Ashley Tisdale SEVENTEEN Behind The Scenes

Ashley Tisdale posing at her Seventeen shoot. Thx JuniorCelebs!

16 Responses to “Ashley Tisdale SEVENTEEN Behind The Scenes”

  1. andi Says:


  2. Person (team everyone bby) Says:


  3. Miki Says:


  4. sarah Says:


  5. reah shecklerrrr Says:

    shes qorqeusss

  6. haygirlhay Says:

    oMgGGzzz 6tHhHh

  7. olivia Says:

    aaaaaaaaaagh, that would be amazing to be on the cover of seventeen 😀

  8. MiLeY fAn FoReVeR Says:


  9. RORA Says:

    love ashley can’t wait for hsm3

  10. maddie Says: celeb news thereeee!

  11. Melanie Says:

    people i gotta say this

    Jesus is comming soon and i think everyone should think bout this.

    If he comes today, where would u be tomorrow??

    accept him in ur heart and ull have eternal life.

    Jesus loves u!!

  12. nelena is real fuck NILEY Says:

    i wonder for who shes rooting obama or mccaiin i HOPE SHES FOR OBAMA

  13. jdiaz Says:

    that new nose is treating her well i’m assuming.

  14. Jonasbaybeh Says:

    Il ashley so much!
    she rocks and i cnt wait for hsm3 either
    i liked the outfit she wore when she has the yellow
    gloves (:

  15.] Says:


  16. Jema Says:

    Lol, i love ash, but this is funny!! ^^^^ Oceanup post!!!
    (its ashely, picture 13, and next on 14 reveals her)

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