Ashley Tisdale sashayed in a bejeweled dress at High School Musical 3: Senior Year UK Premiere outside the Empire Cinema on Tuesday. +2!

74 Responses to “Ashley Tisdale BEJEWELED HSM3 UK PREMIERE”

  1. youcreepin'? Says:


  2. youcreepin'? Says:

    she pretty

  3. beth Says:

    she is soo preety love her hair:)

  4. daddysgirl(: Says:

    i was gonna buy i dress like almost exactly like that for a bar mitzvah… but i thought it was kinda uglyy.
    but she totallllly works it out!


    In my opinion sh eruined herslef because she looke geougous before her fake tan and new hair! she looks older now!

  6. Milly Says:

    yay everyone’s coming London!!
    Jonas Brothers are coming tomorrow or tonight and their staying for a couple of days…

    Jonas Brohers + my sweet 16 tomoz = =D

  7. Emma Says:

    she looks stunning!

  8. katheerine Says:

    she looks cute. i dont like the sleeves but thats just me.

  9. meee! Says:

    close-ups are not her friend. 😛
    she looks really pretty from far away though.
    she looks much better with dark hair than she did with
    blonde hair though.

  10. daddysgirl(: Says:

    In my opinion sh eruined herslef because she looke geougous before her fake tan and new hair! she looks older now!


    umm,,, thats not a fake tan sweetie.
    she lives in cali for petes sake!
    EVERYONE is tan like that!

  11. Ally Says:

    She’s looking better lately 🙂

  12. kat Says:

    i think shes soo pretty

  13. courtney Says:

    she soo had another nose job.


    i think she used to look prettier
    but shes still gorg.

  15. =aklfjd;as Says:

    like her, not the dress.

  16. MiLeY fAn FoReVeR Says:


    she looks different with her brown hair

    and she has extensions


  17. Devlin Christie Says:

    The poor girl looks like she’s about to throw up in the first picture.

  18. xoraeeee Says:

    I’m not a HSM fan but why is the 3rd one primering in Europe before America???

  19. Kelly Says:

    what is wrong with her noseeeeeeee ? 😦
    its so ugly 😀

  20. AshelyTisdale Fan Says:

    I love Ashley she so pretty

  21. Makii Says:

    She looks so pretty !
    I saw all the cast live on news.
    Was awesome.
    The presenter joked and said that watch out for the Jonas Brothers&when he said that I was like:
    ‘WHERE ?!? WHEREEEE !?!?’

    XDXD Hahaha.

  22. maddie Says: celebrity news there!!!!!

  23. Amy Says:

    she looks so pretty 🙂

  24. selena Says:

    the dress is fine,but someone PLZ take off the ruffles,ew! and WTF! why is hsm3 coming out in all the country’s before the u.s what a freakin rip off!

  25. britt Says:

    Ashley has changed. i miss the old Ashley and whats up with all that makeup? and the way she smiles reminds me of mary-kate and Ashley Olsen
    and no offense to her, i like her nose better without the job
    now it just lookes weird.
    idk, in my opinion, shes falling apart.

  26. yay Says:

    yay london

  27. =D Says:

    THAT Dress is kidna ugly
    but shes still pretty :]

  28. COURTNEY Says:

    I went to this premiere today and it was awful the did press and then signed for people in front of the press and went inside. They were meant to sign from 530-7 and they didnt.

    Gutted annnd they got Booed

  29. chicken Says:

    shes soo ugly

  30. i heart vfc Says:

    she needs. too keep. the extensions. out
    i like her hair darker but i like the natural
    length of her hair best. whatever. she looks
    cute though. and yea why is every other
    country seeing this movie before us. not

  31. Cami Says:

    I don’t like the sleeves or whatever they are, but I like her hair and shoes. =]

  32. nessaisawhore07 Says:

    she needs. too keep. the extensions. out
    i like her hair darker but i like the natural
    length of her hair best. whatever. she looks
    cute though. and yea why is every other
    country seeing this movie before us. not


    dude chill, USA always gets everything first when it comes to
    entertainmet so i think its time for ppl in the USA to stop thinking they
    are the center of the world cuz guess what, u r not!
    Am happy it premiered first in Europe, it was a good way to start.

