Emma Watson was spotted at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA recently with two escorts, one of whom was a Harvard affiliate. She was looking to see a dorm room in New Quincy. A student, who had a brief chat with Emma, said she seemed ‘nice’ and ‘very American.’

Another student, said he nearly collided with one of her escorts while leaving the House, before unthinkingly saying he was on his way to class. Emma then went to visit the room of the next student she approached. He said, ‘I actually called my mom; I was so distraught. It was all I could think about for the entire morning.’

64 Responses to “Emma Watson HEADING TO HARVARD?”

  1. ayyo Says:

    OMG OMG I LOVE HER!!! i hope she comes to the US for university that would be amazing

    she is so f-ing smart and talented. def one of my biggest role models!

  2. jules Says:

    emma is adorable. and apparently pretty damn smart.

  3. Bryn Says:

    she’a amzing and very prettty!


  4. A.J Says:

    cooool πŸ™‚

  5. katie Says:

    woooop emms tayin here in the uk woooo

  6. nopee Says:


  7. reaaaaaaaaah Says:

    shes gorgeooous

  8. Jackie Says:


  9. Carolinaajobrosfan(: Says:

    I love her πŸ™‚

  10. amelia Says:

    holy crap… harvard??? wow!

  11. rachel Says:

    i love her! haha if shes looking for a college in the US she must be pretty damn smart

  12. kennedy Says:

    she is going to get ambushed on campus “holy shit, your the girl from harry potter!” ..

    i was going to try and get into harvard, but i’m thinking that’s a bit far fetched for me. darn.

  13. kdsvg Says:

    i love her! haha if shes looking for a college in the US she must be pretty damn smart

    and rich

  14. cheygirll(team everyone) Says:

    shes amazing ! :]

  15. j. Says:

    omg i’m from ma too! haha it’d be cool to be walking down the street then seeing emma there too hahaha (=

  16. ... Says:

    wow, didn’t know she was that smart.

  17. katherine Says:

    My cousin goes to Harvard!!

    and I live pretty close to it. I hope she goes there! she seems really elegant.

  18. Tru Says:

    Wow! Go Emma! That is os good! great actress and she is smart! Love Her so Much! Cannot wait until the next Harry Potter movie the books were great!

  19. Battledance against Hanson. Says:

    Superrrr talented, and smart. Jeeze. Lol (:

  20. TA Says:

    Well yea shes rich! Hello!! She starred in Harry Potter…shes a multimillionaire!

  21. Battledance against Hanson. Says:


    Oh, stfu(: & Your not with your capital letters and stretched out words?
    Haha, yeh whatever.

  22. Koko Says:

    omg shes so ugly now. 😐

  23. Blakely Says:

    i live in Ma mabey ill see her lol

  24. Aly.demifan Says:

    click my name pleaseeee?

  25. haha Says:

    Emma is gorgeous. And very very stylish. And smart. And grounded. A good role model in every way!

  26. Whatever. Says:

    Wow, she’s REALLY smart!
    I’m kind of hoping to get into an Ivy League College,
    but … eh, it’s pretty tough to get in :-/

  27. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    Shes so pretty
    and must be pretty dang

  28. jasss. Says:

    She seemed ‘very Amerian’?

    lol wtf?

  29. kat Says:

    she definatly dyes her hair

  30. dfkljhg Says:

    Please some one answer this question do u think Patrick Ruegemer is hot?

  31. Samrah. Says:


  32. taylorr=] Says:

    finally a celeb doing something good for life after “stardom” GO EMMA!!!

  33. peaceluvholly Says:

    she’s not smart, she’s rich

  34. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    she’s not smart, she’s rich


    How do u know shes not smart?? just cuz shes rich doesn’t mean shes stupid…

  35. Aleeexxxa Says:

    oh my gosssh, (:
    she’s amazing!

  36. leee Says:

    i dont like her newish blonde hair, but i do love her.

  37. amy Says:

    she’s so pretty! she must be really intelligent and hard-working to go to harvard!

  38. dfkljhg Says:

    how u link a picture to these comments? PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!

  39. yeeeaaah Says:

    AAHH! I live in Boston!! maybe i’ll be seeing her. That would be amazing.

  40. Emma Says:

    my names Emma2 (:

  41. laura Says:

    lol i’ll stick with my darling USC

  42. dfkljhg Says:

    please answer my question sum 1 ?

  43. Cami Says:

    Love her! =]

  44. typical Says:

    she is very smart, actually, for whoever said she wasn’t.

    i think it’s pretty cool that she’s considering colleges over here.
    that would be pretty cool if she came over here for schooling.

  45. dfkljhg Says:


  46. Wooahhh,It'sKelsey! Says:

    she’s awesome.

  47. kirsten Says:

    i love her.
    she’s like, naturally pretty.

  48. . Says:

    smart girl.

  49. dfkljhg Says:

    y is Patrick Ruegemer from Germany cologne that lives in Motril, spain not on MSN?
    I f some one has seen or herd from him please let me know call me at 832 876 3436
    He is a white male 5β€²11 blond hair and blue eyes and extrmely tanned
    He wears a distinct silver leaf necklace

  50. maddie Says:

    http://hollytauntes.com celebrity news there!!

  51. Charlotte Says:

    i love her!
    how come she looks so young?
    she looks a…16? 15?. ti.
    but isnt she like..18? 19?
    wow thats pretty awsome.
    a celebrity..goin’ to college!


  52. omg Says:

    wow, didn’t know she was that smart.


    yeah she is super smart, she got straight A’s through secondary school even though she was filming harry potter at the time. the girl is basically my hero

  53. abcd Says:

    good job emma!

    but wouldn’t she be mobbed by people all the time?
    which i guess sucks about being a celebrity, even if you want to get a proper education there are always people in your way. but im sure it wont stop her πŸ™‚

  54. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    wow, didn’t know she was that smart.


    yeah she is super smart, she got straight A’s through secondary school even though she was filming harry potter at the time. the girl is basically my hero


    Mine too =D

  55. Sho.mo:] Says:

    how old is she i thought she was like 15:o

  56. :) Says:

    she’s so pretty.

  57. Jess Says:


    read my series!

  58. bb Says:

    shes 18, two years older than me, but damn, shes b-u-t-ful!
    if only she goes to ucla…then shed be like 10 minutes away from me

    she does look different, granted idk if these are really recent pix, but her body has matured, i didnt think it was possible for her to get even prettier

  59. andreaaa Says:

    WOW she is gorgeous,
    and intellgent πŸ™‚
    i love her
    a great role-model fer sure.

  60. therealmrsjonas Says:

    i love her! haha if shes looking for a college in the US she must be pretty damn smart

    and rich

    bahaha i’d say that’s more precise. i love emma, she really is my role model and i think the deal with her is that .. she has def got brains but she’s more of a hard worker than, you know, pure genius.

  61. ......... Says:

    Why go to harvard when she could just go to Oxford????

  62. Anna Says:

    i hate how she’s tyring to be so american.
    and woww thats not a flattering pic 😐

  63. leah Says:

    she’s classsssy.
    but trying to be american.
    kinda lame.

  64. mariana Says:

    she looks really classy, but,well i know that youΒ΄re gonna say bad things about me, but i dont think shes so pretty like everyone says it, I think that she have nice face, thats all…

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