Demetria Devonne Lovato YEARBOOK PICTURE. Thx Emily!


  1. Emma Says:

    Adorable! First!

  2. Lindz-Chan Says:

    Demi is so cute ๐Ÿ˜€



  4. yoyoy Says:


  5. whatever. Says:

    It doesn’t really look like herr.
    She changed alot.

  6. gg Says:

    aww shes so cute

  7. (: Says:

    i have madd respect for demii.

    she is my totaly idol(:

    lovee herr.

  8. lauren Says:

    aww cute
    she looks so young…maybe like 12 or something
    but she has changed a lot lol

  9. Cara is a fireman Says:

    Awe, cutie.

  10. Lilweezybaby Says:

    demi ownsssss.

  11. Yes its me(shuks got no comebacks) Says:


  12. (: Says:

    waiittt .. ‘totaly idol’ ?

    total *


  13. Shawnee Says:

    Slow news day, huh?


    Holycrap. Demi changed.

  15. katieee! Says:

    haha. shes changes so much!
    i love demi.

  16. karen Says:


  17. ๆฐดใฎ่ฝใกใ‚‹็ตต Says:

  18. mara Says:

    wat grade was this in?

  19. Cara is a fireman Says:

    i’m the bomb like tick, tick(:

  20. sally Says:

    please check out my friends’ new jonas fan site!!
    thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Karissa Says:

    shess still gorgeouss.

  22. woah Says:


  23. HotSlut Says:

    Jose Lopez

  24. casey Says:

    aww! demi is soo adorable!

  25. teeeeam jonas , demi , selena and miley Says:

    awwww ! she looked so beautiful and cute ! ๐Ÿ˜€

    still is โค

  26. prettyxfamous Says:

    hm. That’s funny. I know a Kayle Lowery!

  27. meee Says:

    aww! i love demi.<3

  28. mae` Says:

    BABYGAP xo

  29. Lollaz [[LOVES JONAS]] Says:


  30. Team MileyMandy Says:

    Once an ugly fat bitch,always a ugly fat bitch โค

  31. Chelsea Says:

    Demi looks so pretty! I like how celebrities have perfect yearbook photos.

  32. "hatred is the maddness of the heart" - LB Says:

    aw cute.

  33. surrender Says:

    shes the one on the left right ?
    lol she changed a lot

  34. surrender Says:

    Once an ugly fat bitch,always a ugly fat bitch โค

    jealous much ?
    she’s not fat, ugly, or a bitch.

  35. Sadiezz Says:


  36. selena/demi sucks/mILEY4LIFE Says:

    ewwwww can u say weird?????her and selena both looked bad

  37. DanceTheSos Says:

    she is adorable

  38. ya. Says:

    hah damn, shitty friends who are trying to sell her outtt

  39. Xohmyjonasx3 Says:

    She’s soo cute : )

  40. Wooahhh,It'sKelsey! Says:

    awe (:

  41. anonymous Says:

    Aww haha. She looks cute!
    I think you should blur or blank out the other names and pictures though…

  42. david archuleta scares the crap outta me Says:

    shes always been pretty good looking. this pic proves that.

  43. =O Says:


  44. aww Says:

    simply adorable.

  45. xoraeeee Says:

    Awww lol. She looks different like everytime I see her lol. But I love Demi!!!

  46. Gina Says:


  47. sm Says:

    demis so cuteeeeeeeee
    shes amazing!

  48. kirsten Says:

    aww she looks so cute!

  49. hi Says:

    is that guy’s name really jose lopez?
    AHAHAHAHAH that’s like, the most generic spanish name you could get

  50. Elyrina Says:

    I wonder why people made fun of her? She was sooo Pretty! Probably envious crackheads!

  51. Sophie Says:

    its so weird seeing these pictures
    in england most schools wear uniform haha
    but not many in america dooo

  52. lalala[: Says:

    awh super cute!<3
    wait i thought she said she was homeschool?

  53. jamie Says:

    i think she looks the same!
    shes so cute:)

    i love demi!

    i wonder why people made fun of her?

    they were prolly just jealous!