  33. NELENA IS REAL ..fuck nileyy Says:

    OMGGG SHES BECOMING LIKE STUTTY GAY VIRUS :: UGLYYYYY POORRR ASHLEYY ( and i bet people will not care about her after hsm3 cause honestly except picture this she didnt do any films or song(even if to me, she CANT SING JUST LIKE SLUTTY GAY VIRUS)

  34. ily Says:

    she looks amazingg in the second picturee ;]

  35. obiwan Says:

    her and blake lively do that same lame face in the first picture. its not attractive at all

  36. laura Says:


  37. taylorr=] Says:

    that is a toonnn of makeup…lol pretty girl but to much;less is more(:

  38. Diane Says:

    its bedazzled

  39. dude Says:

    I just got back from there

    from getting there at 9 this morning and now its 9pm

    but she looked so pretty and i got soooooooooooooooooo squashed!

  40. dude Says:

    and i have photos i will put a link in later

  41. wq Says:

    serious weight gain, at least she looks half way normal now.

    before she looks like some crazy lipo’d plastic .. she still kind of does. that’s what happens when you get your nose done and you are forever to look like shit. i bet she regrets it, i doubt she had a damn deviated septum anyhow.

  42. osdg Says:

    guys looking at some arse.

  43. NELENA IS REAL ..fuck nileyy Says:


  44. olivia Says:

    hoooly, she looks beautiful!

  45. V Says:


  46. Jackie Says:

    i love her new look!

  47. crw Says:

    They really dont like the uk do they?
    In zac and corbins interview they rarely even spoke.

    not being out of order, i live in the uk.

  48. Ada Says:

    I like her dress (even w/ the sleeves) & her hair & everything!
    She slightly looks a bit olderr
    she’s cool & really talented:D

  49. sdf Says:


  50. lizzie degenfelder Says:

    i REALLYYY like that dress

    she’s pretty 🙂

  51. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    She looks so gorgeous!!

  52. megan Says:

    guys, oh jeez. the girl is 23 years old. give her break, if she’s changing. nobody stays the same all the time. she looks pretty.

  53. Shay Says:

    whats up with the color contrast?

  54. dena Says:


  55. caitlyn Says:

    she looks SO pretty!

  56. Im a retarded 12 year old :] Says:

    YAY ASHLEY!!!!!!!! 😀

  57. YAYYYYY Says:

    she looks so pretty in the second one i think she should die her hairl like the tinyiest bit lighter liei it looks in the 2nd pic

  58. Kristin Says:

    i think that she’s just so gorgeous. i wish i looked like her<3

  59. samantha Says:

    she looks pretty but her nose IS HUGE! GUESS THE NOSE JOB DIDNT WORK, ASH!

  60. Tru Says:

    She looks so pretty!

  61. mariah Says:

    i love her darker hair

  62. Luciana Says:

    Awww love her.

  63. Jess Says:

    don’t sass me but she looks pregnant
    look at her face and arms

  64. Kelsey-MileyFan4Evah! Selena. Haterr Says:

    very cute dress! i love it!
    i love ashley too!
    but in that outfit of her in that pink top with the wierd skirt,she looked badd!
    and i think she looked better before she tanned!
    i like tanning outside but to go to a tanning salon thats bad!
    but she looked beautiful!

  65. emily Says:

    i love her
    totally cute!

  66. ' c' lalalalla Says:

    she’s changed alot!

    WELL.. THEY ALL DID! ,, they grow too fast.. [i know that their practically 20+ or something like that].. but.. im just not used to their “now” looks.. thats all. but i still ❤ ’em ..:D

  67. massie Says:

    She really needs to stop that lip thing she does in the first picture it looks stupid and it’s annoying.

  68. Jessica J Says:

    she would look really pretty if that sleeve thingy was off

  69. claire Says:

    she looks great apart on the first pictures and the seelves of her dress are weird … but i still find her beautiful
    that’s such a great idea they had to come in Europe ^^ i saw them in my country, the film was amazing but Vanessa looked better than Ashley …

  70. claire Says:

    i meant sleeves

  71. lollippooopp Says:

    wow she is fater than last year:s

  72. AJ Says:

    BOTOX anyone hahahahaha she looks like a fish

  73. alexa Says:

    aww i love ashley.
    but i kinda liked her blonde her a little better

    either way shes gorg 😀

  74. back :D Says:

    i love ashley!
    she rox my sox! 😀

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