Selena Gomez Vs. Kwame Boateng Playing Wii

Sel & Kwame playing Wii at Power of Youth event in Downtown LA.

52 Responses to “Selena Gomez Vs. Kwame Boateng Playing Wii”

  1. Hanna Says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I’m first muwwhhahahaaaaa!!!

  2. me Says:

    She’s tiny.

  3. nopee Says:

    third beeats yaww tushy

  4. MiSS KAREN Says:

    she rocks

  5. nopee Says:

    lmfao kyle massey

  6. MiSS KAREN Says:

    the youtube took too long for it to upload

  7. Brittany Says:

    haha kyle is so outrageous and funny. haha

  8. MiSS KAREN Says:

    woooooooooooooowwwwwwww she’;s having fun then she won

  9. kendra and cami xoxo Says:

    shes waayyyy too skinnyh but shes gorjuzz

  10. =) Says:

    Finallyyyyyyy, it looks like shes actually havin some fun!!!

  11. =) Says:

    is Kyle Massey talkin in the backround???? It sounds just like him

  12. SelenaLove Says:

    Yay Selena!!!!
    She is so beautiful

  13. ~lovinlife~ Says:

    kyle is saying that selena looks like Miranda
    well she kinda does they’re both pale and they have dark hair
    “u get an f for effort”lol

  14. Janica Says:


  15. DODI Says:


  16. nobodyponesnobody Says:

    lol. . glad that she won . .. lmao. . πŸ™‚
    btw. . i love her hair. . hahaha.. xDD

  17. janie Says:

    They made a hate site for my friend, Catrina Sky. Guess shes made it right?
    I mean why would someone do that? In the end it only makes u more famous.
    I know its random but I wanted an opinion.

  18. janie Says:

    And Selena does look pretty here

  19. Bob Says:

    GO SELENA!!!

  20. Natalie Says:

    That kid playing with her is from Ghana. I should kno because my whole family’s from Ghana and that name he has is one ghanain ass name. And looks likes she’s havin’ fun.

  21. dayumm Says:

    she looks like she’s having so much fun. haha

    omg i love her, she’s gorgeous.

  22. tiffy Says:

    Go selena!! πŸ˜€ you rock!!!

  23. sami Says:

    that seems so fun. love selena!

  24. stix Says:

    is Kyle Massey talkin in the backround???? It sounds just like him


    yeah, he’s calling kwame “miranda” cuz he took over her spot. she and selena were playing earlier and they didn’t bother to change the names.

  25. Kelly Says:

    Kyle Massey is very loud, obnoxious and annoying.

    But Selena looked so pretty and seem like a really cool fun person.

    I don’t know who Kwame is though.

  26. Milly Says:

    one name…KYLE MASSEY!!

    DAMN that boy has a MOUTH…LOOOOLL

    Love himm & sel β™₯


    LMFAO!!!!! I love when selena freaks out at 1:18-19

  28. Alyson Says:

    who the hell is he?
    and selena is super pretty

  29. `` Says:

    cute video, nice to see celebs acting normal.

  30. `` Says:

    cute video, nice to see celebs acting normal.

  31. :)j. Says:

    She’s so cute.<3 I love when she like spazzes, lol.

  32. hahahh Says:

    kyle massey is halarious

  33. team demi & selena. Says:

    hahahaha. i’ve played boogie before. it’s ridiculously stupid. LOL. but yah… that’s how that game makes you look like. it’s really funny. =]

  34. Person (team everyone bby) Says:


  35. katelyn Says:

    I LOVE HER! she looks like shes having fun and plus she is absolutely adorable!

  36. maddie Says: celebrity news always update

  37. laurie Says:

    i can hear kyle massey lmao
    and selena looks adorable

  38. JaZINBINX Says:


  39. sarah Says:


  40. Whatever. Says:



    Dude, chill.
    They were talking about the voice yelling at them in the background.
    He was watching them/part of the audience. We obviously know Kwame is the one dancing … If you actually watched the entire video you would’ve known who’s voice it was …

  41. caitlyn Says:

    you can def. tell kyle massey was there! lol hes so loud. πŸ˜›

  42. Wooahhh,It'sKelsey! Says:

    lol i love selβ™₯

  43. HayIsForDucks???? Naw. Says:

    Lol, “You get an F for effort!”

  44. HayIsForDucks???? Naw. Says:

    Shes really skinny! Demi said she still eats Mcdonals in her La La Land song, but Selena’s the one that really needs it!!

  45. michelle Says:

    Shes really skinny! Demi said she still eats Mcdonals in her La La Land song, but Selena’s the one that really needs it!!

    yeah cause mcdonalds is SOO healthy haha. no wonder people is north america are obese lmao.

    and lmao at kyle…hes so loud lmao. you get and f for effort lmao. and selena looked so cute.

    and how are you supposed to play that game? makes no sense

  46. Cami Says:

    Haha, love her! She’s adorable!

  47. Brendan JP Says:

    I’d fuck that.

  48. Giselle Says:

    Ya gotta love Kyle.. lol
    Selena looks like shes having fun πŸ™‚

  49. Daniela Says:

    kyle massey is so fuckking obnoxious

  50. IDK Says:

    selenas so cute πŸ™‚


    ok… that was werid

  52. Andre Cavas Says:

    Innovative and Fun System
    Talk about a deal in video games! The Wii sets the tone for the “next generation” of games without really changing their graphical output. Instead Nintendo used innovation in the controller to take the same image quality to the next level. They filled a niche with this system that many didn’t know existed. The Wii Sports game that came with the system is a lot of fun, although grows repetitive over time. I was quickly able to bring my Wii Fitness Age (a feature of the game) down below my actual age. The boxing, tennis and bowling are all excellently done. The baseball and the golf are inferior in my opinion, but they were free with the system so I won’t complain. If you can find one, pick a Wii up, even if you have any of the other next-gen systems. This will only compliment it.

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