Clique Girls INCREDIBLE Official Music Video

Clique Girls ‘Incredible’ music video. Do you like it?

30 Responses to “Clique Girls INCREDIBLE Official Music Video”

  1. broooookeeee. Says:


  2. katie Says:

    it’s unavailable =/

  3. maddie Says: celebrity news there!!!!!

  4. aly Says:

    uhm,I cant view it. I’ll have to go see it on Youtube.

  5. jill Says:




  7. kcgk Says:

    WTF. no.
    why do you even post about them?
    they’re horrible.

  8. courtney Says:

    there really untalented and fake.
    its kinda funny.

  9. kat Says:

    they suck
    dont post them

  10. MiLeY fAn FoReVeR Says:

    eh their pretty cool i guess

    who know if they’ll make it big?!

  11. yo Says:

    ew don’t post them!look how they dress, it screams “i’m trying to look like a rockstar!” even though it looks like they bought there clothes from TOYS R US

  12. xoraeeee Says:

    Who are they???

  13. lalala Says:

    the vid doesnt work anymore

  14. Cassie-Louise Says:

    Not a fan.

    Their cute & all, but you can totally tell their fake.

    Sorry to any fans.

  15. Shawnee Says:

    Who are they?

  16. cliquegirlzfan Says:

    gosh you don’t even know them
    i met them and they’re soooo sweet
    this music video is amazing
    let me see you sing like them
    they’re not fake

  17. cliquegirlz4ever Says:

    omg these girls are amazing! They are only 13 and 14 years old, but they can sing wayy better than tons of older singers. They might look like Hannah Montana copies, but give them a chance. They are awesome!

  18. JonasDemileySelDisney! Says:

    i like their music
    but i like peoplleee from disney the mostest:P
    i like the fact that they sing and they have their own shows

  19. Shay Says:


  20. ;) Says:

    I know the clique girlz for a long time, and well, I kinda like theyr music (:

  21. Jesse Says:

    i love the video, but they try and focus on only two
    of the girls, they hardly ever let ariel’s vocal chords
    show, lets just say there moms very controling when it
    comes to paris and destinee getting show time.

  22. ... Says:

    ew they’re such wannabes:/ dont post them anymore:)

  23. . Says:


  24. afton Says:

    Cute voices, but they’re nothing compared to Demi, Miley, or JB. Sorry girls, you came at a wrong time.

  25. kayla Says:

    i’m gonna go all simon cowell on their asses and say…that’s repulsive.

  26. jenjen Says:

    wow its actually not as horrific as i expected. I wonder what they would sound like live though!

  27. sarahjuana loves Demi and Selena/Hates Miley Says:

    mini untalented britney spears clones.
    they suck ass.
    but im not insulting britney spears.

  28. Megan♥ Says:


  29. sarah Says:

    i like them i love their song then i woke up and here without you there awesome and pretty their music rox

  30. Hannahbanana Says:

    Stop saying bad things about them, I love them. They are not wanna-be’s. They are better than Miley Cyrus, she sings like she always has got her throat stopped up. Just because they look like hannah montana, doesn’t mean ANYTHING. I can’t believe you are insulting them. What if they read this? They will be so depressed, like every one hates them.

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