  54. jamie Says:

    its so weird seeing these pictures
    in england most schools wear uniform haha
    but not many in america dooo


    most times, for picture day were allowed
    to dress in whatever we want to!
    idk if she went to public or catholic
    school but if its catholic then you have
    to wear a uniform

  55. โ™ฅJesseLovesJonasโ™ฅ Says:

    (: Says:

    October 5, 2008 at 1:05 am
    waiittt .. โ€˜totaly idolโ€™ ?

    total *


    Demi Is AWESOME!

  56. ame Says:

    aww so cute…who knew she was gonna grow up to be soo hot lol and this was b4 she was homeschooled…ps demis not fat is call having curves bitch i bet ur a toothpick anorexic bitch no offence to anybody else XD

  57. Maile [NOT MILEY!] Says:

    its so weird seeing these pictures
    in england most schools wear uniform haha
    but not many in america dooo


    most times, for picture day were allowed
    to dress in whatever we want to!
    idk if she went to public or catholic
    school but if its catholic then you have
    to wear a uniform


    Not all catholic schools require uniform.
    I went to catholic school for 8 years and never wore one.
    We just had a dress code.
    SOME private schools have uniforms, but no all.

  58. Emma Says:

    aw she looks so young!!!!!

  59. maria Says:

    love you little brother, your the best!

  60. Charamaine Says:

    demi fricken owns! i have mad respect for her. look how chubby she used to be.. how cute. and then she crew up to a beautiful swan.

    what a cinderella story ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. sally Says:

    Please check out my friends’ JB fan site!


    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  62. meee Says:


  63. Tru Says:


  64. DemiFan4LIFE Says:

    Do you like Demi?
    If yes, awesome. If not, just click the url below. You don’t have to like Demi, just visit the site… please?

    click it ^

  65. Emily Says:

    Is that 8th grade or eleme

  66. Emily Says:

    Is that junior high or elementary school?

  67. YoMomma Says:

    you should really white out the other people’s names. (and the one girl next to demi)

    they may not want that all on the internet…

    u might get in trouble.

  68. (: Says:

    looks pretty

  69. z Says:

    if i was famous i would hunt down and kill some one if they put my school pictures out for every one in the WORLD to see!!! but demi looks adorable!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. nerrr :p Says:



    so prty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Cami Says:

    Aww, she’s so cute!

  73. nerrr :p Says:

    oh and…………

  74. DemiFan Says:

    u love demi lovato?
    if not, itโ€™s a;right, just click the link below and get out, just let the page load, and tell your friends that DO like her. Please?
    click it please?

  75. Charlotte [RED TEAM :D] Says:

    awwwwwww โค
    what grade was this?
    it could have been 7th..

  76. rora Says:

    so cute

  77. dayumm Says:

    hottttt stuffffffffffffff<3

  78. aarti :) Says:

    i love dem locato!!!!!!!! shes such a great role model, i love her style, personality, adn JB approves of ehr and thats a plus hehe

    teamSELENA+DEMI fersher ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. miley is my hero Says:

    she looks soooo cute
    i love her album its amazing
    omg i love her sooo much

  80. Anna-j Says:

    Demetera lovato ๐Ÿ™‚
    awwwww! x

  81. woaoooo Says:

    OMG! ๐Ÿ˜€
    My friend looks
    just like her!!!

  82. Jessica Says:

    wat the hell..its sounds sooo gothic

  83. um Says:

    i prefer that demi instead of the current one…

  84. Lil Miss Danger Says:

    Whoa. She used to be a chubby little girl, but in this pic she’s really pretty. I’m not trying to be mean or offend her. I’m just saying the truth.

  85. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    Aww thats cute!

  86. amelia Says:

    gosh she looks so pretty! she looks more like her older sister (dallas) here

  87. Me Says:

    omgosh how cool!!!!!!! luv her she rocks

  88. mileymandy Says:

    she was preetyy, wtf happened?

  89. ... Says:

    She is pretty, why did she get teased? ๐Ÿ˜
    She’s pretty today too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. sheba Says:

    i wonder how many ppl are gonna go facebook the names now

  91. Sneha Says:

    Demi was adorable!

