High School Musical 3 BOYS & GIRLS SHOOT

High School Musical 3 girls Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and Jemma McKenzie Brown pose at the Dorchester in London on Wednesday. Who is the PRETTIEST? The boys under!

Disney is also readying a Broadway adaptation of High School Musical. Bailey Hanks, the star of Broadway’s closing Legally Blonde: The Musical, will reportedly play ‘Sharpay,‘ in the upcoming stage production.

110 Responses to “High School Musical 3 BOYS & GIRLS SHOOT”

  1. cool cat Says:


  2. maggie Says:

    jemma! shes gorgeous

  3. Push play Fan!!!!!! Says:


  4. Push play Fan!!!!!! Says:

    ya jemma!!!!

  5. BimBi Says:


  6. Hosianna Says:

    Jemma looks like Taylor Momsen and Carlson Young!

  7. Push play Fan!!!!!! Says:

    I can’t wait till hsm3

  8. Push play Fan!!!!!! Says:

    She kind of look slike mandy. (as in jonas brother’s Mandy and CJ’s Mandy!

  9. Says:

    jemma is superr pretty then vanessa then ashley

  10. mandy Says:

    Vanessa and Ash are the prettiest (=

  11. youreundeniable09 Says:

    haaa zac and corbin look SO awkward

  12. Daisyy Says:

    Jemma looks the most mature, but I must say they all look gorgeous. I can’t choose! The boys are looking quite rough though. I actually can’t believe that when HSM started out, I would have chewed off my left leg to meet them. Now i’m not so bothered haha 😀

  13. kelsey Says:

    GIRLS all pretty but id have to say: Jemma McKenzie Brown

    GUYS are their shoes matching??? but obviously zac efron i love his hair these days. back in hsm1 it was so different. but i love it now

  14. paigeeee Says:

    Jemma McKenzie Brown

  15. Push play Fan!!!!!! Says:

    BTW CJ is from the incredibly awesome band called Push Play!!!! The band also includes Steve, Nick, and Derek!!!!! Peace Love and push Play!!!

  16. melissa duh! Says:

    Che Bella!
    why does ashley do that with her face & try to LOOK all SEXY when she’s not.

    it makes her look like an injured horse.

    Jemm is pretty.
    Zac & Corbin . . . awkwadddd
    But Grown & Sexy :]

  17. natalieee Says:

    i Love jemma’s outfit vanessa and ashley look stupiddd

  18. Chelsea Says:

    Vanessa and Ashley are not vary cute at all.

    Jemma McKenzie Brown is vary cute though!

  19. Josi Says:

    Kool whos dat otha girl?

  20. ML Says:

    J B F B D B !

  21. xoxo Says:

    i love ashleys outfit

  22. lauren Says:

    vanessa is the prettyist

  23. lauren Says:

    wtf is jemma wearing

  24. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    Jemma Mckenzie is gorgeous!
    ashley and vanessa don’t look as good
    corbin and zac look ok

  25. maddie Says:

    vanessa she is gorgeous 🙂 but jemma and ashley look nice.
    I think it is funny how jemma is wearing a top from a high street shop (topshop). my mum has the top she is wearing haha

  26. Rocio Says:

    Vanessa always the most gorgeous!

  27. beth Says:

    for those who don’t know,

    jemmas 14, shes from yorkshire in england (north, about 4 hours from london) and she plays tiara gold in hsm 3 🙂

  28. maddie Says:

    the top she is wearing is only £16 from topshop in london (about $32) 😛

  29. Sarah Says:

    BTW CJ is from the incredibly awesome band called Push Play!!!! The band also includes Steve, Nick, and Derek!!!!! Peace Love and push Play!!!


    yep yep PUSH PLAY is AWESOME 😀
    i love Nick! x3

    VANESSA is the prettyist!!!

  30. fabala Says:

    jemma is prettiest

  31. courtney Says:

    since when did ashley get boobs?

  32. laura Says:

    taylor swift and joe jonas broke up!!!!!!

    go to perez

    woot woot

    that made my day!

  33. Melanie Says:

    they are all beautiful and i love their outfits but i think this new girl Jemma, she is so pretty! her face has “SUPERSTAR” written all over! lol

    Corbin needs to shave PRONTO, and Zac… oh Zac… he is just so cute with his baby face, i love him 😀

  34. Georgiee Says:

    Jemma is friends with my grandad’s next door neighbour!
    she lives in yorkshire (:
    and I have her top loll

  35. taylor Says:

    since when did ashley get boobs?


