Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson looked stunning in a shiny number at the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week 2008 on Friday. +1 under!

35 Responses to “Emma Watson CHANEL STAR”

  1. amanda Says:


  2. Lilweezybaby Says:

    I used to be obsessed with chanel bahahahaha

  3. Maile (not miley) Says:

    she’s so pretty!

  4. chicken Says:

    she looks soo ugly

  5. andreaa Says:

    she’s beautiful<3
    love her.
    so classy 🙂

  6. kattwinson Says:


  7. Sammy Says:

    i love her,
    she is just how a role model for young girls should be!
    focusing on her studies as well as her career 🙂

  8. Isabel Says:

    Love her.

  9. elle Says:


  10. Carolina Says:

    Jonas Fans need to check this out :


  11. Carolina Says:

    Watch iiit jb’s fans It’s AMAZZINNG!
    I loove emma 🙂

  12. Kendra Says:

    omg i love it!
    shes so stunning!!!

  13. Emma Says:

    She looks so pretty!

  14. Cara Says:

    gorgeous<3 i`m not big on chanel stuff, whatevs.

  15. amys Says:

    woah shes gorjuzz! ashley tisdale should take note

  16. xoraeeee Says:

    She still looks like a kid to me…

  17. Person(lovesselena&demi&JB&david&dylan&cole) Says:

    Very classy!

  18. TakeABreath Says:

    she’s gorgeous..

    i wonder if she knows joe jonas loves her.. ahaha


  19. andreaa Says:

    i think if I knew joe jonas loved me id get like 10 bodyguards xD
    what did emma ever do to have a thing like that love her O_O
    seriously xD

  20. Koko;D Says:

    oh gee. i love her.
    shes a very good person, not like most of young hollywood that does drugs, gets drunk and takes half-naked pictures.

  21. nick and selena aree sick=] Says:

    i wonder if she knws joseph is crushing
    on her!?! she probably does..nd tryin to act
    kewl about it..even thought she knws she loves him!

  22. thebonedance Says:

    Haha she’s cute.

  23. nadi Says:

    i love her so much
    she is the best

  24. SM& JB` Says:

    ew she looks terrible dresses like high top designer 50 yr old

  25. chantall Says:

    i love her and her fashion and i love that fact Joe is crushing on her!
    i dont like her in these pics her hair looks flat and fake also she need to stand up straight with better posture in the second one!

  26. emmaistheshit Says:

    I used to be obsessed with chanel bahahahaha

    how do you stop being obsessed with chanel….its a classic

    i LOVE her!!! her style is impeccable!!!

  27. Ann Says:

    love her and her fashion sense are amazing. but she doesnt know how to pose and shes slouching

  28. Kaycee Says:

    no offense, but you “kids” dont know the first thing about Chanel. After doing a research paper of her whole life, i respect the label unlike other people who say “omg! I love chanel!” just b/c its expensive and celebrities wear it. you guys are really pathetic.
    “i used to be obsessed w/ chanel”—-oh please!

    And Emma Watson is ugly

  29. Tru Says:

    Emma Watson is not ugly she is beautiful! And a great actress!

  30. jenn Says:

    shes so cutee !

  31. carmeka Says:

    Emma Watson is pretty, she is not only pretty but she is a good actress and yet I am one of her fans


  32. meee Says:

    one of the REAL beautiful people in hollywood. you know the ones with little makeup, pretty faces (not from dr.’s!), and they can actually act and dress their own age.

  33. Rocio Says:


  34. :DDDDDDDD Says:

    she is pretty! I would love to work with her one day!

  35. sana Says:

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