Taylor Momsen featured in Crash Magazine thx to Taylor-Momsen!

134 Responses to “Taylor Momsen CRASH MAGAZINE CRAZY”

  1. amber Says:


  2. its meee Says:

    this is sorta creepy haha

  3. poooooop Says:

    don’t look like her.

  4. wow&&hearts Says:

    so creepy doesnt look like her at all

  5. Lena Says:

    Is it just me or has she changed a lot?

  6. angelica Says:

    hm… Interesting.

    Her eyebrows are ferocious.

  7. Brittany Says:

    ew her eyebrows!

  8. Aheudjgly Says:

    well that’s not creepy or anything..

  9. nikki Says:

    is this supposed to be “art?”

  10. DisneySucks Says:

    these photos
    are a bunch of uncreative mess
    she looks terrible
    and looks like she used dead caterpillars for
    those brows
    totally gross.

  11. Joy Says:

    i soooo agree…..eyebrows=freaky!!

  12. me Says:

    those are audrey hepburn inspired eyebrows.

    and taylor should stick with modeling. she’s good at it. hard to believe she’s 15. JUST TURNED 15.

  13. weird Says:

    wow, well thats new.

  14. She Who Konws Says:

    I think they looked really good, can’t believe i’m two years older then her!!

  15. She Who Knows Says:

    I think they looked really good, can’t believe i’m two years older then her!!

  16. Madison Says:

    this is…. interesting to say the least

  17. JILLIAN. Says:

    i dont really get the photoshoot.
    she looks scary to me

    i like her shoes thou.

  18. susy Says:

    the jonas brothers music video lovebug will premiere oct.19

  19. youreundeniable09 Says:

    thats not creepy at all…
    i hate the defined eyebrows look.

  20. E. Says:

    omg, what did they do to her eyebrows?!!!

  21. Jema Says:

    Are these photo’s…
    A. Creepy
    B. Ugly
    C. Weird
    D. Disturbing
    E. all of the above

    Your pick..
    i choose E

  22. Katie Says:

    she looks HIDEOUS!
    dear god, if you wanted her to dress up for Halloween
    then just put her in a garbage bag and let her dip her head in mud
    looks like they were heading there anyway
    poor make-up
    really suckish clothes
    and the artistic features is as poor
    as me eating dirt

  23. miranda ;] Says:

    eww what happened to her?

  24. stfu HATERZ..demi and selena are fuckin pretty Says:

    wat the fluck

  25. courtney Says:

    she not attractive in the first place.
    and to do this to her?
    its just disgusting.
    she 15?
    15 fucking years old?
    she just turned 15 and she does photoshoots like this?
    she actual has done a few questionable photoshoots.
    like srsly. its not attractive or cool
    taylor stop,

  26. Ashleyy Says:

    um if this is what you have to do to be a model then ANYONE can be a model.

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  28. Debby!* Says:

    OMG she’is ugly in theese pics!!!
    then…she’s only 15 but she looks older,at least 20 years old!…=/

  29. cassie Says:

    OMG! i really tought that she was a man with makeup! WHO IN THE HELL IS SHE!? i mean, i never heard of her before and i never saw that magizne. CREEPY………………

  30. Shania Says:


  31. christal Says:

    ugly pics if u dont agree email meat sexygirl1235@yahoo.com

  32. youreundeniable09 Says:

    OMG! i really tought that she was a man with makeup! WHO IN THE HELL IS SHE!? i mean, i never heard of her before and i never saw that magizne. CREEPY………………
    she plays Jenny on gossip girl and a few years back she played Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  33. tammy Says:

    damn i think i just threw up on my keyboard
    she is UGLY!
    reel in the make-up professionals, please!

  34. Ally Says:

    Ew, that’s horrible.
    She looked so much better last year.

  35. Anna-j Says:

    cant believe shes only 15 😐

  36. katiiie bby Says:

    i think she looks creepy in a way, but i still love it!

  37. carlye Says:

    wtfs up with her eyebrows.

  38. Cami Says:

    She looks scary! It doesn’t even look like her!

  39. natalia Says:

    nice eyebrows..

  40. Jay! Says:

    I think it’s creative!
    I really like the one with the chain behind her neck!

  41. retard girrrl Says:

    EW !
    I don’t like it

  42. Miki Says:

    me too! it doesn’t even look like her!

  43. Francheska Says:

    Wow, this is horrible. She doesn’t look beautiful, she looks creppy.

