Zac Efron looked dashing at the High School Musical 3: Senior Year Madrid photocall beside costars Vanessa Hudgens, Fuschia Tisdale and Corbin Bleu. +3 and videos thx to mielentuboca under!

52 Responses to “Zac Efron LOOKED THE BEST”

  1. ashleylb Says:

    hes always beautiful.

  2. melissa Says:

    love him

  3. Cara Says:

    casual but adorable(: `

  4. melissa Says:

    *not 1st!

  5. Emma Says:

    yh he so did
    vanessa luked pretty too

  6. HeyJude Says:

    he’s babyfat on his face is gone….

  7. Cara Says:

    his legs are super freakiiiingg long, lmfffao.

  8. MILEYLOVE Says:

    aww hes cute! can’t wait for this movie!

    ashley looks pretty too!

  9. Cara Says:

    he’s babyfat on his face is gone….

    well hes like twenty years ollldd lmaoo. obvi(:

  10. melissa Says:

    Zac’s hair is weird now, but cute, i think..

  11. madeline Says:

    aww he looks so cute 🙂 why did they call ashley fuschia ?? :S and i dont like what she is wear but venessa looks really nice 😀

  12. Lilweezybaby Says:

    Wow they look so gay. Like literally. Ew

  13. ohmyjemi Says:

    Zac is so HOT here
    we duhh he’s always HOT

    Blue eyed Boys rocks 😛

  14. manuella Says:


    zac come to brazil ❤

  15. manuella Says:

    i love vanessa’s dress *-*

  16. Person(lovesselena&demi&JB&david&dylan&cole) Says:

    Vanessa looks pretty
    honestly Zac does look the ebst

  17. kirstie Says:

    vanessa looks decent here. but ashley looks so fucked up

  18. First Says:

    duh~hes like soooo HOT!

  19. kay Says:

    there all look so good except ashley. Not diggin the outfit.

  20. ylime Says:

    wow ashley’s outfit…o_o”

  21. nick and selena aree sick=] Says:

    lmfao my mom thinks hes
    lmfao lmfao

  22. nessaisawhore07 Says:


  23. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    lmfao my mom thinks hes
    lmfao lmfao

    BAHAHH! HE IS! Lol

  24. Ummm Says:

    what happened to ashley and corbin. they look terribly.
    ashleys hair is dark and she has those huge curls. which is what her old hair used to look like- definitely not the best look for her.

    blonde and wavy/straight is how she should keep it.


    pooor ashley. =(
    i can admit she looks pretty bad =S
    she looked gud at the other premiere
    whoeever dresses her shud go dieeee.

  26. Krystal Says:

    Ashley Tisdale is the best out of all of them, I think her outfit looks wrong though. Vagina Flasher is EW, gross like always, along with her boyfriend.


  27. nessaisawhore07 Says:

    Vanessa always put that face of “fuck me now baby!” lol

  28. whatever. Says:


  29. the shuk Says:

    nessaisawhore07 Says:

    October 4, 2008 at 2:05 am
    Vanessa always put that face of “fuck me now baby!” lol
    your soooooooo fucken right ie like “fuck me sooooooo hard but don’t forget to use a condom i don’t wanna look like a slut”

  30. Jess Says:

    WTH Corbin & Ashley!
    Corbin looks like a fricken pedophile like that!!

  31. april Says:

    EWWWW ASHley’s outfit looks like something a grandma would wear…BLEHHHH everyone else looks great.

  32. jamie Says:

    my god. hes georgeous.
    im in love with zac efron!

    he always looks the best:)

  33. SM& JB` Says:

    ashleys outfit is crusty
    and zac is fine as usual

  34. llialdf Says:

    They all look like shit. Zac’s gay, quit drooling little girls.

  35. abbie Says:

    I love Zac! He’s soo hot!!

  36. jessica jonas Says:

    i like vanessa dress but i dont like her shoes,zac is fine,corbin is ok and ashley is weird

  37. Faye Says:

    Dang, Vanessa’s really pretty. o.O

  38. ;) Says:

    Oh snap!
    he’s just so perfect for words!
    he’s the hottest guy on the universe!
    even hotter than the jb’s 😉
    I love you zac, you’re still my #1 !

  39. ;) Says:

    they are all lookin’ awesome !
    i love the hsm cast 😀

  40. nileyforever Says:

    he seems so guy at these premieres…
    something about his hairrr..:S

  41. miley is my hero Says:

    of course he looks the best
    hes hot as, actually its more like he’s PRETTY
    hes kinda girly looking
    but hot
    but gay
    vanessa looks good
    ashley and corbin look ugly

  42. miley is my hero Says:

    wtf is ashley wearing
    looks like she just threw random clothes together and didnt look in the mirror
    same with her makeup

  43. LALA Says:

    lol gross ashley did you 5 year old fans dress you?! vanessa looks overdressed compared to everyone else. zac always looks good!

  44. adorability Says:

    corbin looks like a weirdo. vanessa is way overdressed. poor ashley mistake and a half. zac ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. words are not enough.

  45. aaaaaaaaaa Says:

    agreed zac is the only one who looked good………..

  46. rosemary c. Says:

    no actually baby v looked the best:)

  47. rosemary c. Says:

    ok im starting to think that ashley tisdale has gain some weight

  48. Rocio Says:


  49. lala Says:

    he looks hot.

  50. sunny Says:


  51. Kiley Says:

    shut the fuck up people. [[nessaisawhore, krystal, & the shuk]]
    your so jealous of vanessa because she has guts to go out in public after the scandal and look hella gorgeous while you fucktards sit on your computer all day trash talking her. please, your probably jacking off to her picture right now, faggots.
    so shut the fuck up and stop hating.

  52. :) Says:

    luvv ur eyes!!!

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