High School Musical 3 SOUNDTRACK LEAKED

Vanessa Hudgens Walk Away, Zac Efron Scream under! Thx crazyhsm2.

46 Responses to “High School Musical 3 SOUNDTRACK LEAKED”

  1. i am a couch Says:

    umm who cares.

  2. tia Says:

    i could care less. i hate vanessa hudgens and zac efron therefore i hate HSM.

  3. Jess Says:


    read my series!

  4. lilly Says:

    more taylor swift please.

  5. its true Says:

    the songs have gotten wayyy too mainstream. like it doesnt even sound like musical songs n e mor elike the first one. now it just sounds like something on any pop cs. vanessa kind of ruins it all.

  6. danielle Says:

    i agree with its true.

    i was expecting hsm, not a regular everyday song.

  7. anonymous Says:

    “Walk Away” is absolutely horrible.
    But I really, really like “Scream.”
    I expected it to be really bad but it’s so good.
    Way too good for HSM lol.

  8. katie Says:

    omg i love it

  9. anonymous Says:

    Okay I’m commenting again.
    I left my first comment while I was listening to “Scream.”
    I take back what I said.
    It’s not good lol.
    The beginning was good, they should have kept it a ballad like that.

  10. Lorraine Says:

    vanessa has a nasty ass voice. DISGUSTING

  11. Jessie Says:

    i love hsm but this suks

  12. Jonasbaybeh Says:

    am sorry i hate vanessa!
    doesnt mean i hate hsm
    i love ashley
    and zac efron (:
    sharpay baybehh lol

  13. Barbie Says:

    Vanessa sounds amazing!

  14. karina:] Says:

    LMAO! this movie should be interesting. :] imma go see it anywhoo!

  15. Renesmee Says:

    I LOVE the vocals on Walk Away. She’s such a great singer.

  16. KIRBS Says:

    It’s official: High School Musical has been ruined. These songs are just way too boring. HSM just isn’t entertaining anymore…

  17. kylie Says:

    I love both these songs! Vanessa sounds great in Walk Away.

  18. emily Says:

    vanessa sucks
    she can not sing!

  19. angela Says:

    walk away is ok but i totally LOVE SCREAM.

  20. :) Says:

    I don’t think they’re that bad. Not nearly as good as good as the first two HSM, but they’re alright. Give it a chance.

  21. joejonaslove Says:


    i freakin cant wait for this movie and soundtrack ! πŸ™‚
    soo stoked !
    15 more daaaayss ! πŸ™‚
    yaaaaaaaaaay !
    PARTAAY ! πŸ™‚

  22. Alyson Says:

    they failed with the third one

  23. lilly Says:

    OMG they are amazing, this film is already huge in pre-sale and its just going to get bigger. Its going to be the best out of the 3. Zac’s voice is amazing in Scream, very 80’s love it!!!!

  24. Disneys-Updates Says:

    “Walk Away” is the worst song in HSM history

  25. pwincezz Says:

    OMG this site is sooooo slow.
    Try http://bittersweet.onsugar.com/home they’re WAY Fasterand they don’t make CRAP like this and has a WAYYY CUTEr name…

  26. beci Says:

    i dont know wat u ppl were listening to cuz both those songs were SO good! i LOVE Scream and Walk Away is ok but its not Vanessa’s best but shes not that great of a singer in the first place so!

    dont get me wrong i love vanessa but shes not a great singer

  27. Felicia Says:

    i LIKE Vanessa, but that song *yuck* Scream is actually good. The first part (ballad) was awsome.

  28. Ashley Says:

    hate walk away it is soooo badd

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  30. nessaisawhore07 Says:

    Vanessa’s song is like any other song from her, her voice ruins it and is not catchy at all, HSM songs are not the same, they used to be simple and nice but “walk away” is horrible.

    Zac’s song sounds pretty nice, i wanna see him singing it in the movie, i bet ill scream! lol
    and his song is much better and catchy. I really liked it.

  31. nessaisawhore07 Says:


  32. TeamMileyMandy Says:

    i dont really like vanessa’s voice, shes like what 19 idk how old she is, but she sounds 12.

  33. JonasDemileySelDisney! Says:

    i dont wanna listen to this
    its ognna ruin the movie
    its ok if its like an album like 4 days b4 or something
    but this is from a movie

  34. juliana stern Says:

    VANESSA ROCKS! shut up fukin’ haters!

  35. kay Says:

    I thought walk away would we more of a ballad and scream is pretty good. Just give it a chance people. And Vanessa’s voice isn’t terrible as you say it is and neither is Zac’s. They’re both good singers.

  36. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    The beginning of “Scream” was really good… i didn;t really like the rest they should have kept the ballad from the beginning.. but they were good.

  37. gloriaaaaaaaaaa(: Says:

    these songs are awesome !
    vanessa’s voice is reallie good(:
    its just that slow songs are boring sometimes.

  38. macy Says:

    hsm2 : gotta go my own way
    hsm3 : walk away
    that’s weird

  39. maddie Says:

    http://hollytauntes.com lots of celeb newsss

  40. Brandon Says:

    Finally! A movie with some great music that actually fits with the theme, “High School”. Not like the 2nd, which was terrible musically. It was nothing but preteen bubblegum pop, which is not at all what is popular in high school. The first one had decent music and a good plot, but I think the 3rd will be the best. Not sure about future ones though… This movie is going to be awesome!

  41. natalie! Says:

    zac is a really good singer and is hot. i have nothing against vanessa, i dont hate her or anything.
    for the people that say that the 3rd one will suck or sucks, give it a chance cause you havent even seen it yet.

  42. Luciana Says:


  43. Kay Says:

    I really love vanessa and zac. they ROCK!

  44. Sho.mo:] Says:

    i like there acting
    but thats about it!
    & i like zacs face*drools*

  45. jennny** Says:

    they were pretty good. i think the movie will be pretty good. as for all you haters: if you dont like something, then why do you look at it all the time. ur just wasting ur time complaining about something you dont like.

  46. luis7678 Says:


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