  92. afton Says:

    I actually went to the same school as her ๐Ÿ™‚
    But I didn’t know or talk to her AT ALL. We just weren’t friends.
    So sadly, I have no connections. Lol

    I wish we coulda talked..
    she was very nice.

    And of course, this picture is so adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. sarahjuana loves Demi and Selena/Hates Miley Says:

    wow….she changed alot!
    for the great too!
    I love her so much she is truly gorgeous! :]

  94. joyce Says:


  95. camprockfan Says:

    shes pretty there
    shes pretty today!!!!

    miley && selna are pretty

    selena was so0o cute on barney &demi

    lol,mileys beutiful blue eyes are so0oo0oo0 nice to just look at

    anyway this is about demi…yess shes so0oo0o0o adorable!!

    she should come here to australi with jb,selena,and miley!!!

  96. camprockfan Says:

    i meant australia instead of australi!!


  97. JonasDemileySelDisney! Says:

    awh super cute!<3
    wait i thought she said she was homeschool?
    she was home-schooled
    like in 8th grade she couldnt stand getting bullied any more
    soo her and selena home-schooled together โค
    this pic is adorable btw
    how old was she like 10?

  98. JonasDemileySelDisney! Says:

    she looks so much like dallas in this pic too

  99. JonasDemileySelDisney! Says:

    omfggg on facebook
    like all the people that went to school with demi r friends with lindsay black
    on lindsay black’s facebook most of her friends r from fortworth texas,colleyville or grapevine h.s or something like that
    aww i feel bad for demi
    school for her must have been hell

  100. (:juliaa Says:

    aww, demi looks adorable! (:
    she is my idol.

    people probably bullied her
    becuase she was gorgeous,
    and is an actress.

  101. ilovedemi Says:

    ooo demi is sooo cute in that picture! i love her smile!!!! she is just gorgeus.

  102. whoah Says:

    awww she’s soo cute! she was so pretty when she was younger!

  103. demifan Says:

    aww shes sooo cute!

  104. camm Says:

    how adorable

  105. BrittneyLOVES DEMI AND SELENA Says:

    I love Demio dont hate

  106. stfu HATERZ..demi and selena are fuckin pretty Says:

    aww she luks
    soo frikken cute!
    i dont understand y people
    bullied her <=[
    must of been jealous as shitt

  107. teamDemiandSelena Says:

    why do u peple think demi is ugly and miley is pretty. miley is a fat whore. Demi is nice and sweet

  108. fuckdisney Says:

    she looks better before than she is now.

  109. Chloe Says:

    aww she looks so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Lauren Says:

    No wonder Demi used to get teased in middle school. By these pictures, I can tell that she was an adorable little girl. Those mean girls in school were probably jealous of her because she was so cute and really nice and they were probably ugly and mean and no one liked them.

  111. __kRn Says:

    ps yร– sร–y super fan de ellaa
    me encanta su musica y cร–mร– actua


  112. Lauren Says:

    At first I felt bad for Demi because mean girls in her middle school in Texas teased her so much she had to be homeschooled with Selena. Plus every guy she dated dumped her. Also, her parents argued so much they got a divorce. But now, I don’t feel bad for her anymore, I’m actually proud of the things that she’s acomplished. Demi 4 Ever!!!!!!!

  113. Lauren Says:

    Lindsey Black is a bitch. When I met her in real life up in Grand Praire, Texas she was not that nice. She was rude as hell. She was a bitch. It was the worst day of my life. When I walked up to her and said “Hey Lindsey Black, you’re that girl who plays Lexi on As The Bell Rings, can I get your autograph?” She just said “No, now go away freak”. I got so mad I was about to go off on her, but I didn’t. Also my friend Jessica told me that she met her also and told me that she also talks rude stuff about Demi Lovato. I hate Lindsey Black so much, she is so mean!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Just Cullen Says:

    Oh! I know Kayle Lowery. Is my friend, from Texas.

  115. Star Reynolds Says:

    Im actually here in 2012 yay!

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