I Miss And Love Selena Quintanilla Perez) Says:

    She’s 19 now, I think. I agree with the others, this wasn’t the best picture of her. But she’s still cute, and I remember watching and loving 7th Heaven.

  21. Emily Says:

    she is still adorable.. wow oceanup you are very rude!

  22. me Says:

    OceanUp is the wannabe

  23. nessaisawhore07 Says:

    yeah she used to be cute now she looks like any other girl

  24. hayley Says:

    she got soooo big. she used to be a twiiiiggggggg. love her though.

  25. shelbie Says:

    dude she’s gotten kind of chunky.


  26. rosemary c. Says:

    she looks kinda chubby

  27. therealmrsjonas Says:

    wow SHES NOT A PLASTIC CELEBRITY. lets bag her ‘raggedness’.


  28. hannah Says:

    she still looks like 12 years old!

  29. anne Says:

    she should get a new haircut to look more mature

  30. blehh your face hoeeeeeee! Says:

    shes pretty i miss that show lol i used to look up to her!

  31. it mee!! Says:

    wow youre all haters a lot of lil girls used to love her it doesnt matter if she wasnt famous her show lasted longer than mileys!

  32. SM& JB` Says:

    no offesnese
    but umm:|

  33. bby jay. Says:

    she still looks the same.
    she is still pretty like she was when she was little.
    she might have gained a few pounds but she still is gorgeous!
    i miss 7th heaven!!!

  34. HAYYLYYY Says:

    I still thnk she looks cute! she is pretty except she could loose a few punds but i dont care it all deoen ds on how she feels

  35. ya. Says:

    ghow old is she now?

  36. j Says:

    she still looks the same.
    I think she is pretty but i hate what she is wearing.

  37. me Says:

    I guess you can’t avoid reading absurd **** on the internets every now and then.

    She’s like…totally awesome looking. You really must be on heavy drugs.

  38. whatever. Says:

    She’s still pretty.
    Stop bad mouthing people and fix your site!



  39. Larry Lawson Says:

    I think she is astonishingly beautiful. Tired lookin in this photo, for sure, but haggard, nope. What the fuck is wrong with you people who host this site? Never taken a photo when you were tired or dressed like shit? Get a clue assholes.

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