Taylor Momsen flaunted her trendy glasses and pulled back hair at a New York Screening of ‘Filth and Wisdom’ on Monday night. She went from unbelievably pretty to really awkward in about a month. MORE UNDER.  Credit: Fame Pictures.

75 Responses to “Taylor Momsen FILTH AND WISDOM”

  1. yoMOMMA Says:

    snakes are sexy<3

  2. rawrrr Says:

    uhh those glasses are weird
    but everything else is a-okay

  3. sm Says:


  4. undercover? Says:


  5. yoMOMMA Says:

    AGGHH SHIT!!!!

    BOB SAGET!!!!

  6. undercover? Says:

    oh, the movie title.
    ugly outfit.

  7. sienna Says:

    ewww!! she thinks shes soooooooooooo old

    like her costars age but shes younger than miranda cosgrove and miley cyrus

  8. Day(twilight freak) Says:

    ahh what u talk bout she still gorgeous mann

  9. ngfmnbvc Says:

    i love the creepin’ girlz.
    they rock, they rock…on.

  10. daniel Says:

    taylor i want grunge fuck you in the a$$

  11. Jackie Says:

    i love her scarf!


    she has really white teeth

  13. 1 Says:

    FILTH is part of the movie title.
    It’s called “Filth and Wisdom” and is directed by Madonna.

    Oceanup’s not saying that Taylor’s filthy. [:

  14. nickjonaslvr Says:

    hahah wowww…
    shes younger than me..
    and umm cayutte glasses..

  15. lalala Says:

    how does she look awkward??
    ocean up u really pick on her like calling her a hooker omg get a life

  16. watevs Says:

    I thought she was like 18. She looks really tall!

  17. Brooke Says:

    She looks like shes 30

  18. HelgaJaJonas Says:

    i love taylor!

  19. mrs. nick jonas Says:

    whats up with her lately? lately, she wears a lot of makeup and stuff. shes kinda ugly now.
    because of all the makeup she usually wears (in other pictures) i really thought she was going goth!!!

  20. K2d Says:

    i dont like her with short hair. she needs it long again. OMG HER blue EYES ARE AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS. all and all shes pretty!

  21. Run Baby Run! Says:

    this pic reminded me of garth from waynes world.

  22. kristeennn Says:




  23. McKayla is fo sho and thats no lie. Says:

    i love her :]

  24. Diana Says:

    she usd to be really pretty.
    what happened with her hair and stuff i dont like itt…

  25. lisa Says:

    She went from unbelievably pretty to really awkward in about a month

    yeah i completely agree with that i dont kno what happened to her she used to be pretty

  26. melani Says:


  27. ellen belle. Says:

    shes still gorgeous, stfu.

  28. Marjorie Says:

    This is a little bit better than usual… i guess.

  29. Neseex Says:

    looks kinda wierd:/

  30. Haleigh is rad. (: Says:

    UGH, please stop posting stuff about her.
    I love her as Jenny Humprey, but it stops there.

  31. Haleigh is rad. (: Says:

    Dude, your 15!

  32. A Says:

    i definitely don’t find her pretty… i agree she’s become mad awkward looking. her face is chubs from all the throwing up she does to stay that thin.

  33. Anna Says:

    She is like, 5’11”.
    So she is super tall !

  34. Emma Says:


  35. Cami Says:

    She is pretty, but gosh that hair cut just doesn’t suit her, and she should really try dressing her age.

  36. Ashleylb Says:

    oh man those glasses are sick.
    where did she get those!?

  37. Anya Says:

    The haircut does NOT suit her.

    And I hate her shoes.

  38. -C Says:

    I have glasses like those (: But, they’re kinda different.
    & I’m sure I payed a lot less, haha.

  39. -C Says:

    The haircut does NOT suit her.

    And I hate her shoes.

    Elmer fudd shoes.

  40. Julia Says:

    i feel like she’s tired of looking like a druggie…
    but this, this is just a little weird!
    hah 🙂

  41. xoraeeee Says:

    I LOVE her glasses. She’s been looking pretty lately. But her head looks too small for her body in the last picture =\

  42. haha Says:

    finally a recent pic where she doesnt look like a crack whore!!

    thank baby jesus, i was getting worried

  43. omgzwtfbbq Says:

    WTF IS UP WITH THAT SCARF? It looks awkward without a sweater over the dress. AND it matches the dress? Come on now, Taylor. We know this ensemble was done without your stylist, but please – next time, don’t do it in the dark too.

  44. jonas bros are faaaagggggss Says:

    she looks about 28!


  45. taylor Says:

    she literally looks 40.
    like thats not even

  46. Lydia Says:

    I think she looks fine.


    she does not look her age at allllll she looks sooooooo gud on da show but when shes not on the set EW lol jk jk i luv her

  48. rawr- Says:

    Howd she go alkward?
    i dont get it.
    shes one of the prettiest girls eva.
    i love her.

  49. ihatemileysomuch Says:

    geeez. how many more stories of her do we need?
    i’m so tired of her stories!
    she’s pretty on the show but other than that, no.

  50. beci Says:

    she was nvr amazingly gorgeous but she was pretty shes cute here but shes looked bttr!

    but her eyes are KILLER in the second pic!

  51. lalaland,madi . Says:

    OCEANUP sucks.I hate you oceanup!

  52. emm Says:

    i wish she’d look her age..

  53. :] Says:

    i loved her in season 1 of GG

  54. Tatiana Says:

    Ya her hair was her like her beauty.

  55. Tatiana Says:

    Oh my gosh my little icon thing is a geek lmao

  56. coco Says:

    but shes gotta get rid of those glasses..
    love her scarf thought =D

  57. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    lol i like the glasses flaunt the stylin’ specs

  58. the power of 8 Says:

    this website changed my life.

    this is amazing http://www.real-wishes.com

  59. molly Says:

    whoaa she’s 15?

  60. oceandownislosingbraincells.. Says:

    lmao, i love her style she could be a model

  61. Isabella Says:

    I like her old look, like on the first season of gossip girl.
    I know they had to change her hair and stuff for season two cause she is like bad girl in the second season but she should dress her own age. She could pass of for twenties cause how she dresses, how much makeup, and how tall she is. Even though she can’t really do anything about how tall she is haha.

  62. jord Says:


  63. jord Says:

  64. Sirrep Says:

    I think she looks gorgeous, A LOT better than before! I like her dress exept for the straps of it kinda look like bra straps.

  65. ddd Says:

    jord fuck off, just like anyone going off on taylor.

  66. angel Says:

    what’s wrong with her
    cant she wear normal jeans and a tee lik other regular teenager, shes only 15, no need to act lik a 50 yr old slut on crack.

  67. ddd Says:

    angel, im sure you are like 250lbs and hating on someonr who looks good.

  68. ddd Says:

    angel cant you wear non plus sized jeans,and not have a jelly doughnut hanging out of your mouth?

  69. massie Says:

    I wanna know what brand those are I want them!

  70. Zoie Gunz Says:

    I think she looks super pretty like that

  71. Anna Says:

    shes pretty, but i really dont like her 😐

  72. She Who Knows Says:

    I think she looks REALLY good!

  73. retard girrrl Says:

    she never was ‘unbelievably pretty’
    she was just pretty-

  74. mariannabee Says:

    oceanup needs to stop hating.

  75. haha Says:

    holy shit. she does not look 15. jailbait!

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