  44. wtf. Says:

    Okay… to me those poses arent modelish.
    I mean, I get where shes comming from…
    but she looks so blank, and its not very good.
    And those eyebrows ARENT fashionable.
    They are plain freaky.

  45. retard girrrl Says:

    For me, she’s not even attractive.
    These pictures are supposed to be of a model?
    I think she should keep on acting

    Because she has blue eyes doesn’t mean she is pretty…

  46. leah Says:


  47. wtb Says:

    stop posting about this ugly bitch

  48. kels Says:

    first of all, i love taylor momsen. but seriously? did they want her photoshoot to be ugly?

  49. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    Wow scary!

  50. Hosianna Says:

    look at her eyebrows! EWWW!!!!

  51. lol Says:


  52. flavia Says:

    why would she do that to her eyebrows?

  53. Jessie Says:

    what happened to her? she used to be so CUTE!
    she probably broke up with a bf and is now in the wierd funk of dying her hair black…rotflol

  54. Jessie Says:

    Are these photo’s…
    A. Creepy
    B. Ugly
    C. Weird
    D. Disturbing
    E. all of the above

    Your pick..
    i choose E


    same here my answer is E: all of the above

  55. oh wow Says:

    you guys need to understand that this is high fashion
    i bet most of you guys only dress in hollister and abercrombie, so you wouldn’t know..

  56. yes Says:

    hah true..it is high fashion
    you just have to find the beauty in it
    i don’t know how to explain it, but you have to be open to new things i guess is all i can say

  57. BLAH Says:

    she sorta looks like a man

  58. retard girrrl Says:

    yeah,its fashion.. whatever
    i don’t like it
    fashion can be pretty horrible sometimes

  59. =) Says:

    Umm o…k????

  60. maddie Says:

    http://hollytauntes.com lots of celeb newsss

  61. Christy Says:

    wow good thing she’s on a show filled with sex, drugs and all that or else this would be made into a big deal considering her age.

  62. lolatJOEFAGS Says:

    i’d fuck her mouth and cum hard on her face

  63. Jamie Says:

    I thought she was Zach Efron at first…

  64. omg Says:

    omg she looks scary in these pics

  65. Stephanie Says:

    its kind of like a 2 year old trying on her moms heels….

    seriously shes gonna be sad some day she spent her childhood dressin and actin like a horiablay dressed adult

  66. Jess Says:


    read my series

  67. EM[ily] Says:

    i luv her in gossip gurl but…..EWW!

  68. lalala Says:

    I love her she is a really good model and actor

  69. ash Says:

    shes a good model.

    i thought that was zac efron though

  70. caitlyn Says:


  71. INLOVEW/DAVID! Says:

    in the last picture i thought she looked like an oomploompa

  72. Fairchild VanWalenburg Says:

    That’s like the scariest thing I’ve seen all day…

  73. BoO ThAt FReAk Says:


    She doesn’t even look like her!
    She is SOO fugly in these pics

  74. ILOVEJB Says:


    absolute grossssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  75. mo. Says:

    that looks pretty bad…

  76. lolz Says:

    she’s pretty. stop hating, little fat biches 😀

  77. Mimz Says:

    she looks so stunning.
    this is very high high fashion and if you didnt know then fashion always go to the extreams!
    her eyebrows look gorgeous!

  78. prettyxfamous Says:

    PEOPLE!!! STOP bashing her! If you haven’t realized it yet, before her whole Gossip Girl thing started, she was a model. Models can dress up however they’re told to for a shoot!!! CHILL OUT!!

  79. Wooahhh,It'sKelsey! Says:

    woah, she looks totally different and very fierce.

  80. u need 2 noe? mileyfanxoxo Says:

    i used 2 luv her bt now eewwww

  81. Dorothy Says:

    i dont really like her any more… she’s gotten kinda ehhhh… not good

  82. MARRRRRY Says:

    shes soo pretty.
    but wtf that doesnt look like her!!

    …..but shes still gorgeous.

  83. MARRRRRY Says:

    you people are stupid.

    go buy a high fashion european magazine.

  84. M3ka Says:

    Are these photo’s…
    A. Creepy
    B. Ugly
    C. Weird
    D. Disturbing
    E. all of the above

    Your pick..
    i choose E


    same here my answer is E: all of the above
    my answer is E: all of the above

  85. Laura Says:

    Thats real cool! 🙂

  86. Julia:) Says:

    Ewe. The whole trying to be artsy thing is NOT working for her..

