Chace Crawford lingers on the set of ‘Gossip Girl’ currently filming on location in New York City. Photo Credit: Fame Pictures. PS: UPdates are going to be slow until tonight :] +7 HQ under!

56 Responses to “Chace Crawford SEXY IN BLUE SWEATER”

  1. Sadiezz Says:


  2. cc Says:

    omg he is so fine first =D

  3. christian Says:


  4. Sadiezz Says:

    I’m so lame.

  5. christian Says:

  6. Kat Says:


    not that hot

    xkfmslkdz;gmlskcxgn /sdl

  7. Kat Says:



  8. Jackie Says:

    i love gossip girl!

  9. Alisa Says:

    he is so hot but i havent even seen the entire first season of gossip grl so he looks a little different

  10. Mela Says:

    damn! oh x Dios ese mae es un rico mi amorrrrr

    thats costarrican spanish for omg he is fucking hot i love him! lol

  11. ngfmnbvc Says:

    he’s kinda packinnnn in them pants.

  12. the shuk Says:

    who the fuck is he
    your mom

  13. hal786 Says:

    salam pplz]
    ooh 11 th i think
    oceanup just let u know i think the date settin myt be wrong on ur site cuz it sez 16th october when its actually the 15th october right now! lol
    im in england right now but evn still
    just thoguth i’d let ya no

  14. mhhmm Says:

    he is gorgeous

  15. stephanieeee Says:


  16. oh babyy gossip girl Says:

    I pledged purity till marriage
    but I would deff. sex him

  17. Ashleylb Says:

    ohhh hey..

  18. β™₯(: Says:

    Hello ;]

  19. Chelsea Says:

    he’s really not that hot. i don’t get why people think he is. and that shirt just makes him look a little chubby.

  20. Fo SHIZZLE Says:

    Woooooooooo look at those danglers bay-bee!!!! Not even Joe Jonas has those things!

    Peace bitches

  21. Salsa... yum Says:

    Wow I don’t like Gossip Girl OR him. He’s the guy who cheated on Carrie Underwood, right?

    πŸ˜€ Peace. Love. Salsa. πŸ˜€

  22. mmm Says:

    he kind of looks like zac efron ;o-
    in GG i get so jeouls that my hair stand up when he kisses someone and he kisses like everyone in the show :[.
    if that was a jonas i think my hair would fall off, and i would be bald.

    haha πŸ˜€

  23. blair Says:

    he is so hoooooot!!!!
    i love gossip girl!
    it’s the best show ever!!!

  24. "it's just wrong" HA-HA-HA. -c Says:

    heeey sexaaay. (:

  25. Dr.Pepper Says:

    whoa he’s a hottie lol

  26. "it's just wrong" HA-HA-HA. -c Says:

    His character is growing up, too – finally. I hope
    him and Dan become friends on the show. It looks that way.

  27. "it's just wrong" HA-HA -cara Says:


  28. undercover? Says:


  29. Salsa... yum Says:

    Undercover – I LOVE icanhascheezburger!! It’s SO CUTE!!

    Peace Love Salsa πŸ˜€

  30. "it's just wrong" HA-HA -cara Says:

    I pledged purity till marriage
    but I would deff. sex him

    That’s kinda lame of you? Hmm, what would God think?

  31. lalala Says:


  32. ass Says:

    ooohh god he is so fuckin’ hotβ™₯

  33. hello (: Says:

    he is sooooo cute (:

  34. hollywood garage Says:

    please add us we are trying to get started and we need a fan base to really take off please

  35. Stephyyy Says:

    he’s one of the hottest guys around right now
    but please post more
    PENN and BLAKE!!!

  36. nickjonaslvr Says:


  37. KWRCtm Says:

    omj anyone notice the bulge in his pants. yummy πŸ˜›

  38. max Says:

    KWRCtm, i saw the BIG bulge in his pants.

    he makes me horny.
    and i’m a straight guy, now i’m gay thanks to him and zac efron!

  39. maddie Says: CELEBRITY NEWS THERE!!

  40. deavin Says:

    omj anyone notice the bulge in his pants. yummy

    Yesss! So hotttt : ]

  41. sunny Says:

    mmm he “lingers” on the set….

  42. Neseex Says:


  43. Neseex Says:

    really rally rally rally YUMMY:)

  44. Salsa... yum Says:

    He needs bigger jeans πŸ˜€

    Peace Love Salsa

  45. BERTY Says:

    So beautifuuuuuul<3

  46. mrs.kevinjonas! {: Says:

    if you make a wish it will come true

  47. KT [breakfast club] Says:

    ohmygod i want to have mad sex with him!

  48. lauren Says:


  49. cool cat Says:

    omg i would do that man!
    and that “am i turning you on?” face is sexay ;]

  50. HotSlutLovesTheJBandTheShuk Says:


  51. chacexx Says:

    chace ganteng..haahaa~

  52. suvs Says:

    He’s so SEXY and HOT! AAAAAHHH!

  53. skankburger Says:

    FUCKING SEXYYY. i would drop my pants for him anyday.

  54. fdsf Says:

    he’s really not that hot. i don’t get why people think he is. and that shirt just makes him look a little chubby.
    errr look again he is FIIIITTT!!! BUT i agree with the shirt thing-he does look a bit chubby in it. i think hes put on weight =S
    but i love the fact that he is so normal and he doesn’t realize that so many people love him and hes not all up himself or anything

  55. amanduh Says:


  56. carol Says:

    love him!

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