Fake breasted Audrina Patridge sashayed into Winston’s in Hollywood the shoot The Hills on Thursday night. The buxom ‘actress/ model’ left the club looking glum. Is Aud HOT or NOT? Photo Credit: Fame Pictures.

68 Responses to “Audrina Patridge FAKE BREASTS HOT OR NOT?”

  1. ME Says:


  2. jessica. Says:

    i think she is pretty.
    but i dont think she needs fake breast for someone. thats stupid..

  3. Lollaz [LOVES JONAS] Says:


  4. Lollaz [LOVES JONAS] Says:

    not not not

  5. Lollaz [LOVES JONAS] Says:

    but she is really pretty
    but fake?

  6. katiiie bby Says:

    shes pretty.

  7. nikki Says:

    she’s gorgeous.
    her fake breasts are annoying tho.

  8. melissa duh! Says:

    she is really pretty.
    yeah i like them – – i want some just like it :]]]]]]]]]]]]]


  9. no Says:

    Not, she was pretty without them. I don’t get why people do that to themselves it’s so stupid and in most cases they looked better before plastic surgery.

  10. .....ehh Says:


  11. gracie Says:

    so not

  12. MiLeY fAn FoReVeR Says:



  13. mandy Says:

    She doesn’t look glum.. she looks happy..nice Oceanup.

    She’s pretty ! (=

  14. Kiara Loves Miley And Demi,JB(dislikeThatSelenaGirl-FakeAss Says:

    u 13 years old dont know whats pretty lol jk im 13 but still she is very pretty

  15. Mei Says:

    her fake boobs aren’t hot. fake boobs never are but i think she is pretty!!

  16. ihatemileysomuch Says:

    ew disgusting.
    she looks stoned in the last picture

  17. katie Says:

    she’s pretty,
    but her boobs arent fake
    she’s just all fake 😉

  18. yeah. Says:

    yeahh im definitely getting my boobs done when im olderr.

  19. jbluver Says:

    audrina looks great!
    omg, does anyone remember her boyfriend in the beginning of the hills? the one that didnt wash his hair? he was disgusting!

  20. Kristina Says:

    no. she has huge teeth.

  21. paigeeee Says:

    soooooo hotttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  22. Marissa Says:

    She’s pretty, but nothing much else. lol fake boobs.

  23. Bby Says:



  24. yo Says:

    ew not

  25. kaila Says:


  26. TEAM JAYLOR Says:


  27. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    Eww noott

  28. YoMOMMA Says:

    she looks high

  29. blablalba Says:

    who said theyre fake?
    celebrities always wake up one day with bigger boobs and everyone says its fake. it happened to paris and even to hilary – ever heard of push up bra?

  30. kels Says:

    she’s pretty but her boobs are totally fake.
    i saw her up close in person once and you can just tell.

  31. . Says:

    omg you guys can be so stupid. just because she has big boobs doesn’t mean that they are fake. her boobs look the same size that they have been in the last 3 years of The Hills. How about using your brain to realize everything on this website isn’t true.

  32. fdsfsd Says:

    i love audrina(:

  33. cassie Says:

    her boobs arent fake! SHES PRETTY.

  34. tia Says:

    she does, she has admitted it

  35. MariEeeE Says:

    i didnt know sh had fake boobs. i think they actually look naturally and not all round. no homo lmao

  36. :DDDDDDDD Says:

    she’s okay.
    but i want to see her acted and see if
    she is “good”.

  37. MariEeeE Says:

    she* natural*

  38. Kl Says:

    She is really pretty. She just need to pull her top up or get a bigger size.

  39. tia Says:

    u can tell that they are fake in that pic

  40. Jonasbaybeh Says:

    NOT! NOT!

    oh yeah

    and NOT!

  41. BERTY Says:

    Glum? Lol she always looks like that. That’s her face though. Her eyes are droopy. Lol. But uhm she has always had fake breasts idk why it’s just being mentioned lol

  42. ♥ Says:

    they look natural

  43. the shuk Says:

    hell yeah
    show me more

  44. maddie Says: celebrity news there

  45. Mrs. Joe Jonas Says:

    why in the world would u put up a post about looking at someones boobs?? but ne who mine r better and they ARENT FAKE! lol but no seriously and im way way younger than she is!

  46. (: Says:

    she’s gorgeous(:

  47. ESTELLE Says:

    they look kinda saggy…

  48. Wooahhh,It'sKelsey! Says:

    not hot at all.

  49. Chloeee Says:


  50. kristen Says:



  51. heidi Says:

    shes fugly. yall must be on some crack. and shes looking up in all her pictures.

  52. Terri Says:

    who cares…doesnt she want to be a playboy model anyway?

  53. Skyler Says:

    fake breasts ewwww……

  54. makenzie Says:

    those look the same to me

  55. Selina. Says:

    Is this just for gossip?
    I really can’t tell. Maybe it’s just the way she shirt
    is fitted. But Audrina Patidge is a very beautiful girl.
    And I hate to see girls who ARE naturaly beautiful,
    feel they need to go and pay thousands of dollars,
    for breats implants. I find that kinda ubsord.
    And what guy wants girls who fake breats?
    A lot actually.


  56. Anna Says:

    so not hot.
    could they be hanging out anymore 😐

  57. The real Mrs. Joe Jonas Says:


  58. Luciana Says:

    She is so pretty (:

  59.] Says:

    they might not be fake
    might jst be the top

  60. ahaha Says:

    ever heard of a push up bra?

    serously just cause her bobs look liket hatd on’t mean they are fake they would look more hard and all up on her face


  61. sunny Says:

    she has the most banging body! im mega jelous

  62. amanduh Says:


  63. bobthebuilder Says:

    thats ot fake brests dipshitttt!

  64. meesh Says:

    open your eyes! they’re clearly fake, with a certain roundness/shape of her breasts (which cannot be imitated by using a push-up bra). and if you’ve noticed, when she wears bikinis it is definately more obvious. nothing against Audrina; she’s my favourite Hill’s character. i love her to bits.

  65. Mel Says:

    i highly doubt her boobs are fake… srsly people…. you can see the difference between fake and not fake… my mother has fake tits and hers DO NOT look fake.

  66. Mel Says:

    ok so i did some research and i was wrong. she did get a boob job. BUT.. she is still kick ass

  67. creeper mccreeperson Says:

    it doesn’t matter if they’re fake. they all feel the same when you’re rubbing your dick against them.

  68. guest Says:

    she’s got scarry mis-glued porcelain-doll eyes.

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