  36. Lena Says:

    the girl on the left is hte prettiest

  37. christal Says:


  38. NUPPY !!! hahahahaaha Says:

    dudee…joe and taylor broke up…why arent u posting that?

  39. "hatred is the maddness of the heart" - LB Says:

    they all look great

  40. beth Says:

    the top she is wearing is only £16 from topshop in london (about $32)



  41. jdflds Says:


  42. Kristy Says:

    they all look good except i think Corbin’s been lookin different lately i cant put my finger on it- maybe the hair idk lol its prob right in front of my face and i just cant pick it out

  43. xoraeeee Says:

    Corbin PLEASE shave and cut your hair…

  44. Makii Says:

    Vanessa and Zack look the most gorgeous XDXD.

    Yes, please Corbin, shave off that stuff on your face.

  45. skankburger Says:

    wtf is wrong with ashley tisdales face?

  46. victoria akello Says:

    where is lucas grabeel and monique coleman? i never see them in premiere.

  47. sarahjuana loves Demi and Selena/Hates Miley Says:

    I know Vanessa is the skankiest of them all.
    I think Ashley is more pretty.
    just wtf is that other wearing!?

  48. taylor Says:

    wow zac and corbin have matching shoes! 😮

  49. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    Dude r Zan and Corbin wearing the same shoes lol? awwwkkwaardd

  50. Person (team everyone bby) Says:


  51. kay Says:

    I think Vanessa is the prettiest.

  52. byyyye :D Says:

    Ashley is pretty!
    she can take weight off her arms
    it doesnt match her body..

  53. joe Says:

    Jemma is the prettiest.

  54. dena Says:

    jemma is sooo pretty!
    i think ashley looks second prettiest cause i loooove her outfit but vanessa is gorgeous too

  55. obama for yo mama!!! Says:

    the jemma girl looks like a cardboard cut-out in the first picture.

  56. sarahh Says:

    jemmma :] and corbin loooks like shiiit

  57. Says:

    love um all!

  58. Jackie Says:


  59. Ashleytsucks Says:

    I USE to love ashley but now she such a fake.
    and wats up with that weir, (fake) smile she haves….ans she is sticking her boobs out…she always does…..i dont look their but its so freaggin noticable(SP?)

  60. XoxKezxoX Says:

    i don’t like corbin’s new look…

  61. samantha Says:

    DONT EVEN KNOW WHO Jemma McKenzie Brown is!!!!

  62. caitlyn Says:

    they are all pretty! 😀

  63. 29_29 Says:

    I would say Jemma is the prettiest.

  64. VFAN Says:

    VANESSA! She is absolutely gorgeous! So is ASH! I like Jemma but i have loved V & Ash for ages! V is always the best!

    Zac looks cute!


  65. Carolinaajobrosfan(: Says:

    samantha Says:

    October 9, 2008 at 1:44 am
    DONT EVEN KNOW WHO Jemma McKenzie Brown is!!!!


    Whaattss up?
    I have a new MySpace do u have one?

  66. JB_fan Says:

    ashley tisdale looks horrible

  67. nessaisawhore07 Says:

    go Jemma!

  68. BoO ThAt FReAk Says:

    Corbin Bleu looks terrible I loved his old look

  69. Tru Says:

    I like all of them I thnk Vanessa and Jemma are the prettiest( If that is a word)……LOL….But everyone looks nice!

  70. nessaisawhore07 Says:

    Does anyone know how old is Jemma????

  71. Carolinaajobrosfan(: Says:

    miley haterr are you the miley haterr from the old oceanup?
    Becaue I love you If you are her!

  72. luigi Says:

    Jemma McKenzie Brown- she is from MI high (on CBBC in England) she was in one episode when she flies a plane.

  73. socko Says:

    omg where is monique and lucas
    i love them more

  74. TB Says:

    side note….high school musical will not be a broadway adaptation with Bailey Hanks it will be a month long run in a theater in New Jersey….

  75. sarah Says:


  76. lalaland,madi . Says:

    Ashley:terrible picture,omg.
    Vanessa:she will always look gorgeous.
    The other girl:outfit..?
    Whatever,they’re all beautiful,it’s just not there best picture.
    CORBIN LOOKS HIDEOUS.(sorry corbin:( )

  77. fds Says:

    did ashley stick some of those removable cups into her bra or something?

