After his deferring college enrollment in 2006, Zac Efron is ready to enroll in his Bachelors Degree in Business at the University of Southern California in early 2009. A friend spilled to Star, ‘Zac wants to earn a college degree. Despite his success as an actor, it’s one of his goals.’

27 Responses to “Zac Efron USC TROJAN”

  1. Cara, Says:

    Sweet stuff. I hope its not too much for him,
    well college kids might not know about HSM.
    So – thats chill (:

  2. sukanya Says:


    zac getting more and more sexcier day by day

  3. sim Says:


  4. sukanya Says:

    hey cara

    we replied at the same time in zac article and miley article

    add me in hotmail

  5. ressica&jilee Says:

  6. Chelsea Says:

    It’s always smart to have a college degree to fall back on

  7. laura Says:

    wtf is he doing going to my school.

    wont see him thought, different majors

  8. abbie Says:

    I love him!

  9. I love tony oller Says:

    hey I was just at USC. Lol

  10. nikki Says:

    that’s so respectable.
    i love him. <33

  11. Jessica(: Says:

    ok, he looks extremly H-O-T

  12. melissa duh! Says:

    isnt trojan a condom?

  13. thatsrightitsme Says:

    omfg when i first looked at that pic i thought he was holding gun!! lmao!!

  14. twilightlover Says:

    USC pwnes UCLA

  15. MiLeY fAn FoReVeR Says:


    HE looks so different

    from the first high school musical

  16. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    aweesomme! i love USC

  17. dum dum Says:

    when they wrote trojan on the top i thought they were talking about condoms

  18. maddie Says: celebrity news there

  19. Melly Says:

    haha cool i applied to usc..
    hopefully i’ll get accepted there 😉

  20. angela Says:

    omgsh…i might be going to USC in fall 09 lol

  21. Emma Says:
    Go hereee.
    Or click the link above me.

  22. krystiana Says:

    A star from disney is smart enough to actually want to go to college!

  23.] Says:


  24. tawniaribabe Says:

    Oh my god. i know this is a way late reply but oh my god. I heart USC!

    And, the Trojans are the USC mascots or whatever.

    A Trojan without the ‘s’ is a condom.

  25. melany Says:

    zak te amooooooooooo tengo todas tu peli pero todas en donde estas vos pwero todas estas re buenooooo jzjajajajajaja te amoooo shop mely

  26. Camilla Preen Neilsen Says:

    Halllo, Zac Efton…

    You my popstar, you give me many many thinks I can confide my.

    I have self play you in 9 class, All peoples love me.

    I have you face and boddy and you´r muscles.

    I have songs allyou music to 40 peoples and I have play you over for 40 peoples.

    I will have you´r autograph becouse you are all tinks ind my world.

    My biggest dreams is you autograph to me….

    Good Bay Zac Efron….)

  27. noga Says:

    u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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