Chace Crawford looked dapper at the Dolce & Gabbana hosted screening of ‘Filth and Wisdom‘ in New York City on Monday evening. +1 under!

24 Responses to “Chace Crawford DOLCE & GABBANA DAPPER”

  1. m nkj, Says:


  2. m nkj, Says:


  3. Ashleylb Says:


    ohhh man are you gorgeous.

  4. melani Says:

    oooohhhhh he’s beautiful!!!!!!

  5. HOMEZ HATER Says:

    gah he’s gorgeous. he’s no jonas but he’s still hot!

  6. aly brown Says:


  7. sldfklsdkf Says:


  8. thais Says:

    it’s hot

  9. B. Says:

    hottest. guy. ever.

  10. . Says:

    ahhhhhh marry me !!!!!! ❤

  11. Ashleylb Says:


    ohhh man are you gorgeous.

    this may be 2 hours later.

    but. edit..


    haha.. my bad.

  12. Mela Says:

    oh man oh man am in love! baby!!!!

  13. BERTY Says:

    So fineeeeee

  14. hello (: Says:

    He’s cute(;

  15. luigi Says:

    he is fine as hell yeah

  16. kelcey Says:


    so sexy i would love to screw him SO hard

  17. skankburger Says:


  18. I hate mandy Says:

    wow you know the jonas brothers “mandy van duyne”
    well on myspace I commented one of her pictures and said “are these modeling shots? Sorry but you don’t look like a model” and I wasn’t trying to sound rude but everyone is kissing her butt saying your sooo gorgeous
    and the picture was rather hideous

    and she wrote back “thanks” and deleted me off her myspace friends list and then blocked me!

    does that really sound rude on my part, I didn’t try to make it sounds rude?

    she is the one who isn’t even a celebrity and she thinks she is cause the jo.bro. fans know her
    she expects everyone to kiss her butt and when they don’t she throws a fit and deletes them…Im glad cj broke up with her!

  19. ♥(: Says:

    Simply Gorgeous!

  20. alex bb. Says:

    oh god fuck me now.

  21. maddie Says: CELEBRITY NEWS THERE!!

  22. Neseex Says:


  23. jax Says:

    ok tht chick ths caled i hate mandy!!! why are you tellin us abt this mandy person and ur issues…um… we dnt realy care….:)

  24. deca Says:

    wow. i think he would have been a good edward cullen.

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