  78. zzzzzzzzzz.......... Says:

    since when did Ashley get boobs.that must be one heck of a push-up-bra!!

  79. dfkljhg Says:

    how u link a picture to these comments? PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!

  80. alysha Says:

    Jemma looks NOTHING like she did in the movie
    & ashley looks kinda like hilary duff;

  81. chloe Says:

    that random chick looks the best. vanessa looks retarded and ashley is just plastic

  82. tia Says:

    WTF HAPPENED TO MONIQUE COLEMAN! i almost feel bad for her and lucas since they wernt chosen to go on the promo tour and yet this random chick gets 2!

  83. ang Says:

    corbin needs to shave and cut!!
    who is that jemma girl?

  84. MARRRRRY Says:


  85. MARRRRRY Says:

    zac + corbin = true love.

  86. dfkljhg Says:


  87. dfkljhg Says:

    y is Patrick Ruegemer from Germany cologne that lives in Motril, spain not on MSN?
    I f some one has seen or herd from him please let me know call me at 832 876 3436
    He is a white male 5′11 blond hair and blue eyes and extrmely tanned
    He wears a distinct silver leaf necklace

  88. dena Says:

    hahaha i love how the new girl is the favorite
    but i think shes pretty

  89. Chloe Says:

    Corbin looks kinda scary haha…but out of the 3 girrrls i would say vanessa looks the prettiest, but I like Jemma’s outfit better 😀

  90. selenarox Says:

    corbin should really shave that THING of his face. without that it would he would look normal

  91. maddie Says:

    http://hollytauntes.com celebrity news there!!

  92. hallie Says:

    all of them have their own looks, so it really depends on what you look for in a girl… but i think vanessa is beautiful. Though all their outfits are terrible in this pick…. i dont really like the tights look.

  93. Sho.mo:] Says:

    whos that gurl on the left?

  94. Sho.mo:] Says:

    where monique and lucas?
    y dont they ever come on these things:/

  95. Sho.mo:] Says:

    zac and corbin have the same shoes:o

  96. haha Says:

    Jemma MOST DEFINITELY looks the best from all the girls. She’s got the best body (long legs, not too thin, not too fat..just perfect)

    Vanessa looks O.K. but she has such TIIINY eyes..makes her look a little ratty.

    Ashley is looking cute, but trying too hard which.

    And from the guys, Zac…he’s way too feminine, but Corbin looks old..I didn’t even recognise him.

  97. Celeste Says:

    OMG !!
    im going too meet VANESSA HUDGENS !! 😀 ❤
    shes coming too my birthdaay party ! cant wait .
    p.s ill send you pictures if you want 🙂 ❤

    Love , Cel

  98. carlayy Says:

    v is pretty while Ashley looks butt ugly with fake nose.

  99. therealmrsjonas Says:

    jemma is the prettiest! and i love corbin bleu!

  100. Alyson Says:

    Ahah Zac & Corbin look awkward
    Corbin needs to shave:|
    Jemma looks the best

    (WTF HAPPENED TO MONIQUE COLEMAN! i almost feel bad for her and lucas since they wernt chosen to go on the promo tour and yet this random chick gets 2!)

    it’s cause she lives in London lol ^^

  101. Jenna Says:

    I have the shirt that Jemma is wearing!
    Its from topshop

  102. Alyson Says:

    CORBIN looks terrible

  103. sarah Says:

    well vanessa is the prettiest
    and for the guys i think corbin is hotter

  104. liLi Says:

    i think vanessa is the prettiest.. but i like ash’s dress..
    and is corbin and zac’s shoes the same?!?!
    i dunnoooo…..

  105. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:

    They are all Good people!
    I love them [♥]

  106. juicyyyx3babee Says:

    vanessas stunningly gorgeous, as always.
    ash is cute & jemma is pretty too

  107. lalynn Says:

    OMG! Corbin there looks scarrry! 🙂

  108. kulisek Says:

    very very good

  109. kulisek Says:

    hm hm good good very very very goooooooooooood

  110. lukey346 Says:

    i think ashley looks sooo sexy and i want to fuck she hard and her boobs are sooo huge and if i was going out with her i would make her give me a boob wank with her huge boobs

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