Emma Watson was spotted looking super cute at the Giambattista Valli fashion show during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday afternoon.

36 Responses to “Emma Watson PARIS FASHION WEEK CUTIE”

  1. kay Says:

    looove her!!!

  2. โ™ฅJesseLovesJonasโ™ฅ Says:


  3. MILEYLOVE Says:

    love her on harry potter!

    not a big fan of her outfit though.

  4. sally Says:

    please check out my friends jonas fan site!

  5. yeah. Says:


  6. Pa!ge Says:

    Stunningg(: &I love her outfit.

  7. stephh Says:

    not a big fan of hers but her outfit is cute

  8. Tatiana Says:

    She wears the BEST clothes.
    Love her!

  9. kayla Says:


  10. hgk Says:

    she’s 18, and she act like a girl of 18 (i’m talking about her clothes) some girls haven’t realize jet that they have just 15 (cof cof taylor momsen, skank)

    looooooove her

  11. jdiaz Says:

    niiiice shirt.


  12. teetsz Says:

    she’s so classy.

  13. Ada Says:

    I love her outfitt!
    Love the girl
    Awesome actress, awesome persono
    No wonder lots of celeb guys are crushing over her
    & she’s pretty too

  14. name Says:

    That shirt/dress is terrible.

  15. alyssa Says:


  16. SELENAFAN Says:

    the women thats set behaind her is wearing the same shose that vanessa hudgens wore in Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party

  17. jessss* ;) Says:

    shes so pretttty.

    uhh quick question.

    WHOS CREEPIN’?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    JS BABY.

  18. lovesalldisneystars? Says:


  19. (: Says:

    i like the girl next to her shoess(:

  20. andreaa Says:

    She’s so Classy ๐Ÿ™‚
    and just gorgeous โค

  21. Person(lovesselena&demi&JB&david&dylan&cole) Says:

    Sheโ€™s so Classy
    and just gorgeous โค

    I agree very classy

  22. therealmrsjonas Says:

    she is the most STUNNING young actress around. she acts and looks her age! but i felt so bad for her after seeing her newest youtube video: she’s being mobbed by the paparazzi in paris (while shopping) and then she just SNAPS. i was like “thank God she’s so brave” – and she was so classy about it as well! Love this girl.

  23. beci Says:

    she is so goregous! but i dont like the outfit that much! @least shes age appropriate!

  24. Sadiezz Says:

    Joe Jonas has a he-uge crush on her.
    I think they’d look so cute together.

  25. mo. Says:


  26. JUST ME Says:

    i like the girl next to her shoess(:


    vanessa hudgens wore the exact same shoes in teen vogue young hollywood party
    and i like to

  27. JUST ME Says:

    the women thats set behaind her is wearing the same thoes that vanessa hudgens wore in Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party

  28. lena Says:

    she is gorgeousssss

  29. SM& JB` Says:

    the outfit looks kinda :/

  30. amanduh Says:

    her outfit is fugly

  31. -LENNAAA Says:

    she is so pretty : )

    haha i hvae the same dress as her – its marc jacobs!
    and the ladies shoes next to her are amazing.

  32. aislynn Says:

    EWWWW. She’s such a terrible actress…

  33. bubba Says:

    emma so fine i would let her suck a fart out my butt

  34. meee Says:

    i love that she doesn’t wear alot makeup, if any! natural beauty (:

  35. iROCK=] Says:

    She’s like soooo sexy .. OMG lol

  36. nopee Says:


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