  87. jenna Says:

    she id trying to look like madonna

  88. jenna Says:

    she is trying to look like madonna

  89. Jackie Says:

    those are really scary.
    what did they do to her eyebrows?!

  90. ihatemileysomuch Says:

    she looks stoned

  91. mileyfan7 Says:


    the eyebrows are pretty weird and ugly.

    But without that, she looks beautiful.

  92. C Says:

    It’s called HIGH FASHION, People.
    Sometimes looking bad means looking good. And she doesn’t do her own makeup for these shoots, people do it for her, sheesh.
    Only certain people can pull it off. I think Taylor can.
    Who cares how old she is? Sure she’s 15 but it’s not like shes parading around in a bra and thongs.

  93. DKJF Says:


  94. any Says:

    seriously, wayy better then what other famous people her age are doing.

  95. p000 Says:

    i think shes going for the edie sedgwick look..
    well i think it looks cool but not all that great on her.

  96. Tru Says:

    Ok! I’m Scared….Yeah Bye I have to get off of this Page! Yeah!

  97. yooo!!!! Says:

    she doesnt know how to makae things look too over the top.
    her eyebrows look so weird.
    i just think, this kind of edgy is not her thing.
    but shes still beautiful everyday.
    i mean shes 15 and she look 21
    shes on gossip girl and she basically almost has sex.
    but she doesnt, well i hope not haha.
    shes my age.

  98. i'm me :) Says:

    i literally yelled when i saw this pick.
    whoaaa scary.
    no one’s gonna buy that cause theyre gonna be too scared to look at it.

  99. Christina Says:

    I thought she was that model Ali Michaels at first!

    Those eyebrows have got to go.

  100. milliesays Says:

    she looks like an oompa loompa in the last one

  101. disneey Says:


  102. eqh Says:

    i don’t like how she looks in the pics but that’s how real models look like nowadays so i guess is not that bad after all

  103. Sho.mo:] Says:

    not pretty at all.
    yd they make her eyebrows so thick.
    looks like joe jonas: p

  104. Isa Says:

    not pretty at all.
    yd they make her eyebrows so thick.
    looks like joe jonas: p
    hahahahahhah! that made me laugh. i love joe but his eyebrows are thick you got to admit. and yeah i don’t like these pictures

  105. hyenowwww Says:

    Well i know my Halloween costume.

  106. vickyvicks0 Says:

    love it!

  107. jane Says:

    she does not look good in that black dress, i still find it hard to believe that she is 14 years old

  108. Tina luvs her cuzin kathy Says:

    shes growing up too fast and i agree with all ya’ll ever since she was in gossip girl she changed so much like a reatrd

  109. france Says:

    she’s real pretty but i’m not diggin’ these pics

  110. abc Says:

    she looks freakin stupid.
    its not artistic…she looks the same in all of them….same pose. i cant believe thats a cover shot…
    taylor momsen….1st season i thought she looked okay…she was ok pretty….idk what happened after the 1st season of gg,….she got super ugly.

  111. nileyforever Says:

    what happened to her eyebrows?
    they look likee joes.

    shes changed

  112. Raccheel Says:

    I lovee her, but wtf is up with her eyebrows??!

    taylor? what happened to you?

  113. Shae Says:

    taylor is gorgeous…
    so I’ve got to ask…
    she looks horrible.

  114. nileyforever Says:

    holy eff!
    i didnt know that was her…

  115. ' c' lalalalla Says:

    she’s changedddd like sooooooooooooooooooo effing much!
    what happened to the beautiful, long haired, cute faced taylor?

    WHAT? , i didnt even recognize her cause of her suuppeer ‘MATURE’ look.

    what happened to her.. man.. she’s like what? 15/16? damn.

    i used to be a fan of her, but.. now.. IDK & IDC!

  116. KateRushmore Says:

    She looks like an old woman… But she still pritty!!! ;D

    xoxo, Kate Rushmore!

  117. Quyen Says:

    wow, her eye brows are scary.
    I think she’s doing things a little far ahead of her. She already looks like a 20 something year old.
    Not saying that’s bad, but she’s only 15. Act your age, and have some fun!
    The eyebrows SCARE me.
    If she didn’t have that, maybe it’d be better.

  118. lyn Says:


  119. beth Says:

    fucking weird

  120. rach Says:

    shouldn’t that be TRASH magazine.
    what. a. whore.

    and btw: she doesn’t look like 20 or something, she just acts and dresses like it, if you actually look at her, there’s too much youth in her face for people to actually believe shes at legal age.

  121. cc Says:


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